Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 4 Detailed Recap – The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity’s Comeback, Part 2

In this article, we about the 4th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity’s Comeback, Part 2 and in Japanese (解散式の夜 ―人類の再起②― Kaisan Shiki no Yoru -Jinrui no Saiki (2)).   Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 4 Overview

Cadets during Titan combat training
Training in Attack of Titan

Eren and Annie practice fighting in the last weeks of their training while Annie observes the ridiculous method the military employs. Later, Eren employs Annie’s strategy against Jean in a debate. When deciding which military regiment to join after graduation, the cadets consider their options, and Eren’s speech convinces many of them to choose the Scouts. However, the Colossal Titan unexpectedly shows up in Trost the day following graduation.

The Graduates

Eren and others complete their training

Sadies leads Eren and the others deep into the woods while carrying heavy gear in the pissing rain two years after they joined the Corps. Armin falls behind, so Reiner snatches his bag and orders him to hurry up. Armin feels guilty about this, so he pulls his pack back and sprints to catch up with the leading group.

They quickly come across a giant dummy, and everyone runs in to chop off a piece of its neck. There are now more dummies, and they all take turns circling it and slashing its vulnerable spot. Each and every one of Sadies’ cadets is examined, with their talents and flaws noted. Despite being physically weak, Armin is admired for his intelligence. Eren started off slowly but with pure willpower caught up. On the other hand, Mikasa succeeds in every area. She possesses genuine and exceptional skills.

They then divide into pairs and practice close combat. Eren argues that it is pointless in light of their enormous opponents, but Reiner insists that a soldier must be prepared for all eventualities. When the commander isn’t watching, Annie slacks off, and Reiner wants to punish her for it.

She is completely insane and very different from before, as Eren can see. He is instructed to spar with her by Reiner, and she obediently agrees. In the following round, she kicks Eren in the shins and knocks him to the ground. Reiner engages her in a duel and falls to the ground.


Eren is informed by Annie that nothing will come of this. Only the best 10 cadets are allowed to join the Military Police, and they are not graded on hand-to-hand fighting. People who wish to battle giants would be better off not taking it seriously. She claims that everything is fiction, and she is determined to avoid becoming a soldier.

Eren then understands that pushing themselves too hard will lead them further away from his objective. Later that evening, Jean and Marco discuss having a comfortable life after they join the Military Police in the interior. Since there won’t be any more interior when the titans attack, Eren calls them out for it. He spits on the concept of being an expert at fighting giants only to avoid them.

They argue once more, but this time Eren knows he doesn’t have to let his feelings rule him. He then gathers himself and throws Jean to the ground using Annie’s technique. He insults Jean’s reasoning for joining the cadets as he’s down.


attack on titan s1 e4 5
Reunion of friends

The top ten cadets, which include Mikasa and Eren, are going to be revealed. Everyone is shocked by Eren’s decision to join the Scouts in spite of his position. He is told by one of them that humans cannot overcome giants. Eren acknowledges that they are losing, but only because they are in the dark. He makes a dream-based oath to expel all the giants from the walls.

Still determined to join the Military Police, Jean continues to stare at him. Eren is joined by Armin and Mikasa outside, who also plan on joining him with the scouts.

Eren is shocked when Connie and Sasha join the team at their first task, maybe as a result of Eren’s earlier comments. Even Sashia is there, carrying a piece of meat that she stole from the kitchen. When they succeed in releasing mankind, they all make a promise to eat some more meat.

After five years without a single incident, the Colossal Titan reappears behind Eren and kicks the wall once more. Eren gathers his team and prepares to attack the titan up ahead.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 4 Summary

Reiner wears Armin bag
Reiner helps Armin and takes his bag

The 104th Cadet Corps is having a fitness evaluation in the year 850, more than two years after recruitment. The commandant, Keith Sadies, criticizes Armin Arlelt for being worn out when the cadets are running with weighted backpacks. Reiner Braun makes the decision to assist Armin by taking his suitcase. As the assessment in Titan searches and destroy continues, Sadies evaluates the general skills and teamwork displayed by each cadet.

Later, when Eren disarms Reiner, the cadets are practicing hand-to-hand fighting. Eren makes a statement about how mastering anti-human fighting and going bare-handed against an armed opponent are meaningless when they flip positions. Quickly presented is a hazy recollection of young Eren standing over a man’s body with a broom sticking out of it.

Reiner thinks that there are instances in which soldiers are unable to retreat and must instead be ready for everything. He describes this as the duty of soldiers and the reason for instructing cadets in a variety of topics, including hand-to-hand fighting and artillery.

Annie kicks Eren
Annie Kicks Eren

In order to humiliate Annie Leonhart for skipping practice, he has her attempt to disarm Eren. When Eren rushes at her, Annie quickly kicks his foot out from under him and tries to escape, but Reiner orders her to retrieve the wooden knife, so she quickly dumps Eren on his head despite his complaints. A sad Eren tells Reiner he must back down as she prepares to fight Reiner (to whom she hands the knife). Reiner is shortly placed in the same situation, though, as Eren and Annie turn to go.

Annie thinks this training is meaningless because it has no bearing on their ranks, despite Eren complimenting her skill and her father for teaching her. As Annie put it, “The better you are at dropping the bad guys, the more distance which the powers that be put between you and the enemy.” She draws attention to the hypocritical counterproductiveness of having the top 10 graduates, i.e. the most skilled Titan fighters, be the only ones qualified to join the Military Police and reside in the safest human territory. Reiner remarks that Annie is unsuited to serve as a soldier since she won’t participate in such nonsense.

Armin notes that the method provides motivation for cadets to become comfortable with the rarely utilized Omni-directional mobility gear as they eat dinner. Eren, meanwhile, is focused on the conversation Jean had with Marco about the Omni-directional gear’s effective use of gas and how mastering such cutting-edge technology will enable him to progress in rank and join the Military Police.

Eren mocks Jean’s weak justification for wanting to join the Military Police, and the two almost fight. Jean tries to strike Mikasa Ackermann when she gets involved to stop the fight because she is plainly jealous of the attention Eren receives from her. In order to calm the conflict, Eren uses Annie’s disarming method while Reiner and Annie are intently observing the fighting as he prepares to strike back.

When Sadies enters the room to see what the noise is about, Eren tells Jean that he acquired the technique when Jean was not treating trained properly. Mikasa accuses Sasha Braus of making a loud fart (and is subsequently seen offering her bread as payment), and the situation subtly improves.

The ten graduates
Top ten graduates

The top 10 graduates and candidates for the Military Police are ultimately revealed, going from lowest to highest: Christa Lenz, Sasha Braus, Conny Springer, Marco Bodt, Jean Kirschtein, Eren Jaeger, Annie Leonhart, Bertholdt Hoover, Reiner Braun, and Mikasa Ackermann, the class’s top soldier.

While the cadets are enjoying themselves, Thomas Wagner criticizes Eren’s choice to enroll in the Scout Regiment since he views it as a losing battle that will result in many more deaths. Eren argues that the knowledge of Titans was acquired at the price of those who died, and it would be dishonorable to discard their sacrifice.

Eren walks away in a rage, but Armin and Mikasa calm him by saying they will also serve in the Scout Regiment. Mikasa would follow Eren wherever he goes to protect him, the last of her family, while Armin wants to help the cause of humanity and fights Eren’s attempts to convince them out of it. The group sees a shooting star in the sky above the Wall as the scene comes to a close.

A large crowd is waiting impatiently for the main force of the Scout Regiment, consisting of Commander Erwin Smith, Captain Levi, and Section Commander Hange Zo, to pass through Trost District. After congratulating them on their graduation, Hannes, who was recently promoted to captain, apologizes for failing to save Eren’s mother five times previously.

Colossal Titan reappears
The Colossal Titan appears on the Wall Rose for attack

The intense heat released by its body sends the graduates off the Wall. Most are able to reposition themselves and hang onto the Wall, but Sasha gets involved at the last moment to save Samuel, who was knocked out by falling material. For the first time in five years, Eren gathers the graduates to prepare for combat before climbing the Wall and facing the Colossal Titan.

Our Thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 4

So this is all about Attack on Titan episode 4. According to our views, The pacing of the story has been great so far. The build-up of the story and its characters is so great.

We rate this episode 3.8 out of 5 stars. We hope you like this episode recap. If you like this episode please subscribe to our website for more recap, news, and other anime & manga content.

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