Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1

Outside the Walls

Episode 1st starts with a dog barking over the wall and that day mankind received a grim reminder. A Giant titan grasped over the wall looking over from there, gaping at everyone in awe.

Soon the narrator explained that humanity was humiliated to live within these cages called the Walls.

Later, we saw the Scout Regiment is beyond the walls to encounter a titan. They split into 5 groups to launch their attack with Omni-directional Mobility gear. All they wanted was to establish a foothold for mankind outside the walls.


The story begins with a boy named Eren who is sleeping under a tree. Suddenly his eyes open and he finds a girl named Mikasa, his adopted sister, near him. She tells him to go home and asked the reason for the crying. However, Eren says that he was caught in a long dream and unable to remember anything about the dream.

The year is 845 in the Shiganshina District where a priest inside the Shiganshina District describes those walls as a gift of God to purity. However, everyone ignores the Priest as Mikasa and Eren carrying the firewood enter the town. Eren whispered Mikasa to not to tell anyone about why he was crying, Mikasa also nodded her head yes.

Hannes and The Guards


Mr. Hannes, who is a soldier, asks Eren why was crying after listening to both of them. Somewhere Mikasa didn’t hit you in a Smiley way. Hannes and her friends guard the gate while having drinks in their hands.

Seeing this, Eren yells at the guards and told them not to drink while guarding. However, the guards assure him that for the past 100 years there was no incident in which Titans breached the 50m wall and entered the Shinganshina District. Still, if there are any conditions they will defend the wall without any hassle.

Eren says that’s why my father tells us to be more careful, as his father saves the district from the Plague disease but Hannes tells him that his father has nothing to do with Titans.

Entering into District, Eren express his desire to join the Scout Regiment in the future But Mikasa tells him to leave his insistence on being admitted to the Scout Regiment, starting an argument between them.

Return Of Scout Regiment


Beneath the argument, bells ring signaling the return of the Scout Regiment from the Titan Hunt Mission. Everyone rushes to the bell to see and greet the Regiment heroes.

Most of the scout members are half-blooded and broken, however, a mother screams to find his son Moses and asked if his son’s sacrifice added any value to the scout mission. But the Scout replied in grief that there is a total failure of the expedition and they have made no progress at all. She only recovered his son’s hand in return.

Looking, at this, people from the district start mocking the scout and saying how they are wasting their district tax money and allowing the scout to use town people as prey for the titans. Listening to this, Eren throws the firewood sticks at one of the netizens but Mikasa immediately pulls away from Eren and throws him to the wall.

Permission for the Scout Regiment


She asked Eren Have you changed your mind about joining the scout Regiment? But he take a break & didn’t reply and picked up the wood. Returning to Jaegers’ Home, finding Dr. Jaeger, Eren’s Father, leaving the city for a few patients in the interior. Mikasa tells everyone that Eren wants to join the Scout Regiment.

Dr. Jaeger surprisingly asked why he want to go into the outside world and join Scout Regiment. Eren responds that he was curious to know about the outside world and wants to kill the titans in the mission where most of the regiment soldiers sacrifice their life so their sacrifice would not be in vain.

Still, her mother disagrees with Eren’s decision of Joining the Scout Regiment and that only a fool would do so.

There are three walls In The AOT name Wall Maria (Outside), Wall Rose (Middle), and Wall Sinna (Inner). 

At this, Jaeger said ” You can’t talk a human being out of his natural curiosity” and tells Eren, after returning, I will take you to the basement and show you the secret I hide inside the basement.

After Dad’s departure, Eren’s mom insists that he must not join the Scout Regiment and says that there must be someone crazy who will join the Scout Regiment. Eren replies that to purchase one’s safety and security at the cost of living like livestock is much more foolish.

Saying this, he ran off from there and Eren’s Mother (Carla) ask Mikasa to take care of him.

Friend’s Help


On the other side of the street, a group of three boys, Bulling Armin Arlelt (Eren Friend) and beating him for intending to endeavor outside taking into consideration heresy.

Eren Angrily shows up to save the Armin followed by Mikasa. Seeing Mikasa, all the boys run off and Eren offers a hand to help Armin up to his feet. But Armin repudiates and stands on his own.

Armin, Eren and Mikasa's best friend and doesn't like taking anyone's help as he feels even more incapacitated.

Titan Attack-


Later, the Three of them, sit by the river, asking Armin about the fighting reason and discussing humanity’s future inside the wall. Suddenly, lightning struck against the wall, and everyone run in the direction of the lighting.

Surprisingly, a Titan emerges above the 50m tall wall and kicks the wall to make an entrance for other titans in the district. Titans start to enter the town, everyone starts running to escape from the chaos in fear. Many Titans start swarming inside.

Eren looks forward for her mother in fear, and both Mikasa and Eren run towards their house to see if her mother is safe.

Eren and Mikasa run for their home as Armin realizes that the city is about to be overrun.

Final Destination-


Upon returning, both find Eren’s mother buried under the house and both try to lift the house. But both of them cannot lift it together and seeing a titan Eren’s mother yelled to run away from there but Eren refuses to go without his mother.

His mother then tells him that her legs were crushed by the rubble, so even if he manages to get her free, she will not be able to walk. Still, Eren continues his effort to free her mother. Seeing this, Eren’s Mother yelled at him and asked Why don’t you obey me? By doing this, there is a high chance that Titan would kill three of us.

The two of them refuse, but Mr. Hannes arrives and swears to slay the nearby titans.

However, seeing the gigantic Titan over him, Hannes changes his mind and returns to pick up both kids and runs away. Carla thanks him with tears in her eyes and wants to spend more time with her children.

Carla tells them you must survive.

Suddenly, the titan throws away all the debris and grabs Eren’s Mother while Eren screams.

The titan breaks her mother into two pieces and devours her and takes her into his mouth.


Eren, looking behind Hannes’ shoulder, gasps as he sees the Titan move debris of the house away, eyeing Carla. The Titan grabs her and Eren screams for it to stop. It breaks her back with its hands and devours her, blood spewing from its mouth.

Eren can only look back in despair as the Titan devours his mother, blood splattered over itself and the ground below.

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