Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 2 Detailed Recap- That Day: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2

In this article, we talk about the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 2 anime. In the manga series, this chapter contains the same name which is That Day. That Day: The Fall of Shiganshine, Part 2 is the 2nd episode of the 1st season and the 2nd episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime which is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on titan season 1 episode 2
Attack on titan season 1 episode 2

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 2 Overview

In this episode, Titans continue to attack the citizens of Shiganshina as Eren, Mikasa, and Armin manage to escape for their life. Eren makes a promise to eliminate all the Titans in the world after an Armored Titan breaks the inner gate. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin then join the military as members of the 104th Cadet Corps one year after Armin’s grandfather is killed during an operation to recapture the Wall Maria.


Attack on Titan Walls
Maria, Rose, and Sina Walls in Attack on Titan

Over a century ago, beings that attack humans suddenly appeared. The survivors had to build the walls Maria, Rose, and Sina because their overpowering power had driven humanity to extinction.

The Shinganshina district is invaded by chaos as titans begin attacking the city. While the residents run for safety, a man keeps on speaking. He is later devoured by a titan.

Eren punches and screamed at Hannes for stopping him from saving his mother. Hannes throws him to the ground and scolds him for lacking sufficient strength. Hannes painfully admits that he was powerless against the titan. As they go toward safety, they both cry.

To escape into the following inner wall, the people run to the boats. The neighborhood makes its way from the nearby buildings, making it both attack- and evacuation-friendly. Currently, on the boat, Armin notices Eren and Mikasa approaching and the shocked expressions on their faces.

The guards begin closing the gates as the titans prepare to escape. Another strange-looking titan is revealed when there is a sudden rumbling sound. Before the gates close, it smashes into the wall as it charges it, creating a new opening and launching the guards into the air.

The Keys

the key
The key

The country was informed of the breach on Shinganshina and south of Wall Maria. Titans are back and ready to eat humanity. Eren stares in shock after realizing he won’t ever see his house again. It was appropriate for him to fight with his mother. He was weak, and now she is gone. Eren gets to his feet and makes an angry promise to destroy each and every one of them.

In the incident, 10,000 people were eaten. The Royal Government issued an order that year for everyone to gather behind Wall Rose. Dr. Jaeger rushes home in fear to his family.

Eren wakes from another strange dream in which his father injects him with a syringe and instructs him to keep the key in mind. As they move on to locate food, Mikasa tells him it’s just a nightmare in response to his simple, distressed voice. He quickly rolls up the key into his shirt after noticing it hanging from his neck.

The group of boat refugees is gathering close to a food storage area for rations. With no assurance that they are secure just yet, everyone is on edge. Bread cakes for each of them are brought by Armin as he approaches. Seeing this, a guardsman scoffs since there isn’t much to go around. Eren attacks him, but Armin and Mikasa stop him and say they’re sorry.

Plotting Revenge

Eren promise for destroy titan

Eren doesn’t want to act like those guards who act tough behind the walls when he returns to Wall Maria to kill all of those Titans. Armin says that if they take any action, they would perish like their parents did. Mikasa strikes Eren for calling him a wimp.
She says that if he is a wimp, then so are they. They are unable to even get their meal, let alone battle a Titan. She then forces bread into Eren’s mouth while keeping in mind Carla’s advice to protect them.

The refugees were sent to cultivate food in a wasteland. Some of them were ordered back to retake Wall Maria the next year. Not even 200 of the 250,000 participants returned alive. In spite of their loss, the food shortage was reduced.

Eren holds the Titans solely responsible. He, therefore, informs Armin about joining the scouts to protect himself against them. Mikasa follows Armin after he promises to join in order to protect Eren.


A Titan grabs a citizen 1
Titan eats Human in Attack on Titan

In the summary of Attack of Titan episode 2, crows begin to feed on the dead people of the Shiganshina District. A religious man is madly chanting words from his book. People of town are screaming and running for their life because the Titans roam in the district, and the religious man has eventually confronted the titan and is eaten by a Titan, his book falling to the ground. A woman run to a dark corner covers her mouth and is pulled from her hiding place while screaming.

Hannes cries confessing his fear
Hannes confesses to not saving Eren’s Mother in Attack on Titan

In a state of recovering shock, Eren attacks Hannes for not saving his mother. He insists that if they have more time, his mother could have been saved. When Eren attacks Hannes and lands another punch on him, Hannes stops him and explains that Eren did not have the strength to save his mother. However, he then says that the actual reason he could not save his mother was because of his fear to face the Titan. As they are led towards Wall Maria, Mikasa’s head begins to ache as she recalls a dead man and lady before reflecting on the similarity of this incident.

Eren confronts a military guard

Armin is on a ship preparing to leave Shiganshina, searching the crowds for Eren and Mikasa. He notices them among a large crowd of migrants but stops addressing them because of the expressions on their faces. A Garrison soldier leads a group of survivors through the gates and assumes command of the ships used to escape the district. While he and his colleagues fight the inner Wall in vain, Hannes and another officer discuss whether they should close the gate and leave their friends, or keep it open for the comrades’ withdrawal. This discussion is cut short when an Armored Titan appears, crashing through the inner Wall and killing the defenders. Eren recognizes the reality of the situation as he knows he would never be able to return home. Seeing humanity’s weakness, he resolves to kill every single Titan on the planet.

Grisha Jaeger escapes
Eren’s father drives his carriage

Elsewhere on the roads, Eren’s father drives his carriage with haste, hoping for the safety of his family.

In Eren’s dreams, he continuously sees his father desperately trying to inject him with a mysterious syringe while handing him the key to the basement, before Mikasa wakes him up. Eren tucks the key to his basement, hung around his neck by a string in his shirt, as they leave to get the food rations. Eren and Mikasa join up with the Armin to receive their food rations when they hear about the shortage of food rations due to the refugees from Wall Maria.

Eren attacks one person in anger but is saved from a confrontation when Armin steps in on his behalf. Armin is blamed for being weak and for not standing up to people who look down on him. However, Mikasa steps in and reminds Eren that the only thing they can do now survives, just like his mother said, because they have no chance of killing a Titan.

The royal government tries to relieve the food shortage by having refugees’ farmland, but this is insufficient. In the year 846, they use the refugees to begin a military operation to reclaim Wall Maria, but it ends in tragedy with just a few hundred surviving out of a total of 250 thousand men. The food scarcity has been resolved, but Armin’s grandpa is killed in the fight. Following the failure of their mission, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin decide to apply for military training.

The three become members of the newly constituted 104th Cadet Corps the following year. On their first day of training, while their instructor, Keith Sadies, gives them a lecture, Eren internally reconfirms his pledge to murder all Titans.

Our Thought for this Episode

So this is all about Attack on Titan episode 2. According to our views, there appear to be evil individuals both inside and outside the walls. We are looking forward to seeing How our leaders respond to their problems.

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