Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 5 Detailed Recap – First Battle: The Struggle for Trost, Part 1

In this article, we about the 5th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 5 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “First Battle: The Struggle for Trost, Part 1, and in Japanese (初陣 ―トロスト区攻防戦①― Uijin -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (1))  Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 5 Overview

Attack on Titan Season 1 Eren_vs_Colossal_Titan
Eren Vs Colossal Titan

In this episode, Eren’s fight with the Colossal Titan to an end when the titan vanishes without a trace. The cadets are assigned to the city’s defense, causing many to worry or lose hope, and Mikasa is concerned for the safety of Eren. The invading Titans soon killed the unit of Eren as the fight between Titans and Eren’s squad begins. Eren saves Armin from certain death, but Eren sacrifices himself in his place and gets eaten.

Another Breach

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 5
Eren and others try to protect from the breach

Eren runs towards the Colossal Titan to fight, who now manages to smash through the cannons on the gate. Eren knows that this Titan is different because by seeing how the titan intelligently kicked down the door but the other titans cannot have that kind of intelligence so they can breach the wall.

Eren works his way up its arm, back, and to the weak area at the nape of the neck. The titan releases a smokescreen from its back to slow him down and then vanishes, allowing Eren’s punch to miss. The Colossal Titan Response squad has arrived at their location, and he and Connie have been ordered to return to report on the incident.

Now, people begin to rush back to the evacuation zones. After five years just after the previous attack, the garrisons have developed defenses to fight the arrival of normal titans. Eren sees Armin fighting to remain calm, knowing that a part of the Wall Rose hasn’t been entirely sealed since the last time.

The news of this situation in Trost reaches Commander Pyxis, who leads the defense of the South. Lord Wald, who owns much of the land in that region, begs Pyxis to protect his estate, but the Commander refuses.

The Garrison Squad is preparing its men for the advance. Cadet forces will surround them in the center, with elite soldiers in the rear. The advance team has been eliminated, the outer gate has been broken, and the Titans have entered. They are all preparing for the possibility of the Armored Titan breaching the inner wall. The commander orders them to guard the wall in order to help residents in evacuating.

Vanguard Squad

Jean curses his great luck since he was meant to be transferred to the interior the next day. He runs into Eren and regrets his bad fate. Eren reminds him of how they got through their difficult training. If they can survive that, he can survive today and travel to the interior the following day.

Mikasa tells Eren to find her if things go bad, even if they’re on different teams. Eren reminds her leader of her responsibility as she rushes toward the rear guard. Eren pushes her aside when she tells him not to die.

During their classes, students were instructed that giants have little brains or reproductive abilities. They live purely to consume people and are driven solely by bloodlust. Even cannon technology is ineffective against their regeneration. The only method to defeat a titan is to inflict harm on the vulnerable point behind the neck.

Eren informs Armin that now is the time to strike back. As they hear the signal and realize that the whole frontline has been routed, the six members of their squad advance into the vanguard. Regular giants abound throughout the city. An unusual titan emerges and soon snatches one of their squamates, Thomas.

Reality Sets In

Attack on Titan Season 1
Thomas devoured by Titan

Eren becomes angry, and he rushes away alone as the others attempt to catch up. Another titan appears and chews off his leg as he rushes through. Two more squadmates are grabbed and eaten. As he watches his comrades being eaten, Armin’s knees tremble. As he is unable to move, a bearded titan snatches him up and eats him.

Eren recalls Armin delivering him a book about his surroundings. He learns that the world is surrounded by a body of water known as the sea. They discover ice lands and frozen landscapes and realize there is much more to explore outside.

Eren wakes from his dream and snatches Armin from the titan’s mouth, throwing him to a nearby rooftop. Armin watches in horror as the titan eats him.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 5 Summary

The Colossal Titan attack Eren when he is running on top of the Wall, destroying the topmost part of it. Eren notices that the Titan is targeted for the guns, and realizes that the gate’s destruction is not an accident – the Colossal Titan is intelligent.

Eren charges toward the Colossal titan, escaping the Titan’s slower strike with his Omni-directional mobility gear. The Colossal Titan, however, blasts a massive amount of heated steam just as Eren is ready to deal a deadly blow, slowing Eren down. Eren approaches his target again, but as he tries to slice with his swords, he finds there is no contact with his attack because the Colossal Titan has disappeared.

Pyxis with Wald drink booze bottle

Not wanting to repeat the hell of five years ago, the soldiers rush into dealing with the Titans. While the civilians continue to be evacuated, the fresh recruits are getting ready to go into battle. Armin is terrified, believing that the Titans can kill them at any time. Dot Pyxis also plays chess with Lord Wald at his home. Wald complains that despite playing him every month, Pyxis does not progress. At that time, a soldier comes into the chamber, proclaiming that the Colossal Titan has smashed the Trost District gate.

Pyxis stands up and takes Wald’s bottle of liquor. Wald attempts to stop him from going to Trost, saying that it is his job to safeguard him and his property. However, this has little effect because Pyxis leaves immediately.

Eren snaps at Jean
Eren snaps at Jean

Woermann gives orders to the cadets at Trost, splitting them into different groups. He dismisses them after explaining the goal, which is to safeguard the departing citizens. The majority of the troops are in a condition of fear or despair as Jean passes through the area, irritated, knowing he was supposed to leave to the interior the next day. He runs across Eren, who irritates him even more. Eren, on the other hand, reminds him of how they survived their training and tells him that they will also survive this.

As Jean walks away, Eren is contacted by Mikasa, who instructs him to keep an eye out for her in case of problems. They are interrupted, however, by Ian Dietrich, who informs Mikasa that she has been assigned to the rear squad. Mikasa attempts to fight, but Eren screams at her, telling her that nobody cares about what she wants because mankind is in danger right now. Mikasa asks Eren not to die as they are about to part ways.

Thomas eaten by titan
Thomas eaten by titan

Eren remembers his time as a member of the 104th Cadet Corps sometime later. A lecture commandant is reading a book on Titans in class, sharing facts about them. Eren is shocked to learn of their regeneration, the fact that they don’t need to eat, and their unknown method of reproduction. When asked if the Titans are invulnerable, the commandant exposes their weak point: the nape of their neck and the two blades used to slice through it. Eren and Armin are standing by in the present, waiting for orders.

Eren argues that doing well in the operation before even joining the Scout Regiment will obviously lead to their promotion. The rest of his team is as keen to impress. They are immediately told to help the front guards. They discover that the Titans have already entered the city while running through it. They are suddenly attacked by an Abnormal Titan who jumps at them. The gang believes they have escaped until they find Thomas is being kept in the Titan’s mouth. The Titan eats him before he can respond, much to the horror of his comrades.

Eren inside the titan's mouth to protect armin
Eren inside the titan’s mouth to protect Armin

An outraged Eren then rushes forward with his Omni-directional mobility gear to slaughter that Titan, but is stopped by another Titan, who bites off his leg and knocks him down. His comrades are shocked when more Titans arrive, killing them one by one, much to Armin’s horror, who begins to show the thousand-yard stare. Another Titan approaches him and takes him into its mouth.

As Eren observes all of this, he recalls spending part of his childhood in the Shiganshina District. Armin appears at that moment, bearing a book providing facts about the outside world with him. Eren’s curiosity builds as Armin exposes several outside-world truths.

Eren, now in the present, gets up and takes Armin’s hand, pushing him out of the Titan’s mouth, much like Armin hopes to walk outdoors one day as his parents will shortly. Using a blade as a way to keep the Titan’s mouth open, Eren states that he will go to the outside world. Armin begs him to hurry, but it’s too late: the Titan closes its jaws, chewing off Eren’s arm while consuming the rest of the body. Mikasa stares in the direction of Eren, feeling something is wrong.

Our Thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 5

So this is all about Attack on Titan episode 5. According to our views, our question arises Did they just really kill the main character? I think there is more to this than meets the eyes.

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