Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 7 Detailed Recap – Small Blade: The Struggle for Trost, Part 3

In this article, we about the 7th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 7 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Small Blade: The Struggle for Trost, Part 3, and in Japanese (小さな刃 ―トロスト区攻防戦③― Chīsana Yaiba -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (3) Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 7 Overview

Mikasa displays her strength

When the cadets’ headquarters is overrun by Titans, they are unable to resupply before being evacuated. Mikasa leads a reckless rush towards HQ after learning of Eren’s death, but she becomes separated from the others. She almost accepts her eventual death until she finds the strength to fight, but she is unexpectedly saved by the appearance of a mystery Titan who battles other Titans, a representation of humanity’s rage.


attack on titan s1 e7 3

The remaining squads debate their stance with the captain. Protocol demands they return to the protection of the next wall, but doing so would mean sacrificing supplies for the warriors in the vanguard.

Mikasa looks over the roofs and sees titans have taken over the depots. Fear grips the supply soldiers, and one resolves to shoot himself to stop the suffering.

Jean and Connie’s group is now imprisoned, unable to escape without a gas resupply. Connie informs Jean, who is depressed, that they must fight for it or die at the hands of the titans, but Jean doubts they can do it with just cadets and no veterans on their side. Hopelessness and regret wash over them both as Sasha attempts in vain to cheer them up. Armin is looking at nothing, she discovers.

Meanwhile, Annie and Reiner’s team are waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Marco, their friend, thinks about his own existence.

Mikasa discovers Armin in his depressed state and inquires as to his well-being. She requests Eren, but all he can do is cry as he recalls how his squad mates perished bravely in war. When the others hear him, they believe a similar fate awaits them. Armin apologizes to Mikasa, but her face stays expressionless as she requests that he stand. She implements a strategy to return to HQ for reinforcement and volunteers to kill the titans that stand in their path, claiming her superior strength over the rest.

Fight or Die

attack on titan s1 e7 8

She refers to those who twiddle their thumbs and watch as cowards and wimps. The others warn her it’s pointless, but she vows to fight or die and leaves. Jean condemns Eren for his impact on her and demands that everyone follow her example.

Sasha repeats her and labels everyone a coward before proceeding, forcing the remaining cadets to unite in favor of Mikasa. Mikasa soars faster than normal as she dispatches her opponents, but Armin notices she’s expending too much energy. She isn’t herself and is only expressing her pain.

She does, indeed, collapse when her gas runs out, and Armin and Connie assist her. As a result, Jean assumes command of the rally.

Mikasa kneels on the ground, realizing she has lost her family again. A giant is approaching behind her.

Jean and the others also run out of gas before reaching headquarters, which is blocked by a swarm of titans. When some of them are caught, he instantly regrets his choice to escape.

Odd Titan

Mikasa considers how terrible the world is and concludes that she has lived a nice life with Eren. She shuts her eyes. As the giant grabs her, she struggles instinctively, shocked that she hasn’t given up yet. The titan strikes her repeatedly, but she stands firm. She realizes it’s all for waste and has no idea why she’s doing it.

Another Titan arrives suddenly behind her. She recalls Eren’s words to her when she had little chance of living, asking her to fight with everything she had. She apologizes for his memories and vows never to give up again. She knows that if she dies, she would lose her memories of him, so she holds the blade and prepares to strike.

But suddenly, from behind her, the giant assaults the other titan. She watches as the abnormal titan roars into the skies and slaughters the other in front of her. Armin then appears and returns Mikasa to the rooftops.

They witness the abnormal titan fighting another of its kind, utilizing a blow that appears to be too coordinated for their type. They observe as it moves on to fight another. Armin recognizes it’s not an attack. He exchanges gas tanks with Mikasa and warns her to be cautious this time. Mikasa understands how thoughtless she’s been all along.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 7 Summary

As the Titans continue to inflict damage on Trost, the cadets in charge of providing gas can be heard pleading with Captain Woermann not to leave the HQ. Without sufficient troops, any Titan strike would prevent soldiers on the front from resupplying, leaving everyone exposed. While Woermann claims he must depart to supervise reinforcements, the cadets believe he merely wants to go to the safety beyond the inner gate. He becomes enraged by their allegations and threatens them with treason.

Mikasa arrives 1

Meanwhile, Mikasa arrives only to discover that a big group of cadets has not yet retreated. She discovers that they are focusing on the supply HQ and knows that it is under attack and that supplies are unable to escape. The soldiers are hiding within the headquarters in the hopes of avoiding being discovered by Titans. One of them is busy reloading his rifle. As he finishes, another soldier inquires about the purpose of his action. The soldier places the rifle into his mouth and shoots, much to the surprise of the other soldiers.

Armin in shock during the Battle of Trost 1

Outside, Conny consoles a disheartened Jean, since everyone has run out of gas and cannot replenish due to the Titan attack on the HQ. Conny suggests that they all go to the HQ because they are at a loss for choices and doing nothing will attract Titans to their current position. However, Jean observes that the small number of cadets and the lack of a good leader among them would prevent such a strategy from being formed. Sasha tries to take command, but no one listens since everyone is shocked or disheartened.

Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt, and Marco are the only ones who haven’t completely surrendered to despair. Annie asks Reiner what they should do, but Reiner argues the moment is not right and that they must first form a group. Marco begins to lose hope, wondering if his death will have any significance. Mikasa walks by at that same time, seeking Eren.

Annie takes her to Armin, who, upon hearing Mikasa, begins to worry about Eren’s fate. While grieving, he lists the names of everyone who was killed in Squad 34.

Mikasa, who appears emotionless, tells him they can’t afford to be emotional right now and, after dragging Armin to his feet, goes to Marco to confirm that getting into the supply HQ will allow the cadets to leave. As she prepares to leave for the supply HQ, the rest of the cadets inform her that she will not be able to make it.

She, on the other hand, boasts that she is powerful and can get there without the help of others. She mocks them and labels them cowards for giving up so quickly. When some complain that she may perish, Mikasa acknowledges the danger. However, she adds that if she wins, she will be able to live and departs for the headquarters.

While everyone is startled into silence, Jean is encouraged and encourages everyone to follow Mikasa’s lead, and the cadets depart with renewed energy.

Jean watches in horror 1

Mikasa dispatches all Titans in her path, but Armin notes that she is expending too much gas. He recognizes she is in pain as a result of losing Eren and that through fighting, he might relieve her suffering. Armin’s prediction comes true, and when Mikasa crashes onto the street below, Armin and Conny leave to save her, with Jean joining them as the next vanguard. Mikasa, who has fallen onto a market tent, reflects on how she has lost her family again with Eren’s death. A Titan approaches her while she reconsiders what to do. Meanwhile, Jean and the rest of the gang are surveying the situation from a roof closer to the HQ.

When many Titans detect a cadet who has run out of gas, they block the way, drawing the Titans. Some of his buddies attempt to assist him, but they are also cruelly disembodied.

Rogue Titan strikes

Mikasa puts away her blades and reflects on her experience in the world. Despite the world’s harshness, she feels she has had a happy life since meeting Eren and accepts her fate. Mikasa cuts off the Titan’s finger and evades its grasp as it reaches down to take her up. It continues to assault her, but she automatically dodges all of the punches and wonders what is stopping her from dying. Another Titan appears along the street behind her, cornering her. She recalls Eren’s demand to fight from when they were children. She vows never to quit, claiming that if she dies, she will not remember him.

Mikasa, confused, looks up and cries. The Titan lets out a smell, followed by a ferocious roar, before beating the other Titan to death. Mikasa is startled when he witnesses a Titan turning on its own kind. Soaring into the air on his equipment, Armin notices Mikasa and grabs her, hurling them both onto a rooftop. Conny arrives on the same roof and asks questions about the two, but Mikasa is still unconscious and unable to respond.

Conny notices the mystery Titan, but Mikasa notes that it is unlike previous Titans. The Titan approaches another Titan, and they both roar loudly. To the surprise of the gang, the unknown Titan lifts its fists and prepares for battle. The other Titan bellows and approaches, but the mystery Titan strikes the Titan’s neck with a blow to the side, beheading it and sending the headless head careening into a bell tower. The punch’s impact is observed to have ripped portions of the Titan’s flesh, which it easily repairs before continuing on its rampage. Armin observes its lack of interest in them, while Mikasa observes its battle ability.

Returning his attention to the matter at hand, Armin exchanges his almost full gas canister for Mikasa’s and hands her his complement of blades.

Mikasa recalls the moment

She understands that by making the other cadets follow her in her sorrow over Eren’s death, she risked their lives. Furthermore, she gave up on life when they needed her the most. As Armin is about to commit suicide with a single broken blade, Mikasa grabs the little blade and flings it off the roof, telling Armin that he would not be left behind.

Mikasa then recounts the appearance of the mysterious Titan and explains that, while she was initially confused, the sight of the Titan seemed like the expression of mankind’s wrath.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 7

In this episode, the story build-up going very well. Also, the episode tells us that A peculiar titan joins the mix, is this cause for hope? We give a 4.2 rating out of 5 to this episode. Hope you like this episode’s detailed recap.

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