Ergo Proxy Season 2 Release Date: Plot, Cast, and News For Anime Series

Hello everyone! Great news for anime fans: the second season of Ergo Proxy has just been confirmed by the show’s creators. If you’re seeking for information about Ergo proxy season 2, you’ve come to the correct spot. No matter what aspect of the story or character development you look at, the first season is one of the best.

Following the season announcement, fans are interested in learning whether the following season has been renewed. To learn more, read the article. As a result, we have updated this page with the most up-to-date details regarding Ergo Proxy season 2. To understand everything there is to know about the upcoming Ergo Proxy season, read it thoroughly.


Ergo Proxy season 2: Renewal status details

Fans are interested in the upcoming season as the anime is currently being renewed. The fanbase for the most recent anime series is growing daily, therefore they are interested in learning about the season renewal update. Because the anime adaptation of the series is based on the manga, which has a 7.9/10 rating on IMBD, fans have higher expectations for the show.

Therefore, the question is: Why doesn’t Ergo Proxy get a second season? There is a possibility that the creator will decide against renewing for season 2 given that season 1 is already finished and has all the answers.

Ergo Proxy is probably not one of those sci-fi programs that other anime fans would pick as their absolute favorites. While some fans may have felt satisfied with Season 1’s conclusion, others are still left wanting more.

Even after having so much popularity, the animation studio of Ergo Proxy has decided to cancel the series with only one season, and no Ergo Proxy season 2 will be coming.

Who are the voice actors of Ergo Proxy season 1?

The voice actors who gave the voice to the characters of the anime series Ergo Proxy season 1 are:

Koji Yusa for the character Vincent Law, Akiko Yajima as Pino, Liam O’Brien has given voice to Vincent Law, Rachel Hirschfeld for the character Pino and Rie Saito has voiced Re-l Mayer. And if the series returns for the new season, then these actors will return for the new season of Ergo Proxy.

Series Overview of Ergo Proxy

Before reading the article, read the overview section to learn all the basic information about the series Ergo Proxy

Season Overview
  • Series: Ergo Proxy
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 23
  • Writer: Dai Sato
  • Director: Shuko Murase
  • Genre: Cyberpunk, psychology, adventure, action
  • Production company: Manglobe
  • Country of Origin: Japan Origin
  • Language: Japanese
  • Available Languages: Japanese, English First Episode
  • Aired On: February 25, 2006
  • Last Episode Aired On: August 12, 2006
  • Available On: Netflix

Release Date and Times of Ergo Proxy season 2?

Ergo Proxy’s first season has been over for a while, and fans of the show were anxiously awaiting the studio’s announcement of the show’s second season. But regrettably, Ergo Proxy’s animation studio has opted to stop the show after just one season. There won’t be a second season of Ergo Proxy, it has been announced.

What Storyline does the anime Ergo Proxy has?

The plot of Ergo Proxy, which spanned over 23 episodes, began in 2006 and ended in the same year. It was produced by Manglobe before the studio declared bankruptcy in 2015. Dai Sato wrote the script. The dystopian, post-apocalyptic metropolis of Romdeau is enclosed in a dome, and Ergo Proxy is set there. The reason Romdeau exists is because the rest of the globe experienced an ecological catastrophe that made it impossible for most people to stay there.

The plot of the television show Ergo Proxy is about how a string of murders caused by AutoReivs start to pose a threat to the city’s social order. The storyline of the show is in the cyberpunk, adventure, action, and psychological genres. The government secretly carried out crucial experiments on humans known as the “Proxy Project,” which were unlawful yet crucial for human existence.

Moreover, the AutoReivs murder case was assigned to Mayer’s granddaughter, who investigated it and discovered the truth about two strong humanoids. As the investigation goes on, it becomes clear that Vincent Law is associated with the Proxy Project in some way. Later, Re-L Mayer manages to join him in order to learn the truth about proxies.

Are there spoilers for Ergo Proxy season 2?

The anticipation for the upcoming season will always keep people interested. The storyline of this series was well-received by all of the Ergo Proxy fans. Fans were searching for details regarding Ergo Proxy season 2 spoilers and information because they were wondering how well the storyline of this television show would evolve in season 2. However, there are currently no updates regarding whether the show would return for a second season. To learn more about this forthcoming news, stay updated with us.

Ratings of Ergo Proxy season 1

The television show Ergo Proxy has received generally positive reviews and ratings, and every one of the show’s fans have acknowledged their approval and admiration for the plot. Ergo Proxy has received ratings of 7.9/10 on IMDb and 7.9/10 from MyAnimelist. AniList, a website that rates anime, gave the show Ergo Proxy a score of 76%, and almost 90% of google users said they enjoyed viewing it.

Where to start the manga after finishing the first season of Ergo Proxy?

Ergo Proxy is an anime series with over 23 episodes with a great storyline and character buildup. Many fans wanted the show to return for season 2 or at the very least were seeking to read the manga series of this anime because the storyline is just flaming and full of excitement. Even said, the manga version of Ergo Proxy is a spin-off and is not based on canon, and if you want to read the manga, start with chapter 1. 

Studio and creators details of Ergo Proxy season 1?

The anime Ergo Proxy was released on February 25, 2006The anime was written by Dai Sato and directed by Shuko Murase, The animation of Ergo Proxy has done by Manglobe studio, and Yoshihiro Ike gave the music for this anime. Ergo Proxy’s original network is Wowow.

Similar shows like Ergo Proxy

If you enjoyed watching the anime series Ergo Proxy and want to watch a few more similar shows, then don’t worry. There are anime that will give a similar experience to Ergo Proxy, and here are a few of our recommendations that are similar to Ergo Proxy anime.

  • Call Of The Night
  • KanColle
  • Black Butler
  • Uncle From Another World

Where to watch the anime Ergo Proxy?

You can watch season 1 on Hulu and Netflix’s official website. However, both platform is not available in many countries so you can use a better VPN to bypass the geoblock. You must, however, pay a monthly membership fee in order to gain access to them. On the other side, try to stay away from unofficial websites because they frequently have intrusive adverts on them. The manga chapter is available for free on several alternative websites.

On this platform, you can either watch the episodes in simuldub or with Japanese audio and English subtitles. There is another website where you can view the anime, but it is not updated daily, so just purchase a membership and watch it on Crunchyroll.

Also, keep in mind that not all regions in the world have access to Ergo Proxy episodes on Crunchyroll.


We hope you enjoyed reading this post and were able to find out everything there was to know about the second season of Ergo Proxy. If you want to know about all this information, keep yourself updated with our website. The series studio will soon release a few more significant updates for Ergo Proxy season 2.


Ans-The anime Ergo Proxy is animated by Manglobe

The show Ergo Proxy is worth watching and has an excellent storyline.

Yes, the anime series of Ergo Proxy is finished.

No, the series Ergo Proxy is not a romance genre anime.

All the episodes of Ergo Proxy season 1 are available on Netflix.

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