How is Levi so Strong in Attack of Titan? Is Levi gets any power of Titan?

Levi is one of the strongest soldiers in the Attack on Titan series. Attack on Titan is becoming famous in very little time and has become a very big franchise. Levi’s full name is Levi Ackerman, who is commonly known as Captain Levi. He is the captain of the team from the Special Operations Squad with the Survey Corps and is widely acknowledged as the world’s most powerful soldier.

He is one of the most interesting characters in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan anime series. His amazing strength is what defines him.

In this article, we will look at how Levi is so strong and if Levi gets any power over Titan. Also, maybe or not, he will become the ultimate Titan in the history of the Attack on Titan anime story.

In AOT, Levi never became the Titan in Attack on Titan, but there were rumors that he might become one, though it was extremely unlikely.

Levi Ackerman was the world’s most powerful soldier in terms of Power, according to his father, Kenny Ackerman, and the Ackerman family’s special abilities. The remainder of this article will go into depth on what Levi Ackerman can and cannot do in Attack on Titan. Levi Ackerman is a fascinating character who needs a lot of attention in the story.

In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with all of the facts you need to know about Levi Ackerman, his powers and strengths, as well as his story in the Attack on Titan anime.

Is Levi gets any power from Titan?

Levi Ackerman power explain
Levi Ackerman

In Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman is one of the most fascinating people due to Titan’s abilities. He is probably the most likable character who acquires the Titan abilities, even though Levi has been fighting Titans all his life.

So, the main question is will Levi ever become the Titan throughout the course of the story?

No, Levi does not become the Titan. Let us keep this piece simple and to the point. The fact is that Levi Ackerman does not become a Titan during the manga’s major story. In the next parts, we will explain this fact in further detail and address specific problems.

Can Levi transform into a Titan?

We have found that only Eldians from Ymir can be transformed Titans during the Attack on Titan.

We further encountered that Levi does not have the status of a Titan and we wanted to know if he could ever become get any power of the Titan in the first place.

Although the answer to this question was not totally clear in the manga and the anime, we now know that Levi is most obviously not a Titan according to his back story.

In the starting Levi’s origins are unknown. We know that his mother belonged to the Ackerman family, and even though it is true that Ackermans belong to Eldians, who are the subjects of Ymir. They appear to be resistant to Titan serum, and that’s why it is difficult to become Titans at all.

These features are shared by the members of the Ackerman family, and they are displayed and present in the Mikasa Ackerman.

Another factor that needs to be considered is that we do not know the identity of Levi’s real father and due to this reason it is possible that he is not a true Eldian which would exclude him from inheriting Titan’s skills.

Is it possible that Levi turns into the Beast Titan?

In our above statements, there are many things that prove Levi does not change into the Beast Titan since he does not turn into any Titan. So, why would anyone bother asking this question?

The main fact is that Levi and Beast Titan share a history, which is the main reason people are interested in them. For example, Levi is a guardian of the Beast Titan. But Beast Titan is Lev’s enemy, and they have fought multiple times, with Levi being victorious each time.

Do you think Levi will become a Titan in the near future?

Unfortunately, the Attack on Titan manga is finished, and we all know the conclusion of the story and every character’s final role in the Attack on Titan Series. Now we all know that, in the three years that follow an encounter at Salta, Levi takes up his home in Marley.

Levi is now permanently handicapped and he is under care by Gabi and Falco which means that he did not transform into any of the Titans. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, we know the Titans disappeared after death, therefore there was no chance of Levi becoming a Titan anytime in the near future.

Why is Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan so popular?

Levis Popularity 1
Levi Ackerman in AOT

There are many reasons which make Levi Ackerman so popular in Attack on Titan. Here are the following reasons, which are mentioned below.

  • Levi is a person who has the ability to do great evil but chooses to do good instead. The manga mainly focuses on the themes of choices and regret, and predictably, most of it is depicted via Levi’s interactions with the world, as he had to deal with tough decisions and their unanticipated consequences.
  • Levi grew up in a horrific atmosphere that began with the loss of his mother, being raised by a psychopath who ultimately (in a flash of insight) abandoned him. In a place burdened with poverty, corruption, and hatred, where there is little hope, much alone virtue. It would be simple and logical to remain a terrible person, using anger as a source of power and acting as though the world had only injured him and him alone.
  • But along the road, he encountered Farlan, a powerful, clear-headed, and intelligent man who was a thug and could murder people if necessary, but decided to be a healer instead. No surprise Levi respected him and grew up to be so much like him—Farlan, I believe, taught him that compassion and power do not have to be fundamentally opposed.
  • There was also Isabel. In a normal context, she would be considered a stupid brat, but the atmosphere she was in did not promote ridiculous weirdness, so she had to choose to keep it to herself.
    She didn’t put her life in danger to save a bird because she’s a jerk; she did it because she lived by principle. Which explains why Levi allowed her to stay with them. In the manga, someone beats her up or something, but they don’t show it; she comes home weeping and promises Levi she’ll be OK. He probably murdered/or disabled whoever had attacked her, but Isabel was back to normal the next day-how many people do you believe have the resilience to achieve that? Even in this manga’s reality.

  • Despite the uncertainty of the consequences, Levi chooses what he believes to be right over what is easiest.
  • But many personalities are like that; his popularity, in particular, stems from the fact that we are continually informed that it is a choice. Often When he assaulted Historia, when he angered the female titan, when they tortured the guy, when he punched Eren who tried to take the serum away, when he shattered the door of Eren’s cellar, and in an angry way, he battles titans when they directly injure him—are a few examples. This is when you realize what Levi is capable of if he lets himself go.

  • He must consistently choose not to do it, no matter how enticing it seems. He is a guy who lives between darkness and light and must continuously choose the light.
  • Not only that, but he tries to teach it to others; it is no surprise he advised Eren to make a decision in his darkest hour in the cave.

Someone like that deserves respect – someone who managed to rise above their circumstances and, rather than complaining about how terrible they are, learned from them, made the best of a difficult situation, and went on stronger and better, despite their agony. And we saw that it wasn’t easy for him.

A really decent person is not one who is terrified of confrontation and behaves nicely to avoid it. A genuinely excellent individual can screw you over in a quarrel and then decides to solve the situation in a nice way.

That is why I believe Levi is so well-liked. It’s a characteristic worth admiring in actual people because most of us lack it.

What is the reason which makes Levi so powerful?

Levi is considered the most powerful fighter. The “Captain Levi” side storyline is canon in Attack on Titan. Basically, there are two main motives, the one fact is that Levi was taught by Kenny Ackerman, his uncle who was a strong fighter and also was the one who taught his techniques of fighting.

The second fact is that Levi was an Ackerman and that means Levi has the unique Awakened Power”, which we will discuss in the following section.

What is Levi’s power in Attack on Titan?

Levi Ackerman power explain 1
Levi’s Power Level in AOT

In this section, we explain more about the power of Levi and the abilities that we have seen in both the anime and manga series of Attack on Titan:

Vertical Cornering Devices

Levi is so skilled at using the VCD that many people believe he is the best suitable. Levi displayed his fighting abilities by defeating Annie, the Female Titan.

Levi’s quick moves were robbing Annie of the opportunity to defend herself. This is something that whole teams even Eren Yeager in Titan form could not do.

Levi defeats Zeke’s Titan Form. The second most powerful Titan is one of the Marley army’s most powerful soldiers. Levi accidentally hit Zeke. He had gotten too close before realizing there were no buildings or trees.

Levi chopped Zeke’s hands into bits so quickly with his blades that they fell to the ground one after the other.
In this manner, he established that he was capable of defeating the Titans’ strength one-on-one, as well as that his VCD can be used to its maximum potential in these situations.
Levi defeated Zeke once more in the woods. Despite losing three fingers in the blast, Levi was able to use the equipment at roughly the same pace as previously.

Levi is so important that he is the equivalent of an entire team of elite warriors. Levi was rumoured to be extremely strong and decided to enter the Survey Corps.


Levi is a powerful physical force, as evidenced by his VCD. Despite his lack of height, his muscles and physique are well-developed, making him a deadly fighter.

Levi may even use her arms to “intercept” one of Annie’s Titan attacks before she can attack Mikasa.

Despite her power and agility, Levi, like everyone else, is vulnerable to injury. Due to having fought several Titans A single punch from Levi to Eren’s left cheek might break all of the teeth in his mouth on the left.

Power awakened

Levi, an ancestor of the Ackerman family, “awakened” a secret power inside him at an early age.

Levi claims to have this talent of “knowing exactly what to do.” Like all Ackermans, he is immune to wiped memories and is immune by Titan serum.

Thunder Spears

Levi is known to be resistant to wielding Thunder Spears because, unlike the other Survey Corps soldiers, he did not carry them in his Rebelio Ghetto raid.

He is, however, skilled with the spears. When attempting to escape the forest, he used this ability to pull Zeke from the rear to the Titan’s head.


Levi was observed using a “unique combat style.” Levi stretches his right blade outside as holding it with his left arm.

This is exactly in front of him, not precisely behind him. This is why the blades form a “circle” around them.

This enables Levi to use spin as well as other spin strikes, allowing him to battle with amazing speed and agility.

Furthermore, it helps him retain stamina without losing energy or strength, allowing him to fight for a longer amount of time and eliminate several targets at the same time.

This tactic might be the consequence of knives introduced to Kenny from an early age.


Along with his great fighting abilities, Levi has shown the ability to quickly understand circumstances and make intelligent decisions during combat.

This has enabled him to defend his friends and himself on several occasions. For example, if Levi finds that Annie isn’t easily killed owing to her special skill at crystallization, or if he’s fighting Kenny in a pub, he’ll use chairs, double-barreled shotguns, or even corpses to kill his opponents.

However, Levi recognizes that an individual cannot always be accurate or confident and that certain “turns of events” are unexplained.

This is all about Levi Ackerman who is so famous in Attack on Titan. For more Anime and Manga News please subscribe and follow our website AckermanAot.

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