How Strong is Shanks in One Piece? Haki & Power Level Explained (2022)

One Piece is a manga series that follows the experiences of Luffy and his crew on their journey to become king of the pirates. Shanks in One Piece is the person who inspired Luffy to become a pirate. Shanks is one of the most powerful and mysterious characters in the Universe of One Piece. With the premiere of the new film “One Piece: Red“, many fans were shocked by the terrifying power of Shanks. This caught the fans’ interest and led many to wonder, “How powerful is Shanks?”

Akagami Shanks is the strongest conqueror Haki user in the One Piece Series right now. he is called the Killer of the Observation Haki because he does not allow his opponent to look into the future. Shanks is one of the Emperors (Yonko) of the sea, with the same amount of authority as Kaido, Big Mom, and Black Beard. He is the captain of Red-Haired Pirates, whose strength is based on the pure raw power of Haki. His crew specializes in using Haki with Ben Beckman and Yasopp being the most famous users.

Akagami Shanks was founded by Gold D. Roger and Rayleigh when he was one year old, as shown in the film inside a treasure chest. Shanks became an apprentice in Roger’s crew along with Buggy. Roger gave Shanks his Straw Hat at some point in time. Under Roger’s command, he traveled the world in search of Road Poneglyphy. Shanks did not travel to Raftel because his friend Buggy became sick at an unfortunate time.

Throughout the series, Shanks matured into a powerful pirate in the new world and gained the level of Yonko or Emperor of the Sea. He gifted Luffy his straw hat and encouraged him to become a famous pirate.

How strong is Shanks in One Piece and What is Shanks’ Power Level?

Shanks is one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece series. He single-handedly put an end to the Marineford war with little effort. He quickly stopped Kaido from participating in the war before he got to Marineford. Most of the fans first assumed that How Shanks easily stopped Kaido. The truth was revealed in the most recent film which showed us Shanks’ actual strength. We saw that the Marine Admirals were terrified after viewing his strength in the movie.

Shanks in One Piece
Shanks stops the war of Marineford

Shanks holds the same power as Kaido. Also, Shanks’ Haki has the upper hand but when it comes to raw strength and fruit ability, Kaido completely surpasses him. Even with the devil fruit’s strength, Kaido had to withdraw his soldiers since he knew How Deadly Shanks was.

During his meeting with Whitebeard more about the Ace and Blackbeard incident. He takes a stand against Whitebeard. As he drew his sword, he easily deflected Whitebeard’s deadly attack.

Shanks had a rivalry with Dracule Mihawk aka Hawkeye, in the past. They used to duel like legends, and their fights were supposed to echo throughout the whole great line whenever they clashed.

Shanks and Mihawk fight with two hands, indicating that his reward was over 1 billion at the time. Mihawk believed himself the strongest swordsman after losing his left arm.

However, he later became Yonko, indicating that his power level increased dramatically during this time; as a result, Mihawk is no longer as powerful as Shanks.

Shanks is more powerful than Big Mom since her devil fruit does not work on him. Big Mom’s demon fruit Soru Soru No Mi, the power to grant or steal the enemy’s souls. The Devil’s fruit only works when the person in front of you is terrified. Shanks is the one who makes others frightened, thus the fruit will not work on him.

Other than Big Mom, the strongest member of the Big Mom pirates is Katakuri, who is an exception at using Observation Haki but is no match for Shanks. Katakuri is no match for Shanks, who is known for being a killer of observation Haki. This concludes that Shanks is stronger than the whole Big Mom gang.

He seems to have some type of history with Blackbeard, another big player in the new world. Shanks told Whitebeard that Blackbeard was the reason for the three scars around his left eye. During the Marineford War, Blackbeard senses Shanks is dangerous as he withdraws from the war after his arrival.

In short, Shanks’ Power Level is somewhere between Kaido and Big Mom’s, but not higher than Roger or Prime Whitebeard.

Roger=Prime WhiteBeard>Shanks=Kaido=Big Mom>Mihawk=Blackbeard

How strong is Shanks’ Haki in One Piece?

In the world of One Piece, Haki is a potential ability that exists in every person. In One Piece there are three types of Haki that are mastered by only a few people. Shanks is one of those people who master all three Haki.

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Shanks’ Haki

During the end of the Wano arc, Kaido informs Luffy that even using the strength of Devil Fruit, he can not reach the top alone. To advance, one must master the art of Haki.

He also believes that Gol D. Roger is one of the few persons who conquered the world without using the Devil Fruit. So, let’s discuss about Shanks’ three types of Haki here.

  • Observation Haki: Shanks is a master of Observation Haki. During the post-Wano arc, he simply discovered Aramaki’s arrival and terrified the marine admiral. In the manga, he is rarely shown using this power.
  • Armament Haki: Shanks is a master of the Armament Haki. During the Marineford arc, he successfully stopped Akainu’s magma-infused punch in order to save Coby. It was the same thing that ripped a hole in Ace’s chest. Shanks was terrified to see Akainu as he stopped his punch.
Shanks stop Akainu
Shanks stop Akainu
  • Supreme King Haki: In One Piece, very few users of Conqueror’s Haki, and Shanks is one of them. Shanks is the strongest user in the whole One Piece verse. Shanks used his supreme king haki a lot of times in the series. Firstly, he used this Haki to scare the Sea King to save Luffy and after some time Shanks made half of the crew of Whitebeard Pirates pass out during his meeting with him.
Shanks Conqueror Haki
Shanks Conqueror Haki

 In the Arc of Wano and One Piece Film Red events, Shanks terrified the admirals Aramaki, Kizaru, and Fujitora to the core. According to the admirals, Shanks Haki blasts are that much strong enough to paralyze them.

How is Shanks so strong?

From childhood, Shanks was very strong, and when he was just an apprentice on Roger’s ship, he along with Buggy, took on Whitebeard on multiple occasions. Although they lost the fight but they never stopped going against him. Later, he used to fight against Mihawk but after losing his left arm, Mihawk lost interest in Shanks. At some point in time, he fought against Blackbeard, who gave him those three claw marks on his left eye.

Shanks Strong Haki

After getting the title of Emperor of Sea or Yonko, he had a meeting with Whitebeard. Following the conversation, he clashed with him, and during the clash, the sky split in half. During the Marineford storyline, most of the marines were terrified of going to battle him since they were surprised that he arrived so quickly after fighting Kaido. During the Post-Wano arc, we witnessed Admiral Aramaki give up even before he fought Shanks after only taking his Haki blast.

Shanks was a strong pirate until his unfortunate meeting with Luffy. Before he became a Yonko, he fight with CP9, which was led by Who’s Who. He easily obtained the demon fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi from them.

Following that episode, the World Government scrapped the Who’s Who, and Shanks’ bounty was most likely increased to 1.04 billion berries. It demonstrates Shanks’s power at the time. At the beginning of One Piece, he is powerful enough to fight for the world’s best swordsman.

In the movie red, Shanks fought navy admirals to save his daughter Uta. He threatens both Kizaru and Fujitora that if anything happens to his daughter, they will have to face the consequences.

When Kizaru fires his strikes from above the skies, Shanks effortlessly dodge the attacks. Seeing this brings sweat to Kizaru’s face. Fujitora quickly chooses to retreat since it would create a battle in the presence of innocent people.

Shanks’ Abilities:

  • Killer of Observation Haki: Shanks used an advanced conqueror Haki to prevent opponents from looking into his future because it allowed him to manipulate his presence.
  • Haki Blast: It is one of the strategies that Shanks used repeatedly all through the series. As he manages to knock out half of the Whitebeard crew. He made a Sea King tremble in terror with just one look.
  • Swordsmanship: Shanks is a superb swordsman, as seen by his ability to defeat Mihawk and even Whitebeard but have only one arm. During the Marineford arc, he could easily stop Akainu’s assault.
  • Leadership Skills: Shanks is a good leader since he was able to form a strong and loyal crew. His gang is one of the most well-balanced in the One Piece universe. His team members, such as Ben Beckman, Yasopp, and Lucky Roux, have made a name for themselves.
  • Influence: Shanks has immense power in the One Piece universe. As a result, he was able to simply end the war and encourage Sengoku. Mihawk instantly left the war after meeting him and was even granted an audience with Gorosei.

Why is Shanks so strong?

Many leaks appeared on social media during the release of the film Red. Shanks, the Figarland family, took the neighborhood by storm. The Figarland family might be one of the twenty royal families that formed the world government.

Many fans were fascinated by Shanks’ origins as result of this. After the film’s premiere, it was revealed that Uta, not Shanks, was from the Figarland family and was discovered by Shanks when she was one year old inside a treasure box, exactly like Roger.

In terms of Shanks’ beginnings, he was discovered by Roger and Rayleigh inside a treasure chest when he was just one year old. And Shanks possesses the most powerful conqueror Haki, which cannot be learned but must be inherited through the bloodline. Supreme King Haki is one in a billion for Shanks. It generated rumors that he may be Xebec’s offspring or the High Celestial Son.

According to the second theory, Shanks is a celestial dragon since the god valley event was a fight between Roger and Garp against Rocks to preserve celestial dragons and their enslaved people. There is a potential that Rocks would capture the high celestial dragon son in order to end the conflict and escape by using him as a shield.

According to this idea, Shanks is a celestial dragon, as evidenced by his hatred for Teach, who bears the title the will of D. As we already know, the individual with the letter D in his name is God’s natural enemy, the celestial dragon. It is comparable to DonQuixote Doflamingo, another celestial dragon.

This would also make sense given how quickly Sengoku listened to him and how easy he gained an audience with Gorosei. He was effortlessly granted into Mariegeios.

These are two Shanks-related hypotheses that have gone viral on social media. So, that’s it for today, guys! We have now completed our article on “How Strong is Shanks in One Piece? Haki & Power Level Explained (2022)” We shall update as the tale continues so that we can see what type of actions Shanks will make in the One Piece world.

The Source of the Image is from Crunchyroll, Wiki Fandom.

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