Top 5 Most Strongest Characters Than Levi In Attack On Titan

Everyone adores Levi as an Attack on Titan fan, which makes him one of the most well-liked anime characters in recent years. Levi’s persona has recently undergone character adaptation, which has made him stronger and more endearing to audiences. He is known as Captain Levi, and since the beginning of the season, he has always displayed a stern expression on his face that gives his appearance more complexity. Fans characterize him as having short height, grey eyes, scars all over his face, and dull eyes.

He was regarded as humanity’s strongest soldier for the majority of the manga story because no Paradis character could ever defeat him. But do you ever witness why Levi is so powerful?


Due to a close encounter with a Thunder Spear triggered by Zeke Yeager, Levi has numerous scars all over his face, including one over his right eye and wounds on both his right middle and index finger. Levi attacks Titans quickly and effectively throughout the episodes, often with just an expressionless expression. Levi Ackerman was never the Titan in Attack on Titan, despite there being rumors to the contrary. This character draws fans’ reactions with the passage of time. Do you think any characters might be stronger than Levi?

We’ll give you all the details you need to know about the strongest character in Attack On Titan Levi, their skills and weaknesses, and their role in the Attack on Titan anime in the paragraphs that follow.

#5.Bertholdt, The Colossal Titan-


From the onset of the season, Bertholdt possesses the strength of the colossal titan. Among the nine titans, he is regarded as one of the most efficient and destructive. In the first episode, we all witnessed his strength and power and the devastation he unleashed. This titan is formed during an experiment wherein Marley tries to discover a titan that can potentially destroy and devastate other civilizations. After putting numerous titans through their tests, they discovered that the Colossal Titan is one of the gigantic titans with the ability to annihilate any nation.

Berthold, who isn’t a good fighter and Reiner compelled him to engage in horrible deeds in order to capture the Founding Titan Eren, has been trying to avoid the fight from the start. He has since risen to the position as AOT’s most destructive titan. Armin killed him with Eren’s cooperation, making Armin the next Colossal Titan. In the series, Reiner instructs Bertholdt to take a specific path of action in order to threaten humanity and become a primary focus for Levi.

He also has strong combat skills, which might potentially affect Levi and the co-op. Contrarily, Bertholdt would probably be capable of defeating humanity’s most persistent soldier in a one-on-one battle. So he is also considered the perfect match and a strongest character than Levi in AOT.

History of Colossal Titan-

Bertholdt considers the most reserved kind of guy in the Marley warrior unit. He joins the Eldian to take back the founding titan to their countryside and become dominating nation. Born in the Liberio Internment cap, capable of turning into Colossal Titans, become the life threat for the Eldians. He was the one who appears on the upper side of the wall and tries to destroy the humanity inside the wall, Maria.

A year later, in 845. Along with Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard, Berthold started his journey. Despite Marcel being devoured by a titan, all three enlist in the 104th Cadet Corps and join the Scout Regiment. They keep their identities a secret till they meet Eren, the founding titan, and then they come forward to become the most hated character in Attack on Titan’s history.

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#4.Ymir Fritz, First Titan-


According to history, Ymir Fritz is the primal titan who spawned the other nine titans. Levi and Co-op confronted numerous, extraordinarily powerful titans both within and outside of the wall. Even though he consistently killed a large number of them, Ymir is the strongest titan shifter in Attack on Titan history and the former founding titan owner.

The first and possibly most powerful titan shifter ever was Ymir Fritz. She was capable of defeating Eldia’s enemies, and after Eldia’s death, she kept on living inside the location for several thousand years, giving birth to new titans, many of whom Levi fought.

It has been more than 1,820 years since Ymir Fritz acquired the Power of the Titans. Ymir Fritz died 13 years after awakening the Titan power, and the soul was divided into nine halves, forming “The Nine Titans,” however it is currently unknown what she did with the powers.

The king, though, showed absolutely no regret or sympathy for her passing. After that, their daughters Maria, Rose, and Sheena cannibalized her body forcibly.

Ymir adored King Fritz and was devoted to other titan shifters; the outcome of her conflict with Levi would ultimately depend on whoever she deferred to. However, if she utilized all of her powers and did as she wanted, she would be able to defeat the most powerful soldier in the ranks of humanity.



One of the most powerful characters in the history of Attack on Titan is Mikasa. She enlisted in the cadet program alongside Eren and Armin after Wall Maria fell apart, but owing to her intelligence and diligent training, she rose quickly to the position of effectiveness. Mikasa previously shared Eren House with Carla and Grisha.

Since Mikasa was adopted by Eren’s father and Eren’sMikasa parents were murdered, most people are aware that Eren and Mikasa are connected. They develop a close bond during this time that remains unchanged till the series’ end.

Mikasa is still a person, and she can still feel things for her friends. Eren and Armin are the two people she cares about the most, thus she still has a strong sense of morality and will stop at nothing whatsoever to keep them safe.

Her political ties to the Hizuru community and the Azumabito Dynasty are revealed later in the series.

As an officer, she is currently a part of the Corps of Engineers and becomes one of the organization’s most valuable assets. Levi and Mikasa had formed squads numerous times, but initially, they weren’t even suitable partners. Eventually, after becoming familiar with each other, they began to form a strong connection and evolve into terrific comrades. She will surpass Levi’s abilities after graduating from the 104th Cadet, and if the situation arises, there’s a strong possibility she may end up executing him. She is thus one of the contenders with the strongest AOT strength, surpassing Levi.


Eren inside the titan's mouth to protect armin
Eren inside the titan’s mouth to protect Armin

Eren is regarded as the main protagonist in Attack of the Titans, possessing the might of the Founding Titan and possessing great fighting abilities. From the first episode on, he is passionate, emotive, and reckless about his ambition to see the outside world.

In order to fulfill his promise to exterminate all titans from the planet, he joined the Survey Corps Cadet 104 with Mikasa and Armin. This was after collapsing the wall Maria and witnessing her mother being devoured by the titan.

The flashbacks of seeing his mother devoured by a Titan right in front of him further fueled his hatred. Together with Mikasa Ackermann, his adopted sister, and his closest friend Armin Arlelt, he aims to eradicate every last Titan off the face of the planet.

Just before Grisha Yeager was about to leave the town, his father, gave him the key and instructed him to do whatever he could to retake Wall Maria. Eren experiences flashbacks that remind him of the way his father injected the serum into him as a child. He discovers the ability to transform into a titan after joining the Survey Corps, which marks a pivotal moment in his life. Later in the series, he realizes his past and is able to choose how to preserve humanity.

Initially, after transforming into Titan, he encountered Levi in the Corps cell. He always admired Levi and desired to join the Survey Corps. Since Eren is the only way by which they could safeguard their territory and humanity from the titan, Levi is also fond of Eren and would do whatever it takes to save him. Eren then took the decision to safeguard his nation against their real enemy: those people living from across the sea.

Later, as Eren learns more about his background, he starts the rumble and develops into the greatest antagonist in Attack on Titan. So, Levi doesn’t have any chance instead to kill him on the spot but Eren surpasses the level of skills of his master. Although Levi assisted his friends in defeating Eren, he would have perished without them.


Eren Yeager‘s older brother is named Zeke Yeager. Zeke, the primary character, is also the one who changes the human into Titan form. With his scream, Zeke has the power to transform others into Titans. Zeke has the capacity to transform into the 17-meter Beast Titan (Kemono no Kyojin?). He used the Titan and the might of his royal blood to ruthlessly impose his will on the people of Ragako. He could use the pitching abilities of his Titan to hurl weaponry across great distances and even deploy explosive shells to destroy whole fleets. He was still able to speak after being converted.

The eldest Warrior candidate selected to inherit the power of the Titans was Zeke, who was given the Beast Titan by Ksaver in the year 842 at the age of 17. Zeke kept Ksaver’s glasses after getting his Titan as a memento for his deceased comrade. Subsequently, it was discovered that he could convert Subjects of Ymir with a scream and later control their Titan forms, even when the moon wasn’t out, by injecting Zeke’s spinal fluid into them. Zeke’s royal pedigree has remained a mystery to the Titan Biology Research Society, which was unable to explain his abilities.

Zeke Yeager
Zeke Yeager

Zeke has always been a very straightforward youngster; in fact, when he was preparing to be a warrior, he had the lowest score in his squad. His commander denied him training due to his poor performance. Zeke’s parents reprimand him after learning all of this and put pressure on him to inherit any titan as part of their scheme. Zeke’s childhood was not the best due to his parents’ ambitions and goals. Zeke is an eldian who follows his parents’ instructions regardless of what he wants to accomplish. All of his childhood was spoiled as a result of these incidents.

Due to his terror, Zeke arrests his parents. Zeke thinks Tom Ksaver, who provided him the upbringing he always desired, was his true father. Zeke and Tom converse and play together all the time. Tom is Zeke’s ideal father rather than his actual father since they always have a happy life. Zeke gets the Beast Titan ability from Ksaver after Tom, who already possesses it.

Zeke discovers, with the aid of Tom Ksaver’s study, that only those who possess the Founding Titan are able to harness the power of Ymir. Any Eldian may modify their power and bodily shape with the use of Ymir’s power. Any titan cannot have offspring as a result of Zeke Research. He desires that in the near future no eldian will be able to conceive, which would result in the extinction of the Eldian race. With this strategy, he believes that no Eldian will suffer punishment or anguish as a result. Zeke wishes to relieve this agony from all Eldian people.

Zeke creates a great plan for the eldians race to alleviate this anguish and misery. Zeke needs the strength of the Founding Titan to put a stop to this misery for his plan to succeed.

This is the key justification for why Zeke is ranked first on this list. We hope you like this article. You can see our other post for additional information.

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