One Piece Episode 1031 Release Date,Spoilers and Preview: Red Hat Pirates

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The release date of the upcoming episode of One Piece 1031 has come along with the new manga chapter of the One Piece series and both of them are going to be very exciting. In the manga, the arc is closing in the Wano and the anime is perhaps going to feature the 15th movie of One Piece movie which is One Piece Film Red. In anime, the previous two episodes were totally about the service of fans where we saw Red Haired Pirates which was Ben Beckman and Shanks along with our main characters giving us a warm. In the upcoming episode, probably there will be the one that we have already watched in the episode. So, let’s talk about One piece episode 1031 in detail.

Recap of One Piece Episode 1030

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In the Previous episode of One Piece 1030, the story continues in the Windmill village with Uta the red-haired daughter, Luffy, and Red Haired Pirates. Luffy continuously asks Shanks to let him join his Crew and wants to become a great pirate.

One Piece Movie Red- Shanks
One Piece Movie Red- Shanks

But Shanks every time denying him and Uta also rejects Luffy to board the ship with them. Now its time for the Red-Haired Pirates to leave the island but before that Uta and Luffy continue their competition through the village and get involved in fighting with some local bandits and setting out on the sea to see who touches the nearest island eventually the island turns out to be the sea king which causes them to retreat.

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Uta tells Luffy that if they come here next time then she will ask Shanks to get him on board the ship along with them.

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Luffy continuously waits for the Red-Haired Pirates to come back to his island and upon their return, he asks the pirates why Uta is not with them. Only Shanks answer him that Uta got off the ship to become a singer. Luffy sobs and refuses to believe that Uta has abandoned the Red-Haired Pirates.

Luffy cries for Uta
Luffy cries for Uta

Luffy accepts the decision and does not discuss it further. On his one adventure, Luffy encounters the bandits with whom he and Uta fought, who beat him up, but Ben Beckman saves him by frightening the bandits.

Ben Beckman Saves Luffy from Bandit
Ben Beckman Saves Luffy from Bandit
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Shanks continues to mock Luffy by referring to him as a child. Meanwhile, the five elders have read about Shank’s newest terror and believe he is dangerous.

One Piece Episode 1031: What Can We Expect?

One Piece Episode 1031 titled “The Captain’s Log of the Legend! Red Haired Shanks!”. One Piece Episode 1031’s trailer reveals that the straw hats, as well as many other characters and organizations, including the Navy and other pirates, will attend the “New Genesis” event hosted by none other than Uta, the primary protagonist of the upcoming film One Piece Red.

iconic image of One Piece
The iconic image of One Piece

We’ll also look at one of the most iconic sequences in the One Piece series: Shanks rescues Luffy from the sea king losing his hand and giving Luffy his straw hat. In the episode, we will also see Luffy eating the devil fruit. It will be thrilling to see the new episode as well as the episode from the One Piece film Red. The release date for One Piece Episode 1031 is shown below.

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One Piece Episode 1031: Spoilers

In the upcoming One Piece Episode 1031, the story revolves around Luffy’s first friend Uta who is Shank’s daughter. Luffy and Uta together spend time in their childhood playing and fighting with each other and doing many advantages. They promise each other to complete their dreams one day. Uta leaves the Windmill Village with Shanks Crew. Luffy waits for Shank and Uta but when Shank’s ship is coming to Luffy’s village, Luffy can not find Uta with them and ask for Uta. Shanks tells Uta to leave their crew for completing his dreams to become a singer. 

In the upcoming episode 1031, the whole episode is about the past Luffy, How Luffy starts his pirate journey, and his promises to Shanks and Uta. We will be very excited to watch the new episode 1031 and its release date is mentioned below. Also, these episodes revolve around the upcoming movie One Piece Red. These episodes are linked with the One Piece Red with is very heart-touching and loves to watch. Oda creates very soft and warm moments which connect moments with their audience. 

Let’s watch the upcoming One Piece episode 1031 and also you can check for the One Piece Movie Red Trailer which is down below.

One Piece Movie Red Trailer

Watch the official trailer of One Piece Movie Red. One Piece Red is the 15th movie of the One piece series. This movie is all about Luffy’s past and his first friend name Uta. It is believed that Uta is Shanks’ daughter and wants to be a great singer someday. Luffy and Uta played together and promise each other to complete their dream together. Let’s jump into this movie trailer.

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One Piece Episode 1031: Date and Time of Release

We eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode of One Piece Episode 1031 which will release on Sunday, 29th August 2022 at 09:30 hrs Japanese Standard time (JST). Another timing for different countries varies with the different time zone. All the times of One Piece Episode 1031 are shown below:

  • 17:30hrs Pacific Time (PT) on Saturday 20th of August.
  • 18:30 hrs Central Time (CT) on Saturday 20th of August.
  • 20:30 hrs Eastern Time (ET) on Saturday 20th of August.
  • 06:00 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST) on Sunday, 29th August 2022.
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 10.00 pm, August 28
  • British Summertime – 3.00 am, August 29
  • Central European Summer time– 4.00 am, August 29
  • Indian Standard time – 7.30 am, August 29
  • Philippine time – 10.00 am, August 29
  • Australian Central Daylight time – 11.30 am, August 29
  • Spain – 10.00 am CEST, August 29
  • Latin America – 3.00 am PDT, August 29

One Piece Episode 1031 Countdown (US)


If the timer gets stopped it means the episode has already lived in the US.

One Piece Episode 1031 Countdown (India)


If the timer gets stopped it means the episode has already lived in India.

One Piece Episode 1031: Online Streaming Details

Every Sunday, the most recent episodes of One Piece will be initially televised on Japanese local television networks like Fuji TV and others. New episodes of One Piece will be available for worldwide audiences to stream on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation within a few hours.

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