Who Would Win: Naruto Versus Luffy?

We always think about who would win if any anime character fights with another character of anime who belongs from another anime verse which is Naruto versus Luffy. For a long time, the Naruto and One Piece fan communities discussed who would win in an epic battle between the two shonen characters, Naruto Versus Luffy. Naruto Uzumaki and Monkey D. Luffy both originate from humble backgrounds, yet they have conquered flaws and history to rise to greatness. Both anime characters make their show at the top level from their respective universes. Let’s check who would win: Naruto versus Luffy-

Luffy fight with Naruto
Luffy fight with Naruto

It is true that Naruto and Luffy are unsurpassed in their drive to win an endurance duel. Naruto, with his vast chakra reserves, and Luffy, with his intensive training, are usually the final warriors standing after a fight. However, by examining their shortcomings, strengths, and the limitations each character is capable of reaching, we can determine who will have the upper hand between the two. Let us have a look.

Naruto vs Luffy
Naruto vs Luffy


Luffy is the main figure. The main character of One Piece, Luffy, obtains his strength from a devil’s fruit. After consuming Gum-Gum Fruit, Luffy is able to extend his body’s elastic to the maximum extent possible. Additionally, Luffy has the ability to change the thickness of his skin and muscles as well as produce a rubber band with his hands. Throughout his pirate adventures, Luffy has developed Gears and found new methods to use the power of his Devil Fruit in fights.

Luffy’s Gears give him abilities like incredible strength and attack immunity. When Luffy is in Fourth Gear, he can strike so quickly that the power of his fists striking the air generates a flash of burning sensation. One of the few people on earth who can use all three types of Haki, supernatural energy that penetrates everyone, is Luffy. Luffy becomes an almost invincible natural force through Haki. In his fight with Doflamingo, Luffy performed one of his greatest acts of strength when his King Kong Gun strike shattered the island with such intensity that the ground was shattered.

But everyone who eats devil fruit will have one disadvantage: they are unable to swim. Due to his incredible levels of durability, Luffy may be one of the most powerful characters; however, this shortcoming is a significant problem when facing up against a formidable character like Naruto.


One of the most powerful shonen characters is Luffy. But it would be unfair to fight our straw-hat pirate against the unpredictable number one ninja Naruto Uzumaki. When discussing Naruto’s strength and power, it is impossible to avoid mentioning both his immense chakra reserves and his expert chakra management skills. Additionally, Naruto’s Sage Mode enables him to command huge amounts of natural energy and execute accomplishments faster than normal people. In addition to Chakra, Naruto possesses the power to create shadow clones in order to create a variety of enormous Rasengan.

We’re just getting started talking about Naruto’s special Kuruma Chakra Mode. Naruto has an almost limitless supply of chakra, which also allows him to recover from his numerous wounds. Even with Kuruma Chakra Mode. Naruto is a tough enemy for the straw-hat Monkey D. Luffy. assuming that Naruto could be slashed by one of Luffy’s most potent strikes without it being a problem.

Also, there is Naruto’s Six Paths Sage Mode, when his powers rise to the point that he can dodge strikes at the speed of light. There is also the much more fearsome Asura Kuruma Mode, in which Naruto combines the three Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox Shadow Clone avatars into one enormous monster that was too strong for even Sasuke and Indra Susanoo to defeat. 

Power and Abilities Defined- Naruto Versus Luffy

Naruto’s Power and Abilities

Naruto ability 1
Naruto Versus Luffy– Naruto’s different form

The protagonist of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto series is Naruto Uzumaki, who also serves as the series’ primary character. The shinobi, who comes from Konohagakure, intends to rise through the ranks of the Shinobi to become the Hokage.


Naruto and Kuruma
Naruto and Kuruma

Due to Kurama’s presence in his body and the fact that he is sealed inside of him, Naruto has access to a large quantity of chakra, allowing him to develop ninja talents that a person his age would not be able to. However, only under duress. He then uses the chakra reserve of Biju. Naruto turns into the demon Fox after Kurama is able to transfer his chakra to him.

The appearance of a tail significantly boosts his combat power each time. As the jinchuriki begins to become out of control, he might seriously hurt himself. Throughout the course of the show, Naruto uses this chakra reserve. He used them often in order to perfect a skill known as “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu,” the capacity to produce several actual copies of himself.

Shinobi Techniques

Additionally, he has the ability to summon specific species of toads through the usage of “Kuchiyose no Jutsu,” thanks to the same energy source. It is possible to enhance his capacity to draw the energy of nature after understanding how to use the hermit’s techniques.

As the plot progresses, Naruto also managed to master the kyubi mode, giving him the recognizable look of yellow flames. After that, Naruto’s appearance was seen as he continues to burn in flames wearing a longer suit and his strength would grow to the point of a “rikudo” of god in the senjutsu style, one of the ways to resurface.


Narutos Rasengan
Naruto’s Rasengan

The “Rasengan,” an energy sphere that concentrates a lot of chakras, is one of the most successful techniques Naruto has found, or one of the most effective methods he has learned. When he uses this method and develops shadow clones to modify energy in a more useful way.

Additionally, Naruto is able to combine his Rasengan with the chakra of wind through techniques used in combination with his shadow clones and produce the “Futon: Rasen Shuriken,” which allows him to significantly harm his opponent.

Naruto learns how to properly wield the Futon: Rasen Shuriken and is able to utilize it to attack his enemies once he has mastered the hermit’s skills. Rashiken Shuriken One of the most successful techniques from Naruto’s broad body of work is the global Rasen shuriken. In it, Naruto combines this move with bijudamas, a type of bijus move that is normally applied when wearing a tail. The outcome is a potent Rasen that can wipe out large areas. Additionally, throughout time, he has employed many Rasengan versions.

Luffy’s Power and Abilities

Gear 4th Luffy Facts Featured
Naruto Versus Luffy– Luffy’s Ability

The main character in Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga and anime is Monkey D. Luffy. After consuming the fruit of the devil, namely “Gomu-Gomu fruit,” the character’s body is formed of rubber. The Straw Hat Pirates, which he established on his own initiative in order to find his One Piece, are commanded by him as their captain. East Blue is where he was born. The government set a prize of  1,500,000,000 berries on Luffy if they bring him dead or alive.

Physical Power


Luffy has demonstrated incredible superhuman strength and a superb fighting style. His thin build initially gives the impression that he has limitations, which is frequently misleading to the opponent.

Luffy has shown himself as a power that is superior to humans throughout the story, even outlasting the sea king with a single strike. This is a result of the demanding training that his great-grandfather Monkey D. Garp has undergone. Making Luffy one of the most powerful characters in the anime, it involved tying him to balloons and lifting him to amazing heights before dropping him in the middle of the deadly jungle.


Although not very educated and intelligent, Luffy was shown to have the opposite effect when faced with Logia-type Devil Fruits. Given that Luffy’s devil fruit, the Suna Suna, cannot be controlled by sand and that Crocodile is made of sand, for example, Luffy could not hit Crocodile during their battle. The crocodile was made of sand. Luffy discovered that he could defeat him by using his own blood or by wetting his fists with water.

When he was in Skipiea, Luffy was able to overcome his Mantra (the word “Mantra” corresponds to the way that people in Skipiea speak “Haki”). Luffy found that Enel’s Mantra and Haki could be used to counteract his actions so that Enel could not read them. When Luffy was a little boy and ate something he didn’t know about, he has eaten a devil’s fruit belonging to the Shanks crew. The fruit that gave him elasticity was Gomu Gomu no mi.

Devil Fruit

Luffy devil fruit
Luffy’s Devil Fruit Ability

Luffy possesses the elastic properties of the gum, but he also lacks the ability to swim since the water eats up his energy, weakening his body. Luffy uses his elastic abilities to stretch one of his legs during battle and then retract them when he throws them at his enemies. This makes Luffy a very strong character, in addition to his considerable strength.

By extending body parts like his legs, arms, or neck, Luffy can get to places no one else could, and he can also stretch himself to protect himself from enemy attacks like cannonballs. Luffy is completely immune to bullets, and they typically bounce off his body before returning to the shooter or going in other directions.

Due to his extraordinary resistance to rubber, Luffy is also entirely immune to physical attacks. However, this has been questioned often during the episode because one of the characters, most specifically Nami, slaps Luffy for being careless, leaving him with a swollen and bruised face. Since it should be remembered that Luffy is made of rubber, the hits shouldn’t hurt him, according to many fans, this is a “mistake.”

If anything could harm him, it would be the slashing of knives or swords because Luffy’s physique is entirely flexible and he is quite resistant to being cut. After his struggle in the Lobby, Luffy learned how to eat while sleeping since, according to Sanji, “He hates missing meals” and a furious battle left the killed guy unconscious for several days. He can eat using this technique just like he’s awake.

Although Luffy looked to be sleeping, it is true that this “technique” appears to be a trick in the real world, suggesting that it may be more than simply a sleepwalking act rather than a method in and of itself.

Naruto Versus Luffy Power Level Comparison

In this section, we talk about the power level comparison of Naruto versus Luffy. This comparison is based on their fighting skills and the power they possess from their past actions.

Naruto Versus Luffy

All the scenes are captured from the Naruto and One piece episodes to demonstrate their power and abilities.

Naruto Versus Luffy Conclusion: Naruto is the Winner

winner and loser image 1
Naruto Wins the battle against Luffy

Luffy and Naruto both are our favorite characters, but as we’ve already stated, Luffy is going about this fight in the wrong way. The straw-hat pirate is quick, but even if he could, Naruto would still be able to avoid any attacks since Luffy is faster than light. Haki is subject to Luffy’s unmatched control. But compared to Naruto’s energy reserves, which are a result of his Uzumaki blood, it is nothing. Naruto wouldn’t even need Sage Mode to fight Luffy in this situation because he is unable of using the Kuruma Chakra Mode or Asura Kurama modes.

In short, Naruto would not only win but also destroy Luffy. Fans of One Piece shouldn’t be disheartened, either, as Luffy is strong in his own way and exists in a separate universe. He won’t be able to overcome Naruto, but he will undoubtedly be able to defeat Kaidou. That’s how we feel, actually!

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