How did Big Mom get her Devil Fruit Power in One Piece Explained?

In this article we discuss the theory How did Big Mom get her devil fruit powers. There are various theory behind this. We explain all the theory in this article regarding Big Mom power and Devil fruit ability.

There are a tonne of mysteries and unresolved issues in the One Piece universe, and many of them have inspired some truly outlandish One Piece theories that are supported by a lot of evidence. However, One Piece fans frequently wonder how Big Mom acquired her Devil Fruit abilities, especially given the fact that she never actually “ate” a Devil Fruit.

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Big Mom Theory in One Piece

There is a strong implication that Big Mom cannibalised Mother Carmel in order to get the Soru Soru no Mi Devil Fruit. This restriction may or may not apply to all Devil Fruits and users in the One Piece Universe as she appears to have consumed the Devil Fruit along with its former user and absorbed its abilities, killing Carmel in the process. However, it’s conceivable that Carmel transferred her soul and is still alive inside of Big Mom owing to the special soul characteristics of the Soru Soru no Mi.

While there are still some unanswered questions regarding how Big Mom acquired her Devil Fruit abilities, it appears that she may have done so in a similar manner to everyone else in the One Piece universe, but with a more gloomy and surprising method. Keep reading to learn all there is to know about Big Mom’s Devil Fruit abilities and how she acquired them in One Piece.

Devil Fruit of Big Mom: Soru Soru no Mi Power Explained

Big Mom, previously Charlotte Linlin, displays the might of the Soru Soru no Mi, a Devil Fruit similar to a Paramecia in the One Piece universe. As long as the targeted victim satisfies the requirements, Big Mom is able to manifest other people’s souls as an ethereal form of substance that she can truly control thanks to this Devil Fruit. This power has no impact on anyone who do not fear her or cannot hear her voice.

Big Mom
Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom in One Piece

The victim’s lifespan can thereafter be extended by whatever amount at her discretion by her subsequent theft of soul energy. Big Mom has the power to draw out a person’s whole remaining lifespan in order to kill them instantaneously, or she can merely take out a small portion of the victim’s remaining lifespan, substantially shortening the victim’s life expectancy instead of killing it.

From this point on, Big Mom has the power to breathe stolen souls into inanimate objects and give them life, resulting in the creation of “homies,” or creatures with human characteristics like talking and walking. Depending on what she desires, these friends will serve as her tools or as her servants.

Big Mom After Consuming a Year of Her Life

Other than living beings and dead bodies, Big Mom has the power to transform practically everything into a homie, including animals, plants, minerals, liquids, food, furniture, buildings, and even chemical elements like fire, air, and light. In addition, she has the ability to produce “Special Homies,” the most renowned of which are Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon. Special Homies are even more potent than normal homies since they are also endowed with Big Mom’s soul.

Big Mom can employ her kidnapped souls in addition to these main purposes by devouring them, which increases Big Mom’s size and power. She can construct manifestations of her soul that can go out and steal more souls on her behalf, as well as incorporate stolen souls into herself to do restorative tasks like mending shattered bones.

How Did Big Mom Get Her Devil Fruit Powers?

One Piece is jam-packed with rich backstory and distinctive characters, many of them have unique backgrounds and backstories created by Eiichiro Oda. Apart from the evidence that was provided in a flashback during one of the One Piece anime episodes that provides additional information about her history, fans don’t know much about Big Mom’s past.

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Mother Caramel in One Piece

Orphans and Mother Carmel, who is shown to have the same abilities as Big Mom in the One Piece tale, including the capacity to implant souls into inanimate objects, were only a couple of the other characters who were depicted in the episode. Big Mom’s genuine dark and unhappy background is also revealed, but the last moment is what really made the film stand out.

1. Big Mom Ate the Devil Fruit User Instead of the Devil Fruit

Mother Carmel and the orphans are shown being “eaten” by Big Mom at the end of the episode, and by the time the episode came to a finish, they had all been devoured. Now, it’s not explicitly said that she devoured Carmel and the children, but it was strongly hinted at by clever imagery and timing. The One Piece Wiki’s graphics and information show the following:

“After the death of its previous owner, Carmel, Linlin somehow acquired the powers of the Soru Soru no Mi.”

Therefore, there is no “official” explanation for how she acquired her Devil Fruit abilities. Technically, after Big Mom went on a gigantic and raging eating spree, Mother Carmel and all of Big Mom’s childhood friends just ‘vanished’ into thin air.

Even without Oda depicting the incident in great detail, this was still a quite unsettling sight for One Piece fans, and the concept was further supported by a terrified-appearing Streusen lurking in the background. But compared to other theories, it seems to make the most sense and might be the solution we’ve been looking for about Big Mom’s Devil Fruit abilities.

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Devil Fruit lifecyle in One Piece

The sole rule made explicit throughout the whole One Piece tale is that Devil Fruits must be consumed in order for a person to acquire their powers, and most individuals cannot eat more than one Devil Fruit without suffering a bad outcome. Based on this, we may infer that Big Mom most likely acquired the Devil Fruit’s abilities by consuming it along with its prior owner, murdering Mother Carmel in the process.

2. Carmel is Alive Inside Big Mom

It is incredibly disturbing to learn that this kind of situation may be a feasible means to “take” a particular Devil Fruit power from another, setting a horrifying new standard for characters in the One Piece universe. Many fans have countered that this could be unique to Big Mom’s situation and the particular Devil Fruit she consumed.

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Big Mom taking Soul

The second credible hypothesis, which also involves Mother Carmel being eaten by Big Mom, supports the idea that Carmel used the Soru Soru no Mi during the incident to transfer her soul to Big Mom because her body was obliterated. According to this hypothesis, Big Mom is really Carmel, who is still the one who is theoretically in control of the Soru Soru no Mi.

Oda may have suggested that one cannot easily acquire Devil Fruit abilities by eating a Devil Fruit user, as explained below with the help of Theory Anime. If this is the case, it may be far more particular to the Soru Soru no Mi than fans may have anticipated how Big Mom acquired her Devil Fruit abilities.

Even if her Devil Fruit abilities make her even more terrifying, Big Mom is a force to be reckoned with as we all know. The idea that Big Mom acquired her abilities by consuming the previous Devil Fruit user rather than the fruit itself may seem sinister and unsettling. But regardless of how the story is framed, it appears eating Carmel—alive or dead—is the most likely culprit.

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