Is Kiku Dead, What Happened to Her & Who Killed Her in One Piece?

Over the years, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga and anime have introduced us to a range of really endearing supporting characters. While some were quite likeable, some of them were epic. One such character is Kikunojo, the female samurai from Wano Country. Kikunojo, sometimes known as Kiku, is highly well-liked and played a significant part in the Wano Country arc of the series. We’ll let you know in this post if Kikunojo is still alive and what happened to her One Piece.

Kiku is still alive in One Piece despite having been sentenced to death and suffering grave wounds. She is a member of the Nine Red Scabbards and helped Luffy and the others battle Big Mom and the despot Kaidou in Wano Country as an ally of the Alliance. Throughout the plot, she was saved on multiple times.

Kikunojo27s Hokkamuri
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The rest of this post will give you a thorough rundown of what happened at Kikunojo during the illustrious Wano Country Arc. Since you already know what happened and how it occurred, we will merely provide the specifics so you are aware of the overall situation. However, be careful since there will be many spoilers concerning recent One Piece manga events in this post.

Is Kiku dead in One Piece? What happened to her?

Kiku, also known as Kikunojo of the Lingering Snow, is a Wano Country samurai who is a vassal of the Kozuki family and one of the Nine Red Scabbards of Kozuki Oden. She is also Izou’s sister and the youngster of Ringo’s Hanayanagi school’s proprietor. Kikunojo, who was born 42 years ago but travelled 20 years into the future, took on the name O-Kiku and worked as a waitress in an Okobore town tea shop.

Izou, Kikunojo’s older brother, and they were hungry dancers 39 years ago. Their father turned into a criminal, therefore their family is no longer together. When she first met Oden, she couldn’t help but steal his food without asking; since since she travelled with Oden to Kuri, Kiku has been working for him as a samurai. The Whitebeard Pirates were later devoured by Oden and his henchmen after they encountered them.

Oden, Izo, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi went missing when the Whitebeard Pirates left Wano Country two weeks later, which was found by the servants. Kin’emon, Kanjuro, Raizo, and O-Kiku went to Kuri Castle to guard Momonosuke after Kozuki Oden was put to death. When they got there, Kaido’s team had already arrived, and the castle was on fire. Momonosuke was there, along with his mother Toki and younger sister Hiyori.

Later, she may be seen overhearing Big Mom and Tama talking about red beans. She is on her way to Udon. The two children remain outside while Big Mom orders red bean soup and Chopper and O-Kiku head back as Tama, Chopper, Big Mom, Momonosuke, and O-Kiku arrive in Udon.

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Kiku in One Piece

Later, O-Kiku and Chopper are shocked to see Luffy alienate Big Mom and the other Udon guards; they then worry for him when he is punched by the Yonko and thrown against a wall. After Queen leaves and takes Big Mom away, Kiku is able to locate Kawamatsu, who has just been set free, Raizo, and Hyogoro, the former yakuza leader, whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years.

The four then join forces with Luffy and Chopper to assault the Udon guards and inmates. The takeover of Udon Prison has been successful. The inmates are then persuaded to support Momonosuke’s cause by Kiku. The next day, she is there with Tama when she persuades Babanuki not to tell the Queen about the jail insurrection.

Kikunojo discovers herself in Kuri at Amigasa Village together with the other 6 Red Scabbards, Shinobu, Hitetsu, Sanji, Robin, and Brook three or four days later. They are ready to talk about how to fight Kaido. Kikunojo laments Kozuki Hiyori’s survival on the eve of the Onigashima Raid alongside the other Red Scabbards as she makes her way to the port of Tokage in Udon to board the ship to Onigashima.

When Momonosuke, Shinobu, Kikunojo, and the other 7 Red Scabbards arrive to Tokage Port in Udon, they are surprised to see neither a boat nor a man; she then sobs at their alleged desertion. In a last-ditch effort to beat Kaido and Orochi and exact revenge for the death of their master Oden, she chooses to go on a rowing trip to Onigashima alongside Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Nekomamushi, Ashura Doji, Kawamatsu, Momonosuke, and Shinobu.

Kin’emon considers the prospect that there could be a spy among them as they row across the choppy waters, and Kikunojo advises him that they should discover the spy right away. The Scabbards are then met by three Beasts Pirate warships after Kanjuro surprises everyone by revealing that he is the spy in question.

The scabbards later learn that Kanjuro had sent a copy of himself to take his place aboard their ship while the real Kanjuro remained behind and kidnapped Momonosuke. The Beasts Pirates are then attacked by the Straw Hats, Heart Pirates, and Kid Pirates, and the Heart Pirates had taken the ship from the scabbards into their submarine.

Soon later, the Kyoshiro Gang shows up, and when Kyoshiro is revealed to be Denjiro, the scabbards are stunned once more. Denjiro discloses that the alliance had really been directed to proceed to the quay at Habu Port by the revised secret message; as a result, hundreds of samurai have already made their way there and are now sailing behind him.

The alliance is then reassured by Momonosuke, who asks them to press on while he fends for himself to escape as Kanjuro kidnaps him and takes him into the skies toward Onigashima to alert Orochi. Kin’emon then teams up with the pirates and samurai to change the invasion strategy, and the scabbards decide to use Law’s submarine to dock at the island’s rear.

Kanjuro Stabs Kikunojo

The Heart Pirates and Scabbards, with the exception of Kin’emon and Denjiro, join Onigashima’s rear when the Straw Hats take down the security personnel at the entrance gates. Nekomamushi, who has just arrived and intends to meet them on Onigashima, contacts them along the route. Law teleports to Onigashima’s back entrance with the scabbards when the sub is near enough to the beach, where Marco, Nekomamushi, and Izou join them.

The happy reunion between Kikunojo and his brother follows. The gang encounters Kanjuro and a bunch of Kaido pirates after Marco departs to examine a shadow he had spotted at sea. Kikunojo meets the traitor after Kanjuro describes how Momonosuke attempted to flee but was unsuccessful and that his death is going to take place.

After beating Kanjuro, Kikunojo and a few of the other Red Scabbards are then shown crying and thinking back to their time with Oden. Soon later, when Kaido discovers his son Yamato, the latter tries to have him put to death. At this point, all of the Red Scabbards move in on the Emperor, disarm him and the King, and then fire a huge combined strike while yelling “SUNACHI!”

As they descend to the lowest level, the Red Scabbards are able to harm Kaido. The Scabbards cling to Kaido as he changes into his dragon form and soars above as the coalition unveils itself and engages the Beasts Pirates. With the assistance of the Mink Tribe, they are ready to battle Kaido on the roof. Then Jack and a few allies showed up on the roof to aid Kaido. The Scabbards observe the Minks as they engage the foe.

The Minks’ efforts to incapacitate Jack and his troops allowed the Scabbards to start their battle with Kaido. They avoided Kaido’s lightning bolts, which they then each used to strike him in turn. After regaining consciousness, Kaido attacks them with an air blade assault; one of the blades slices Kiku, who subsequently loses his left arm.

Kikunojo returns to combat after Izo and Kin’emon have attended to her wound. Kaido continued the conflict, first neutralizing the scabbards by starting to smash them. Later on, the roof came Big Mom, Kid, Killer, Zoro, Luffy, and Law. Law transported the scabbards to a secure location at Luffy’s request.

They were put in the second-floor treasure chamber, where a shady figure started taking care of them.


When the scabbards eventually recovered slightly, they were awake again, but the mysterious man had already vanished. They noticed a person who looked to be Oden just before leaving the prize chamber. Unfortunately, Kanjuro used his abilities to change. The sacrifice of Ashura Doji, who lets himself explode to confront Kanjuro, shocks the Scabbards after they are shattered by the false expectation of Oden’s reappearance.

After seeing Jack come, the Scabbards fight him so they may leave and fetch Momonosuke to defend him. Orochi and Fukurokuju were then reunited with the Scabbards. The Shogun is easily defeated, and Raizo stays behind to battle anyone he claims to be a competitor. The other scabbards carry on with their journey.

Kanjuro, who has assumed the appearance of Oden where Momonosuke, Shinobu, and Kin’emon are, will then puncture her. Usopp arrives to Kiku and Kin’emon’s location and starts defending them from Kaido’s crew members. After impressing the injured two with his discussion about his resolve to survive no matter what, Usopp became agitated when they recommended he take one and leave the other behind. Izou, who had already arrived, then permits them to flee by obstructing the arrival of Kaido’s crew members, and Kikunojo is then taken to safety by Hamlet. As you can see, Kiku is still alive and well in One Piece as of this writing, and this was her tale.

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