Attack on Titan is a series created by Hajime Isayama and originally came out in 2009 in Japan titled Shingeki no Kyojin. The series quickly became a mega-hit worldwide and mainly focuses on the story of Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Jaegar battling against the mighty Titans of their world.

Apart from this character, Levi is another beloved character in the whole series and fans love to see his action recently in Season 4 of Shingeki of Kyojin we witness the amazing fighting scene with Levi. My own favorite scene from AOT was Levi Vs Beast Titan. Moreover, the character is more limelight than the main protagonist whether its battle sequence or its strategy making, or flashbacks, Levi’s character impressed all the fans from the beginning.


Levi is known as one of the strongest characters in the Attack on titan series. Fans admire him for his incredible skill and intelligence on the battlefield. In season 1, he shows excellent combat skills and makes the strategy to kill the titan from the inside as well as outside the wall. Levi Ackerman is humanity’s strongest soldier in the Survey Corps. Similar to Mikasa, Levi has the Ackerman bloodline running through him. Levi was injured during the battle vs the Female Titan Annie so not much from Captain Levi in Attack on Titan Season 2. But the Attack on Titan Season 4 final part has been confirmed! So look forward to seeing Levi defeat more Titans in Attack on Titan Season 3 in 2018.

Captain Levi had this own spin-off series, Attack on Titan no Regrets. This shows Levi’s thug life in the Underground City beneath Wall Sina. Eventually, No Regrets shows how Levi meets Erwin and joins the Survey Corps to fight the Titans for humanity.

So Here are things you probably didn’t know about Levi. In this post we’re listed unknown facts about captain Levi which is still unknown and fans desperate to know about them.


19. Hates Mold

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Levi despises something more than titans in life, which may surprise you. Levi cannot take mold and will spend hours cleaning out every corner of a house to ensure that it is entirely clean, according to the creator of AOT. He also has a great cleaning outfit, of course.

18. His Relationship With Sleep Isn’t Ideal

levi sleeps-aot

If you notice, Levi sleeps wherever he gets the place so he doesn’t need to put on Pajamas before going to bed. Instead, he sleeps on a chair, in whatever clothing he wore that day and Levi does, in fact, have sleeping problems.

Isayama already mentioned in an interview that he struggles with insomnia, averaging only a few hours of sleep each night. It is a most common fact about Levi.

17. He Once Hated Commander Erwin

Levi and Erwin share a strong connection centered on allegiance and trust in the Attack on Titan anime, but things weren’t always been this way between both two of them. Levi wasn’t too happy with the Scout’s arrangement when Erwin first caught him and his companions stealing and had them join. Erwin was the target of much of his anger, and he even made a commitment to kill him if the chance offered himself.

lewi attempts to kill erwin
lewi attempts to kill erwin

Naturally, as years passed, Levi came to have a different point of view for the Survey Corps Commander. However, it’s interesting to think about how ferociously Levi previously disliked a man who eventually became one of his most trusted teammates.

16. He Doesn’t Enjoy Killing His Enemies

In AOT, we witnessed Levi’s lightning-quick ability to kill any titan and fans always want to know why levi is so powerful?. He is the strongest soldier in the history of humanity due to his combat abilities and distinctive fighting style. He killed hundreds of titans starting in season 1, but over time he came to see that killing them is not an option unless they discover a long-term answer.


He repeatedly refrained from taking Titan’s life. He spared Zeke’s life numerous times and left the Female Titan alone after he and Mikasa managed to save Eren.

15. Levi Unique Sword Style-

The hammer grip is used by the majority of scouts to hold their blades similarly to how they would a hammer. Levi, on the other hand, uses an entirely opposite technique. He holds the sword normally in his left hand but flips it over in his right hand so that the blade is facing backward. This seems a little strange, but it looks cool and enables him to perform the distinctive circular fighting style that he is renowned for using against the beast titan.

14. Mikasa And Levi Are Relative?


However, Levi and Mikasa are so far separated from the original Ackerman family that they might as well be two unrelated individuals. Although they are both Ackermans, Levi and Mikasa are not actually connected to one another. If you have always believed that Levi and Mikasa are connected, well yes, but not really because they are both descended from the same family many generations above and its only the ironic connection between them.

13. Levi Bond With Eren


Levi really does have an Ackerman connection with someone. We all know that Ackerman’s have somebody that they protect for Mikasa it’s Eren. up until this point, we were unaware that Erwin was the guy Levi was guarding, and I believe the only reason we were blind to it was Mikasa’s intense concern for Eren’s safety. She takes care of Eren in ways that a typical Ackerman wouldn’t take care of their host.

12. Levi Ova Episode

According to Crunchyroll, ova are extra episodes that are released concurrently with an anime season. Levi’s own prequel series, titled “no regrets,” has two episodes, yet despite this, it’s the finest because it covers Levi’s life before becoming a scout and explains how he came to be one.

11. He Was Disrespected By The Military When He First Joined

Due to the fact that Levi had grown up underground, he experienced extreme disrespect when he initially joined the scouts. If you don’t already aware, the underground is a metropolis that is submerged beneath the paradise island’s capital.


The above-ground occupants of the walls looked down on them because it was primarily populated by poor people.

Levi was first despised, but his extraordinary combat prowess quickly made him one of the most respected men on the paradise island.

10. He is Not Lance Corporal

Attack on titan season 1 episode 15

Although Levi is the scouts’ squad commander, his subordinates simply refer to him as captain. As a result, many fans mistakenly believe that Levi is a lance corporal. The issue is because the Japanese word for captain, Heicho, literally translates to lance corporal in English, not captain.

9. His Obsession With Cleanliness

We all know that Levi enjoys cleaning, and, believe it or not, Levi believes that Eren Jager is the best cleaner. Levi’s obsession with cleanliness is from his childhood as he grew up in the underground. After the death of his mother, he used to live with uncle Kenny. In one episode, he revealed that dirt reminds him of his past background so he tries to clean things as much as he can.


The fact that Eren is still the best of the scouts and Levi still thinks Eren is a terrible cleaner makes it sound like a compliment, but I don’t believe anyone will ever clean to Eren’s standards.

8.Levi Loves Drinking Tea


Levi enjoys drinking tea which is confirmed by Isayama itself, but did you know that he only drinks plain tea since he can’t afford to buy milk or sugar? When Erwin confronted him about spending the entire scout budget on tea, he admitted that the only way he could legitimately purchase tea was by using military funds.

In fact, Isayama disclosed that Levi’s goal is to create his own tea business.

7. Levi Blood Type

levi blood type-attack on titan
levi blood type-attack on titan

Did you know that Levi has an A blood type? Although this may appear utterly arbitrary, there is a purpose for it. According to Japanese culture, individuals with this blood type tend to be obstinate perfectionists who can be trusted to finish the work. What else might it be if it doesn’t sound like Levi?

6. He knocked out Hange in a bath

Levi had a couple of friends before he became a scout captain in fact Eren Yeager actually reminds him of a former gang member named Isabel. I didn’t know who Isabel was so we dug a bit deeper and discovered that there’s this person on the internet who translates all the special edition magazines of AOT from Japanese into English.

One of the things she translated was a special edition of the attack on titan manga where a reporter from paradise island interviews Levi and Erwin and this interview revealed something a bit odd about Levi.

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Levi must be such a neat freak that he gave Hange a bath after knocking her out. This is a little strange, I won’t deny it. Levi couldn’t handle the scent of Hange any longer because she isn’t the most hygienic person in the world.

In her own interview, Ponch claims that all she can recall is getting pounded on the head before waking up feeling clean. In case you’re wondering, Levi, recruited several of the female scouts to help him wash hange, but they also did something completely insane.

5. Levi Is A Captain Not a Squad Leader

Levi is a squad captain, which I now know, but I was unaware that this position is actually not supposed to exist. While Levi is referred to as a captain and not a squad leader, there is meant to be a squad leader in the scouts. In order to give Levi a little more flexibility after Erwin was elevated to the position of commander of the survey corp, he created a new position for Levi.

levi as captain
levi as captain

After looking around a bit more, I discovered that someone on the internet had also translated a number of interviews with the attack on titan creator. Without these translations, many AOT secret would be completely unknown to people who don’t speak Japanese.

4. Isayama first draw the Levi Character

In fact, when the idea for an attack on Titan initially entered the mind of author Isayama, one of the first things he firmly agreed on was Levi’s character.

Isayama didn’t explain why Levi was chosen so quickly, but I’m sure there’s a reason for it somewhere.

3. He loves to Express himself

levi loves eren
levi loves eren

Levi, according to Isayama, prefers to convey himself through body language rather than singing. Does this imply that Levi has some very impressive dance moves? Levi dancing exclusively in Fortnite is something we think ought to be seen on tape.

2. Want to Cooperating With Zeke

Levi is reported to be speaking with Onyankopon and Yelena, the rebel Marleyans, back in the Marley arc (a year after the Battle of Shiganshina). The objective of this discussion is to allow him and his soldiers, including Eren, to decide whether or not they should help Zeke.

Levi is the best person to understand the need for desperate measures during times of despair.

He questioned Eren over keeping the Founder Titan’s ability to wield the power a secret from him during this encounter.

1. Levi’s Girlfriend


Levi is reportedly terrible at having heart-to-heart conversations, according to the creator. He generally asks Hange Zoe to interpret whatever he’s trying to convey when he wants to encourage his subordinates, which makes perfect sense.

Levi had no mother when he was young, therefore he frequently got into fights with other kids. Even though Levi isn’t good with feelings, he does seem to have true love—and it’s not Mikasa or Historia; rather, it was someone he’s known for a long time, Hange Zoe.

It’s likely that he never even ever talked about his emotions as a child.

Though the author of Art has never confirmed it, after reading a number of fan theories, this looks to be 99% accurate, yet it is only a fan theory.

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