Theory Explained of “Is Crocodile in One Piece a Girl and is He Luffy’s Mom”?

There are many interesting and even many ideas about One Piece, many of which center on far more mysterious subjects, but nothing prevents anime fans from analyzing some of the most basic parts of characters’ life. Fans of One Piece still have many unanswered issues regarding Luffy’s original mother, and there are several ideas that Crocodile in One Piece is actually a female and is Luffy’s mother. People search for Crocodile One Piece Woman theories.

In this article, we clarify all the theories related to the Crocodile in One Piece as crocodile one piece woman or female. Many theories of one piece say that Crocodile in One Piece is a female and Ivankov’s devil fruit convert her into a male.

ivankov and croc
Crocodile and Ivankov in Impel down One Piece

The “Desert King” Sir Crocodile in One Piece, formerly known as “Mr. 0,” served as the organization’s mystery criminal syndicate’s president. Nico Robin, formerly known as “Miss All Sunday,” served as the organization’s vice president and business partner. He plays a minor role in the Impel Down and Marineford arcs and serves as the main adversary of the Arabasta and Arabasta Saga.

He is one of the longest-running and most notable series’ main antagonists since he was the first to deliver Luffy a total and utter defeat. He was first presented as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, but after attempting to seize power in the Arabasta Kingdom, he had his title removed.

He was able to escape Impel Down with the help of Luffy, and he later traveled to Marineford to take part in the conflict. After the conflict, he and his follower Daz Bonez made the decision to travel to the New World[18], where Crocodile and fellow ex-Warlord Dracule Mihawk would create the Cross Guild, with Buggy, another ex-Warlord and current member of the Four Emperors, serving as the group’s symbolic leader.

Crocodile in One Piece
Crocodile Theories in One Piece

The possibility is supported by canon details and strategic One Piece imagery. Coincidental and circumstantial evidence suggests Crocodile may have been a female from birth, converted to a boy as a result of Iva’s gender-altering Devil Fruit abilities. Although nothing has been proved, several visual indications and behavioral alterations suggest that Crocodile was Luffy’s biological mother (Croco-Mom) before the change.

The theory, which has come to be known as the “Croco-Mom” theory within the community, is supported by a large number of devoted One Piece fans, despite initially appearing to be difficult to accept. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the possibility that Crocodile is a woman and that she is the mother of Luffy in One Piece, along with some hints of supporting evidence.

Is Crocodile in One Piece a Girl?

In terms of physical attributes, Crocodile lacks what is considered “Feminine” and seems to be a male character throughout the entirety of the One Piece Storyline. Crocodile in One Piece was first presented in the manga in 2009 during the Impel Down arc, when it is revealed that Luffy and Iva had known one another since they were children. He reportedly threatens to reveal a prior secret by calling Crocodile “Croco-boy” in teasing remarks, as seen below courtesy to nizam jaffar: Of course, in the world of One Piece, this may imply anything at all. What, therefore, prompts fans to interpret Crocodile’s secret in this particular way?

Ivankov’s disclosure that he has gender-switch hormone powers through his Devil Fruit, a fascinating element that could otherwise appear accidental, made the whole thing a little more weirder.

crocodile one piece
Information regarding Crocodile in One Piece

With this as a starting point, many fans began to think that Iva utilised his Devil Fruit abilities on Crocodile to change her from a woman into a guy by inducing “natural” male hormones. The kind of secret that was hinted at, the connection between Crocodile and Iva, and the revelation of the Devil Fruit power all appear to fit together.

It unmistakably portrays “Croco-boy” as arrogant and sarcastic. Of course, none of this has been proven, but there are several indications that might move this idea closer to reality. Oda’s publishing of a drawing of the Warlords as children, which can be seen below which would have been far before the One Piece plot started, only served to strengthen the theory.

mqdefaultcroco girl
Crocodile in One Piece Theory

While the majority of fans claim that Crocodile does not genuinely represent “normal” male traits, even as a youngster, some fans may argue that Crocodile here resembles a young boy. In fact, Boa Hancock’s characteristics are resembled by Crocodile’s eyes, lashes, tiny face structure, lengthier hair, and slim neck/shoulder region if we compare to anyone in the One Piece Storyline.

Only a tiny video clip of Roger’s execution—which can be viewed here thanks to Cutty Flam—depicts Crocodile’s background. However, Crocodile is the only character in both the anime and the manga who is accidentally presented from the rear rather than the front.

A noteworthy difference between Crocodile as a “man” and the “feminine” drawing is that Crocodile as a “male” is typically depicted with a cigar to the left, as seen in the execution scene above. Oda loves to tease hypotheses, as seen by the front page of One Piece Chapter 938, which features a Crocodile and is titled, of all things, “A Woman’s Secret” / “Her Secret.”
one piece crocodile female
A Woman’s Secret” / “Her Secret in One Piece Chapter 938

It’s far more likely to be a reference to Croco-Mom in some way since, knowing Oda, one coincidence too many forms a convincing theory. The character of the Crocodile is also closely related to gender in general in various ways, which only strengthens the case for the idea.

The Croco-Mom theory Explained. Is Crocodile in One Piece Luffy’s Mom?

In the One Piece universe, Luffy is the star of the show and the main character, ready to go on many adventures with the other Straw Hat Pirates. Many fans have a burning question about Luffy’s ancestry, but there are still a heck of a lot of unanswered issues, including those about his actual fate in the One Piece universe and his main love interest.

Although there is some information regarding Luffy’s father, many fans still don’t know who his mother is, especially since the revelation sequence referred to Luffy and Ace as “stepbrothers.” Surprisingly, a lot of people think that Crocodile, the former Warlord, may be Luffy’s mother.

Croco Mom Theory in One Piece

The entire premise of this idea would, of course, depend on Crocodile being a female from birth; if that assumption is found to be false, it would obviously put a kink in the works. Even yet, if Crocodile had a romantic relationship with Monkey D. Dragon, Croco-Mom being Luffy’s mother is an entirely other tale. Although it’s possible that Crocodile wouldn’t know her own kid after so much time, many fans contest this hypothesis because Crocodile attempts to murder Luffy twice, once during Alabasta.

There are a few indications that suggest Crocodile is his mother, most notably the fact that Crocodile had ties to the Okama Kingdom. Additionally, two current “mafia” specials, which may be viewed below thanks to ProLucK7, feature Luffy in a portrayal that has an incredibly strong similarity to the Crocodile we have seen thus far.

Despite this, there hasn’t really been much further “evidence” unless we count Crocodile’s peculiar actions and character shift after Luffy’s heritage was revealed at Marineford, as shown below with the help of OnePieceChannel2013. Crocodile’s response is not visible when Luffy’s father is revealed, just as the fortunate frame change after Roger’s death.
The likelihood is that the abrupt transformation was brought on by the revelation unless Crocodile underwent a rapid change of heart and personality off-screen. After that, Crocodile and Daz Bones even assist keep Mihawk occupied so that Luffy may continue unharmed. Mihawk even questioned this because there was really no reason to support Luffy in the first place.

From this point on, Crocodile’s conduct spirals out of control to the point where he confronts Akainu to aid Luffy in escaping. Using Sables to transport them to safety is another option, as can be seen below courtesy to OathandOblivion13.

All of this is really strange considering that Crocodile often prefers to leave the “weak” behind. In order to assist Luffy, the comic also depicts Crocodile standing next to his adversary Whitebeard.
While there isn’t yet enough evidence to prove Croco-mom to be accurate, it becomes more and more likely as time goes on, especially with the addition of fanart depicting Crocodile’s potential appearance prior to the transformation, as seen below. Additionally, Crocodile’s obvious maternal affection for Luffy and Oda’s strangely planned representations only serve to stoke the flames.
Crocodile in One Piece
Female Crocodile in One Piece

Check out the Anime no Mi video below for additional information on the Croco-Mom idea. This video help you to understand the female Crocodile in One Piece. There are many theories which was stated in the video that proof the female crocodile in One Piece.

Although there is no hard evidence to support Crocodile’s claim that she is Luffy’s mother, there is also no hard evidence to contradict it. Although having to infer your favourite anime character’s ancestry and beginnings might be annoying, the finest anime programmes have a foundation full of unclear plotholes and leeway for fan interpretations, which is part of what makes them so wonderful.

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