Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – Ryomen Sukuna


Genre: Action,Demons, Horror, School, Shounen, Supernatural

Episode 1 begins with a room full of Talismans and a boy, Yuji Itadori, who is in an unconscious state tied to a chair.

A blindfolded man stands in front of Yuji and introduces himself as Satoru Gojo.

Gojo asks Itadori who he is now and Yuji remembers that he met a boy named Fushigaro and his Senpai is also missing.

Who is Senpai?
In Japan, Senpai is refers to an upperclassman/ teacher or master. In Jujutsu kaisen, every character has it own class so they refer all the upperclassman as their Senpai.

While showing concern about Senpai, Gojo reminds Yuji tells that he already set the ” Secret Execution” for him so stop concern about them and start to think about himself because no one can save him from dying.


The day before, Yuji’s Grandfather is admitted to the hospital so he called the Sugisawa hospital to ask about his health condition. However, Yuji’s Grandfather raged by saying he should simply focus and join his high-school club instead.

This is followed by a scene from the previous night where a Jujutsu Tech student, Megumi Fushiguro visits Sugisawa High School looking for a Special Grade Cursed Object. The place where he is told the location of that cursed object is in a box but he finds it empty.

Disturbed, he calls Satoru Gojo and tells him that he has not found the Cursed Object. Gojo tells Fushiguro that he cannot return to Jujustsu High School until he finds that thing.

Yuji sits together with his friends Iguchi and Sasaki and after a while, the student council president comes and threatens to close the Occult Club due to inactivity. But they say that we did research which is on the disease of Rugby player. When he is asked what is in the research, they tells that the illness of rugby players is due to some supernatural power present on the field.

The President angrily denies their point and tells them that the players are getting sick due to ticks and not because of any supernatural power. Apart from this, every club group should have three members, but Yuji has contracted with the track or field team, so the club does not meet the minimum requirement of three members for having only two members. So the club will be closed soon.


Then Takagi, the coach of Track and field, comes there and tells that he had written the name of Track and field after cutting the name of Occult Club from Yuji’s form so that Yuji could represent the national team.

But Yuji has no interest in this, so both agree to a competition to settle the matter. Whoever wins this competition, his words will be considered.

On the other hand, the student of Jujutsu tech is also looking for that cursed object in the field in disguise. He sees that Yuji easily throws the shot-put ball too far and breaks the world record. Seeing this dominating game, everyone is surprised because he throws the shot put away like a baseball comfortably, due to which he cementing his place back in the Occult Club.

Megumi is impressed to see Yuzi’s performance and compares Yuji’s performance to Jujutsu Tech’s upperclassman Maki Zenin. Megumi sees how Yuji easily conquered this competition without any superpowers. Sasaki and Lguchi assured Yuji not to join the club because Yuji performs remarkably well in sports. But Yuji says that he has to stay in the Occult club.

That’s when Yuji remembers that he had to go to the hospital to see his grandfather and as he passes by on the run, Megumi caught the scent of a cursed object on him.

Before Megumi can stop him, Yuji runs away quickly. As soon as he reaches the hospital, his grandfather makes him understand that he does not need to come here and waste time, but should focus on his studies and club. He wants to tell Yuji about his parents, but Yuji does not have any special interest in him.

Last Wish

Both argue but the old man conveys an important message to Yuji before leaving. He tells Yuji I know that you are very powerful and you should use this power to save the lives of the people. Pointing to his position, he says I wish that whenever you die you should surround by the people. Grandfather refers to his conversation as “Proper death”

After this Yuji’s grandfather dies and Yuji packs all his belongings and starts leaving the hospital.

Yuji stands in the lobby to complete the paper when Megumi comes there to find Yuji and introduces himself. Yuji tells him that his grandfather has just died so he is not in the mood to do anything right now, Megumi tells Yuji about the cursed object and says I just want this thing because it is deadly.

Why Curse Is So Powerful?

Finally, Megumi reveals the truth about these cursed objects to Yuji. This curse is created by humans by collecting a lot of negative energy. The thing that Yuji got is also made in this way. But the thing to be kept in mind is that the talisman used to seal it is weakening due to which that curse can be freed anytime. That’s why I want you to give me that cursed object.

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Cursed object:Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji gives the cursed object to Meguma but it is empty, seeing that Meguma gets angry. Yuji tells that his club member had decided that they will open this object in his school tonight. Megumi gets shocked hearing this and says that they are in great danger and they may even lose their lives.

Elsewhere at Sugisawa High, Sasaki and Iguchi both turn off the light in the room to unwrap the seal of that crush so that they can get a nice dark atomsphere. As soon as an finger emerges from that object which belongs to Talisman and curses start coming in the whole room, both of which are unaware of it.

As soon as Yuji and Megumi reach the school, Yuji feels a pressure and Megumi enters inside the school. Megumi sets out to save both of them, refusing to let Yuji in.

Saski tries to hide inside the fourth floor to protect herself from the monster as monster continue tries to stalk her. Then Sasaki sees that Iguchi is being held by a curse on her head, due to which she gets frightenedand a monster from behind attacks Sasaki. Megumi quickly enters the building and several other monsters tries to attack him but he easily defeats those monsters with the help of his Jujutsu Divine Dogs. After defeating these monster he calls his dogs to eat them.

Yuji wonders why he has been so hesitant while he waits outside the school. He thinks that when his grandfather died, he was not afraid, but he was feeling bad. That’s why he says that what is the difference between this death and the death of my grandfather? His grandfather had said while dying that in every situation, try to help others, even if you can save a person.

Fearless Shikigami


Megumi’s dogs are marching forward to save both the students while killing all the monsters. But the number of Curses is increasing rapidly. As soon as he takes a turn from the corner, Megumi sees that all the curses merge and become one big curse trying to consume both the students.

All the curses are in this desire that he swallows both those students with that finger and becomes strong. Megmi feels that he will no longer be able to save these two, only then Yuji breaks the window of the fourth floor and attacks the monster. He says that my grandfather died peacefully, so this death is not a natural death and will not allow it to happen.

He saves both his friends with his superhuman athleticism and Megumi’s dogs devour that monster. Megumi praises Yuji a lot and says that I thought you were scared but you did a great job. Yuji asks Megumi about the dogs that are his Shikigami. Megumi reponds to him and says that WOW! you can see them, this happens only when someone is either afraid or is about to die.

Yuji admits that he was scared but he also had to save his friends from this tragedy, so he took this step by remembering the words of his grandfather.

Megumi tells Yuji that this monster wanted to eat this cursed finger to increase his strength. Such cursed object is eaten only when one has to increase one’s strength and this finger is called “Sakuna finger“. Just as Yuji Sakuna is about to give the finger to Megumi, another monster comes from above. Megumi pushes Yuji back and asks him to leave.

Just as Megumi is about to summon another Shikigami,Nue, the monster dies by throwing her into the walls. He attacks Megumi so hard that he breaks the wall and falls outside. Megumi is badly injured and her shikigami is dispelled.

Ryomen Sukuna

Yuji sees that the curse is about to kill Megumi so without a second thought he attacks the curse. But no curse can be killed without curse energy. Megumi is aware of this, so he mentions this to Yuji and Yuji starts losing to that monster, only then the Sakuna finger slips from his hand. As soon as the finger enters into monster’s mouth, Yuji quickly gets up and holds that finger in his mouth. Yuji remembers that by eating this finger, any person can be powerful, thinking that he swallows that finger. This is the only way to save everyone, so he consumes that finger without thinking, which brings cursed energy inside him.

Megumi feels that Yuji will die by consuming it, but Ryomen Sakuna’s power comes in her and Yuji easily defeats Curse. Seeing this, Megumi is concerned that this has become a worse scenario as Ryomen Sakuna has come again in this world.

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Sakuna is one of the strongers Jujutsu Character and will again try to destroy the entire humanity. Sakuna becomes happy as soon as he is free and says that now killing people will have a different fun. Then Yuji takes control of his body from back and he starts suppressing Sakuna. Megumi starts summoning his Shikigami so that he can exorcise Yuji Itadori as he has now become a Curse.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Yuji Itadori
  • Satoru Gojo
  • Wasuke Itadori
  • Megumi Fushiguro
  • Setsuko Sasaki
  • Takeshi Iguchi
  • Takagi
  • Sukuna

Our Thoughts

It‘s action-packed right out of the gates with some strong horror direction and excellent animation. I rate this 4.2 out of 5.

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