Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 1 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 1 English Subbed

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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 1 Recap-

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 1 Recap – To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1

The story begins with a boy named Eren who is sleeping under a tree. Suddenly his eyes open and he finds a girl named Mikasa, his adopted sister, near him. She tells him to go home and asked the reason for the crying. However, Eren says that he was caught in a long dream and unable to remember anything about the dream.

The year is 845 in the Shiganshina District where a priest inside the Shiganshina District describes those walls as a gift of God to purity. However, everyone ignores the Priest as Mikasa and Eren carrying the firewood enter the town. Eren whispered Mikasa to not to tell anyone about why he was crying, Mikasa also nodded her head yes.

Mr. Hannes, who is a soldier, asks Eren why was crying after listening to both of them. Somewhere Mikasa didn’t hit you in a Smiley way. Hannes and her friends guard the gate while having drinks in their hands.

Seeing this, Eren yells at the guards and told them not to drink while guarding. However, the guards assure him that for the past 100 years there was no incident in which Titans breached the 50m wall and entered the Shinganshina District. Still, if there are any conditions they will defend the wall without any hassle.

Eren says that’s why my father tells us to be more careful, as his father saves the district from the Plague disease but Hannes tells him that his father has nothing to do with Titans.

Entering into District, Eren express his desire to join the Scout Regiment in the future But Mikasa tells him to leave his insistence on being admitted to the Scout Regiment, starting an argument between them.



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