Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 11 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 11 English Subbed

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You’re watching Attack on titan season 1 episode 11 subbed online which is one of the top-most-ranked anime on the list. Shingeki no Kyojin Anime S1E011 in English Subbed Download HD quality full. You can easily watch full episodes of Attack on Titan Anime. In this article, we about the 11th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 11 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Idol: The Struggle for Trost, Part 7, and in Japanese  (偶像 ―トロスト区攻防戦⑦― Gūzō -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (7)) Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 11 Overview

Attack on titan season 1 episode 11
Pyxis announces the operation
The troops and cadets are hesitant to comply when Commander Pyxis outlines the intention to use a boulder to block access to Wall Rose in the city. In light of the severe situation, Pyxis persuades the soldiers to take a chance. Eren moves for the boulder as the other troops divert the Titans’ attention, under the direction of the elite Garrison unit. But as soon as he changes into his Titan form, he strikes Mikasa.

The Plan

Attack on titan season 1 episode 11
Pyxis explains the operation
The commander summons in his men right away to carry out the plan after Eren promises Pyxis that he would plug the wall. Eren thinks that Armin’s haste may be an attempt to elude other forces that may disturb them. Armin is startled that his half-baked idea has completely convinced him. When the cadets in Wall Maria learn about the plan to repair Wall Rose, they unanimously believe it is a pointless endeavour that would only result in more casualties. When Daz makes a spectacle about wanting to die rather than go back, the other people become worried. Jean hears several members of the garrison unit hatching escape schemes. Pyxis tells a story about a period when mankind couldn’t stop battling from the top of the wall. Some of them believed that peace would come if an invincible weapon could be developed to halt it, but that is not the case right now. As they both walk by his position, Mr. Hannes notices them both and wonders aloud what Eren is doing with the commander. Pyxis summons his rising warriors back to the earth. He outlines the strategy for plugging the hole in Trost there. Eren, who will transport the enormous boulder to seal up the harm, is introduced and described as a titan-human experiment by the speaker. While he works, others will be entrusted with defending him.

Risks and Unknowns

In order to provide Eren the freedom to move while he works on the other end of the wall, Armin describes his strategy for luring the titans to another corner of the wall. They can protect Eren in this manner without having to engage the titans directly, thanks to a small, exceptional team. All of this, however, depends on Eren’s ability to manage his titan form. The troops’ morale is diminishing as Titans also enter Wall Rose. Indeed, when the soldiers learn about this plot, some of them begin to defect. Captain Kitz begins threatening the traitors out of fear that they will lose control, but Pyxis dissuades him by absolving those who are unable to move on and encouraging those who still desire to protect their families from the atrocities they have witnessed. Pyxis emphasizes how important it is to take back the wall since doing so will allow the populace to maintain itself rather than cramming inside the surviving fortifications. The Titans won’t be their downfall if they don’t engage in combat. The human race will perish as a result of their competition for resources. Eren is propelled ahead by his request that everyone commit suicide here rather than confront the other horrors.


Pyxis prepares his top team to aid Eren, but the three of them express concern about his abilities. Pyxis claims he’s sick and tired of losing and will use whatever edge he can get, even if it means taking a risk. Eren accepts Armin’s apology for placing the responsibility on him before he departs, but he is completely confident in his strategy. Mikasa tries to follow him, but he disallows it. Ian from the elite team then urges her to join them because of her abilities. They part ways with Armin and counsel one another not to pass away. Ian promises that his team will do all possible to keep Eren safe as they go south with Eren’s group. Eren is reminded by Rico that although individuals may perish during this operation, none of them are mere pawns; rather, they are real people with goals and dreams. They see that there aren’t many titans at the south entrance, indicating that the decoy strategy is successful. Eren affirms that he will be successful. As Eren approaches the rock and changes, he turns on Mikasa and punches the roof she is sitting on.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 11 Summary

Eren follows Dot Pyxis’ instructions while standing atop the Wall despite being doubtful about his strength. After hearing Eren’s response, Pyxis grinned, calling him a true guy. He then convenes a meeting to formulate a strategy. Eren reassures Armin, explaining that Pyxis is aware of the situation and will make plans in accordance with it, despite the fact that Armin thinks his idea is overly optimistic.
Attack on titan season 1 episode 11
The soldiers are in a disaster
Many soldiers are disheartened when they learn of the plan to reclaim Trost because they think they lack the technology to finish the job swiftly enough. Marco Bodt attempts to calm Daz down before he gets into trouble or starts to attack the others as he begins to panic once more. Unfortunately, a nearby officer overhears him and informs him that he may be put to death. He responds by saying that death would be better than being devoured by a Titan. Then Daz draws his sword, prompting Marco to try to stop him. The others begin to flee as soon as they hear Daz’s rout.
Attack on titan season 1 episode 11
Eren advises Hannes tell to concentrate on his mission.
Eren and Pyxis are still conversing on top of the Wall, oblivious to what is happening with the troops. Pyxis tells Eren about a fable in which people stopped attacking one another and banded together when a common foe materialized. Eren responds that he has never heard of such a legend and believes it to be naïve when Pyxis asks him what he thinks of the legend. Eren responds, and Pyxis chuckles, saying that Eren has a mind precisely like his own. Eren and Pyxis keep walking. They go by Hannes’ crew. Hannes recognizes him and is glad to see that he’s alright, but he wonders why he’s following the Commander. Eren indicates to Hannes to concentrate on his own task, much to his irritation. Pyxis grabs a bottle of beverage out of his vest as they approach the edge. He takes a sip and offers it to Eren. Eren accepts the offer and takes a drink before instantly spitting the liquid out.
Attack on titan season 1 episode 11
Following Pyxis’ speech, the troops leave.
The chaos is still going on below the Wall, and it appears to be getting worse as Pyxis and Eren ascend to the top of the Wall and turn to face the army. Pyxis inhales deeply before speaking to the warriors below to get their attention. By plugging the breach left by the Colossal Titan, he sets out the strategy for the reconquest of Trost. The troops are perplexed as to how they can pull off this remarkable achievement, and Pyxis identifies Eren as the person who will seal it. When his pals learn this, they are astonished, and Pyxis goes on to describe Eren as a participant in a clandestine government project to transform a person into a Titan. Eren can create and have control over a Titan’s body, he says. When Conny informs a cadet that he does not comprehend the Commander’s comments, she just instructs him to stop talking. Conny then questions whether the cadet is simply too ignorant to grasp. Pyxis resumes as Armin gives two of the Garrison’s top troops a more thorough explanation of the strategy. They will entice them to a corner of the Wall on the other side of Trost using the knowledge that Titans respond to concentrations of people. They will thereafter be able to eliminate Titans using the guns stationed atop the Walls while minimizing direct contact. Eren will be guarded by a small squad of elite troops while he moves the boulder to plug the opening. But Armin has some reservations about the strategy. The proposal is encountering pushback and doubt on the ground. Many troops begin to leave, stating that they would like to spend their final days with family. Kitz Woermann tries to implement the death penalty by murdering the mutineers as more people begin to imitate these examples. However, before he begins, Pyxis draws the crowd’s attention once again by saying that everyone who departs will be pardoned. He declares that people are free to go knowing that Titans are terrifying and that fear is natural, but he adds that by doing so, they are also forcing their loved ones to face their own terror. They stop at this, and after more consideration, they resume their places. Then Pyxis discusses what transpired at Wall Maria four years prior. Although the idea of reconquest seemed appealing, it really served another purpose. The fatalities that followed from the expedition were viewed as essential for the survival of humanity since the population could not support itself in the constrained space that it had. All of humanity, including himself, was guilty of this evil. However, even if Wall Rose is only broken by 20% of the population, mankind would not be able to survive. Less than half of the people could survive if just Wall Sina was left for them to inhabit, which is why regaining land this time is so crucial. Eren decides he must do his responsibility after experiencing the full gravity of the request.
Attack on titan season 1 episode 11
The elite team to protect Eren
Ian Dietrich, Rico Brzenska, and Mitabi Jarnach are given the task of protecting Eren as he worked on his portion of the operation by Pyxis before the operation even starts. Rico queries Pyxis on the efficacy of this “human weapon.” Ian tries to correct her, but Rico responds that he is not convinced about the idea either. The three respond that they do not want to lose to the Titans when Pyxis then asks whether they enjoy losing to them. Pyxis claims that he, too, wants to defeat them all and does not want to lose to any of them. Following this conversation, Pyxis gives Ian the go-ahead to conduct this operation. Ian feels unworthy, but Pyxis cheers him on, and he eventually comes to terms with it. In close proximity to them, Armin is apologising to Eren for making Eren accountable for everything. Armin is brilliant in strategy, and Eren assures him that he has always believed in him. Eren claims Mikasa cannot accompany him since she is a member of the decoy squad, despite Mikasa’s desire to be a part of the elite team guarding Eren. Mikasa claims that if she leaves him alone, something awful may happen to him once more. Mikasa wonders when Eren responds angrily that he is neither her son nor her younger brother. Mikasa is relieved when Ian contacts her and tells her to join the squad that will guard Eren. Then he gives them the go-ahead to take up the position. Armin advises Eren not to pass away before departing, and Eren responds in kind. Eren, Mikasa, and a small number of troops take up the position as the operation begins. They take the quickest path and come across no Titans. Rico explains to Eren that because every soldier has a name, a family, and feelings, they are not mere puppets. Eren is informed that it is his duty to ensure that their passing will be meaningful, and she counsels him to never lose sight of this.
Attack on titan season 1 episode 11
Eren attacks Mikasa
The troops in the crowd are informed by Commander Pyxis that if they succeed in their mission, it will be the first time that humanity has defeated the Titans. He bites his hand and changes into his Titan form just as Eren and his friends arrive at the boulder. Mikasa thinks to herself as she watches Eren approach the boulder that he will complete the task, but things go tragically wrong when Eren takes one look at it and assaults Mikasa.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 11

In this episode, the story build-up going very well. Also, The commander wants to take a chance on the daring proposal since the stakes are so high. The sensations come at you from all sides, and it’s incredible. We give 4.2 ratings out of 5 to this episode. Hope you like this episode’s detailed recap. Resource of this episode from Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Fandom

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