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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 14 English Dubbed

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In this article, we about the 14th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 14 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Can’t Look into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1, and in Japanese  (まだ目を見れない ―反撃前夜①― Mada Me o Mirenai -Hangeki Zen’ya (1))  Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 14 Overview

Attack on titan season 1 episode 14
Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 14

Eren is taken before a military court that will decide whether or not he will continue to serve mankind. The Scout Regiment wants to look into Eren’s Titan nature and exploit his abilities in an upcoming scouting trip, while the Military Police Regiment wants to properly study Eren’s Titan nature before executing him to satisfy the people. Eren will be given to the Scouts after a heated discussion on both sides.


A soldier is said to have transformed into a Titan, which raises anxiety among the populace nationwide. Some residents of Wall Sina are concerned that Wall Rose and Maria residents may invade their region and seize their resources. On the other side, the oppressed see the Titan as their rescuer and a chance to reclaim Maria the wall.

The Scout Regiment will have to be faced with opposition as the Military Police work to seize Eren.

Commander Pyxis and Commander Erwin discuss the matter during their meeting. Both are troubled by the Military Police’s interest in Eren Jaeger and discover that Premier Dhalis Zachary, who is in charge of all three regiments, must make the choice. The choice will depend on whether or not Eren’s presence is advantageous or disadvantageous to them. Eren may be put to death there if they choose the later option. Pyxis does not want this to occur.

However, he must support the police’s decision because so many people in his camp are afraid of Eren. Erwin informs him that while they have a strategy, nothing is definite, and everything depends on how the discussion turns out. Erwin frequently has to make decisions based on gut instinct because he is a scout exploring uncharted area.

The two guards of Eren are on edge and consider him to be a monster. Although his restrictions appear excessive to him, he is aware of their justification. At least they haven’t yet murdered him. He worries about his pals since they have never shown him the same level of apprehension as the others.

At Court

He receives a visit from Hange Zoe and Miche Zacharius from the scouts who take him to his hearing. She doesn’t know where he’s going but shows confidence in their ability to survive.

Eren enters a courtroom filled with both soldiers and witnesses. He discovers his pals sitting down with the other commanders after being placed on a stand with handcuffs on his hands.

Zachary investigates Eren’s situation and queries him. Eren’s fate isn’t dependent on any established law because of the unusual circumstances; rather, it is in the control of this guy. Now that the public is aware of Eren’s condition, they must determine how they feel about him quickly to avoid a backlash. Over his custody, a dispute breaks out between the Scout’s Regiment and the Military Police.

A police chief and a church priest suggest killing Eren and burying him as a dead soldier. Erwin offers allowing Eren to utilise his abilities to capture Wall Maria to the scouts. The priest argues that the walls are sacrosanct and shouldn’t be tampered with, but the merchant insists that they should strengthen the gates.

Eren assures Zachary that he is capable of controlling his titanic abilities, although he reportedly threatened Mikasa’s life after changing at Trost. Everyone gasps as Mikasa grudgingly admits this and adds that Eren has already saved her twice in the past.

The Decision

As Eren’s adopted sister, Mikasa is said to be biassed, according to the police. Additionally, he says that the two are unfit to decide the fate of humanity because they already slaughtered their keepers. As a result, Mikasa is suspected of being a titan by others as well. Eren is adamant that they are mistaken and succumbing to their own desires. He accuses everyone of being cowards and says that if anyone truly wants to fight, they should use him as a weapon.

The cops are alarmed by his rants, but Levi enters and beats Eren in full view of everyone. Levi shows that he can take care of Eren without becoming a titan. If Eren changes, is anyone else in the room capable of killing him?

Erwin suggests that Levi keep an eye on Eren to see whether he is good for humanity. Zachary is reassured by Levi that, if necessary, he can murder Eren.

Later, Erwin shakes Eren’s hand and offers an apology for what happened. Eren’s tooth has already begun to regenerate, according to Hange, who examines his mouth.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 14 Summary

News of a Titan side with humanity is becoming more widely known while Eren is still in prison. However, some inside Wall Sina do not want to accept such rumours because they feel that an attempt to regain the Walls would fail and that they will have to deal with migrants and food shortages. Even further, some of them believe that the Titan would support the refugees. On the other hand, the people of Wall Rose view Eren as their saviour and think that they could even be able to reclaim Wall Maria with his help.

The military court
The Military Court

Nile Dawk, the leader of the Military Police at the site of the next trial, declares that they will kill Eren because they cannot let the “deviants” from the Scout Regiment possess him. When Dhalis Zachary, the commander of the three military branches, arrives at the trial site, he and the other troops greet him.

Erwin Smith and Dot Pyxis discuss the situation from the top of the Wall. Erwin inquires as to whether it is appropriate for a member of the Scout Regiment to be conversing with the Commander of the Garrison, but Pyxis replies that he merely met him while out for a morning stroll. Erwin responds that he got a notification concerning the trial that would determine Eren’s destiny when Pyxis asks whether he is aware that the Military Police now want Eren as well.

Then Pyxis explains that Zachary will make the ultimate decision, saying that he evaluates decisions depending on whether they are helpful or harmful to mankind. Then Erwin claims that although he does not believe they can win the case, he is prepared to offer a proposal that would be based on the results of the investigation.

Mikasa and Armin find out of Eren’s trial elsewhere. Mikasa is shocked when Armin infers correctly that it will determine whether Eren lives or dies. They are then both called to give evidence during the trial.

Hange and Mike escort Eren
Miche and Hange assist Eren

Eren approaches the guards inside his cell and requests permission to use the bathroom and some water. However, they reject him, ordering him to grow up and even labelling him a “monster” in one instance. Though he accepts the nickname, Eren questions whether they are so terrified of him that they have to keep him tied up in a dungeon beneath the earth. Then, he recalls that Mikasa and Armin were not afraid of him and wonders if they are still alive, along with the rest of his 104th Cadet Corps friends.

Eren is informed by Zachary that he will preside over the trial that will determine his destiny. He continues by saying that it has become hard to keep Eren’s presence a secret, therefore they must issue a public declaration in order to prevent internal tensions. The Military Police’s suggestion, which is Eren’s swift execution, is then made by Nile Dawk. Pastor Nick, who is standing next to Nile, says there is no need for that since Eren need to be put to death immediately as Nile commands Eren to provide whatever information he may have. Eren admits that while “wall cultists” might have gone unnoticed in the past, they have attracted attention lately.

Levi talks to the merchants
Levi talks with the Merchants

Erwin then declares that they need Eren to be a recognised Scout Regiment member so they may use his might to retake Wall Maria. Erwin states that his strategy is to take an eastern way to go to Shiganshina District because the entrance to Trost has been totally shut. One of the merchants then requests that all of the gates be sealed so that the Colossal Titan cannot breach the fortified areas. Levi claims that the merchants only speak in terms of money, which they deny, and demands confirmation that Titans would wait while they close the gates. More outraged by their want to touch “the gift from God,” Nick speaks up again.

Rico Brzenska adds that these individuals have a lot of influence and support, and Armin claims that it is because of him and others like him why it took so long to put weapons on the Walls.

Mikasa is not amused
Mikasa scolds Rico

Nick and the merchant are still arguing when Zachary calms them down and asks Eren if he still wants to be a soldier of mankind. Eren replies that he does. Zachary points out that, nonetheless, the Trost defence report indicates that Eren sought to harm Mikasa after transforming into a Titan. Rico just states that she won’t lie in her reports as Armin notes that Eren doesn’t appear to recall losing control and Mikasa glances at her with rage.

Then Mikasa is asked to affirm this, which she did after a little pause that surprised Eren. But she goes on to say that Eren had twice saved her while he was a Titan. Then Nile refutes these assertions, saying they are motivated by sentiment, and says Mikasa and Eren murdered three thieves when they were little. Nile then inquires as to whether it is acceptable to commit the fate of mankind to such individuals, causing a ruckus in the courtroom.

Eren tries to defend Mikasa and claims they are fabricating evidence to fit their narratives while the others in the room get increasingly fearful to the point where they begin to doubt whether she is human. Eren continues, even though he is unsure of whether it is appropriate to share his thoughts at this time, by saying that they have yet to even witness a Titan with their own eyes. After that, he informs them that if they are cowards and do not want to fight, at least they should let him do it.

Levi beats up Eren
Levi assaults Eren

At that point, Eren is being viciously kicked by Levi while Nile commands the soldier standing next to him to fire his rifle at him. To Mikasa’s chagrin, Levi then proceeds to beat him, even knocking out a tooth. Levi continues, “Pain is the finest teacher.” In an effort to prevent Eren from becoming a Titan, Nile tries to stop him.

However, Levi responds that he is the only person who can stop Eren and queries if they would be able to put an end to him. Then Erwin raises his hand and suggests that they take Eren along on a future mission, the outcome of which would determine if Eren is an ally or an enemy of mankind. As the trial comes to an end, Zachary accepts this.

Later, Eren is seen with Hange caring to his wounds and asking him if it hurts. Erwin apologises, explaining that his suffering was vital for their strategy since it influenced Zachary’s choice. He expresses his eagerness to collaborate with Eren. Eren replies that he knows why it was required when Levi asks him if he dislikes him and sits down next to him. Levi, according to Hange, went a bit too far, as a result of which Eren lost his tooth. Then, when they assert that the tooth has regenerated, Hange is puzzled.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 14

In this episode, the story build-up going very well. The many factions in this world add more depth to the show that not a lot of anime can achieve. We give 4.5 ratings out of 5 to this episode. Hope you like this episode’s detailed recap.

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