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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 17 English Subbed

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In this article, we about the 17th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 17 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Female Titan: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 1, and in Japanese (女型の巨人 ―第57回壁外調査①― Megata no Kyojin -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (1))  Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 17 Overview

A Scout engages a Titan
Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 17

Up until Armin runs into a Female Titan, Erwin’s long-range enemy scouting force moves near Shiganshina as planned. To buy the commander some time, Reiner and Jean join forces and attack the Titan.

Reiner almost escapes with his life while being held by the Female. The Female Titan then turns and moves toward Eren’s spot in the formation.

Outside the Gates

The Scout Regiment exits Wall Rose through the eastern gates, allowing backup squads to eliminate any titans who stand in their way. Somewhere in the Erwin-designed long-range reconnaissance configuration, Eren and his group are positioned. Oruo advises that they should fight as little as possible when on outdoor outings in response to the student’s concern that his classmates would not be able to defeat the titans.

Erwin gives the go-ahead for everyone to disperse and adhere to the predetermined formations as they exit the city. The location is intended to increase the line of sight while maintaining the best possible visibility of the nearby squads.

Armin deliberately surveys the area. The sky is filled with red smoke signals that indicate the arrival of titans. Erwin then alters the regiment’s course by firing a green signal in the targeted direction in order to elude the attackers. However, there is a chance of running across titans while navigating the terrain, which is exactly what Sasha did. A titan from the Abnormal race tries to pursue her but is deterred by her group.

The signals eventually get silent, and Armin notices an oddity. He is aware that titans with unexpected patterns cannot be used in this technique; only standard titans may. Soon enough, a black signal appears, alerting the scouts to an abnormal situation.

A New Enemy

ODM gear has an advantage when running in an open field, but Armin’s teammates are able to overcome the unusual. They suddenly see another odd but larger object rushing in their direction. It fights cleverly and advances too quickly, killing one of Armin’s team members. This kind, according to Armin, is comparable to Eren and has an internal human controller. He is overtaken by the female titan. Armin is successfully dismounted, and it removes his hood to see his face, but it eventually ignores him and continues on.

The female titan brought a horde with her, so the right-wing scouts were entirely destroyed in the meanwhile.

Armin receives a horse from Reiner when he comes up to him. As Jean flashes the flare behind them, the two overtake the female giant. Armin can see by her movement that this titan is exactly like Eren and isn’t like the other mindless killers who are solely interested in killing people for their own food.

She could be one of the titans that coordinate attacks on humans with other titans, much like the Colossal and Armored titans do. Who might it be, he thinks. The three are aware that they have received conflicting information about Eren’s whereabouts. Armin surmises that Eren may be at the centre rear, which is the safest position in the formation.

The Female Titan

Jean advises that they divert the female titan’s attention away from protecting the others. Reiner queries what became of the formerly self-serving Jean. Jean responds vehemently that they ought to carry out their duties.

She appears to be wary about murdering anybody who could be Eren, so Armin instructs them to cover their faces.

The female giant keeps moving, albeit a little more slowly now. They need to take action now. She is aware of her vulnerability at the neck, therefore they ought to employ a new tactic, such as chopping off its hamstrings. Jean tries to dismount Armin, but she manages to avoid him once more.

When Jean assaults, she strikes back in self-defense. To divert her, Armin screams, confounding her with a message about avenging their friend who died. Reiner approaches her from behind, but she grinned and grabbed him before he could be crushed in her hands. Thankfully, Reiner succeeds in slipping free of her hold, allowing the three to flee. She then resumes running, this time heading towards Eren’s likely location in the centre of the back.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 17 Summary

The expedition is launched when soldiers from the Scout Regiment infiltrate the territory beyond the Walls. Soon after, Hange Zo becomes interested in a Titan that Miche Zacharius has seen with his great sense of smell, but the backup squad hastily rushes to deal with the Titan to keep it away from the main team despite Hange Zo’s curiosity. Sasha watches in horror as they fight the Titan, but her squad commander orders her to concentrate and let the backup team handle the matter.

Oluo and Eren discuss the new recruits
Eren and Oruo talk about the new recruits.

Eren thinks back to Gunther’s warning that the support squad would only be able to help them until they reached an ancient town, at which point they would have to rely on Erwin’s Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation. Then, when Eren asks Oruo whether he believes the new recruits would be able to battle Titans, Oruo responds that the entire purpose of the mission is to stay as far away from the Titans as possible. He continues his statement after biting his tongue once again. Erwin gives the command for everyone to line up as they leave the old town, and Armin, Jean, and Reiner separate.

As everyone disperses, Armin keeps on by himself. Armin hears the initial red flare signal from the formation’s far right, and as he struggles to control his terrified reactions, he sends the signal to the inner formation by firing a red flare, alerting everyone of the existence of a Titan. Erwin is able to direct the formation to its target with the least amount of interaction with the Titans as a result of this.

Attack on titan season 1 episode 17
A Titan comes into contact with Sasha.

Erwin clarified that the flare signal approach could not always be effective since the terrain or other obstructions could cause a Titan to go undetected and appear within the formation. Sasha comes into a Titan in the formation while moving through a tiny community.

The Titan sprints after her as she fumbles uncomfortably to load a bullet into her flare pistol. Her team leader and a squad member manage to catch up to her as she struggles to escape the Titan. After distracting the Titan, the team leader guides the Titan to a nearby tree, where the Titan ultimately crashes into the tree.

The Female Titan appears 1
The Female Titan appears

Armin wonders why there hasn’t been a red flare in a while as he continues on. A black flare is suddenly blasted into the sky, alerting him to the appearance of an unusual Titan. The anomalous Titan moves towards the right flank of the formation as Armin fires a black flare. Ness and Cis, who are close, use a quick move to effectively slay the Titan so that it cannot get to Armin.

While Armin is praising them, a second Titan can be seen approaching from behind them. Ness reflects on their unfortunate luck in coming across two abnormal Titans in a succession before determining that it is a 14-meter abnormal class Titan.

Armin encounters the Female Titan
Armin encounter Female titan

Armin gets knocked from his horse and lands face down on the ground as the Titan leaps over him and stomps directly in front of him. The Titan looms above him before he can get up, stopping him in his tracks in terror. Armin is shocked as the Female Titan reaches out and takes down the hood of his cloak to see his face. He stares at the Female Titan in fear for a few seconds before it pulls back, gets up, and flees.

As the Female Titan brings an army of Titans with it, it becomes apparent that the majority of the Scouts on the formation’s far right are dead.
Armin is humiliated and wonders why the Titan did not kill him and why it needed to see his face. Reiner discovers him and offers him a new mount while enquiring about the Female Titan. Reiner notices that Jean has gotten up to them and has shot the signal before Armin can launch a black signal flare.

The majority of the troops in the right wing of the formation were wiped out by an army of Titans that suddenly emerged, Jean tells Armin and Reiner as she pulls up next to them. Armin wonders if the Female Titan somehow guided the Titans after realising they both arrived from the same way.

Then Armin tells Reiner and Jean about his hypothesis of the Female Titan being a human. He makes the distinction between the Female Titan, who murdered Cis and Ness on purpose when they fought it, and the majority of Titans, who are just interested in eating people. He deduces that the Female Titan may be searching for someone, most likely Eren, given that it did not kill Armin. Eren was intended to be on the right wing of the formation, but Jean points out that his copy of the map showed Eren in a different location, indicating that the troops received conflicting information regarding Eren’s whereabouts.

Reiner and Armin hide their faces

Jean then says that since flares are insufficient to alert others to the danger, they should seize the opportunity to delay the Female Titan so that the remainder of the formation has enough time to withdraw. Reiner is taken aback to realise that Jean cares about someone but himself, but Jean insists that they must complete the task since they don’t want to perish as burning bones. As a result, Armin suggests that they put on their hoods because the Female Titan won’t kill them before knowing who they are. Armin is perplexed by Jean’s “praise” but agrees with her that it is unsettling that Armin always hangs out with Eren.

Armin27s distraction

When Jean catches up with the Female Titan, she says that severing its tendon on the foot would be sufficient to stop it and expresses her hope that others will refrain from doing excessive actions, such as attempting to kill it. Armin is aware that the Female Titan differs drastically from the majority of other Titans and that killing it will be nearly hard for the three of them, but he believes Mikasa or Levi could have a chance. Using his omnidirectional mobility equipment, Jean charges forward, but the Female Titan sees him coming and avoids his attempt to hook to its left foot. Armin is sent flying after being knocked from his horse just barely missing Jean.

Armin is loomed over by the Female Titan as Jean makes another attempt to assault in an effort to save him. Jean notices that the Female Titan is noticeably more athletic than the other Titans and that they vastly overestimated its intellect as it covers its neck with a hand. The Female Titan is poised to grasp Jean’s ODM wire and murder him while Reiner watches as Jean spins out of control. The Female Titan stops moving just in time for Jean to flee as Armin cries for her to “avenge that suicidal madman.”

Reiner escapes from the Female Titan

Jean, who is both shocked and perplexed, reaches safety and wonders if Armin’s prior fall caused a head injury. The Female Titan stays still while Armin screams that “she” murdered “him,” probably referring to Eren.

Then Jean sees Reiner running for the Female Titan as his hood is in the process of coming off. Reiner blasts off his ODM gear as Armin yells that the Titan destroyed his dearest buddy. With Armin’s attention, Jean believes she has the ideal opportunity to kill the Titan since Reiner is headed straight for its neck. Reiner flies up close to the Titan’s face, but it snatches him up in midair. Reiner tries to break free of the Female Titan’s strong hold as it slips its thumb over his head and squeezes.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 17

Till this episode, the storyline is getting better. This episode may be difficult to catch up with, but it places us in the same circumstances as our protagonists. We give 4 out of 5 ratings to this episode.

We hope you like our post.

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