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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 19 English Dubbed
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In this article, we about the 19th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 19 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Bite: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 3, and in Japanese (噛み付く ―第57回壁外調査③― Kamitsuku -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (3))  Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 19 Overview

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 19
Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 19

Eren reflects on the times when Hange experimented with his Titan talents and his squad’s confidence in him was put to the test as Squad Levi escapes the Female Titan in the forest. He consents to accept Captain Levi’s orders to move forward without facing the Titan since he has trust in his allies.

The Female Titan rushes straight into Commander Erwin’s trap and is restrained with weaponized shackles, putting an end to the pursuit. Levi teams up with the commander to find out who the Female Titan is as the squad heals.


Levi fires an acoustic shell to let everyone know where they are. The captain cautions his team not to follow their emotions alone. The goal is to take every precaution to protect Eren, even if doing so results in their demise. Gunther and Eld order Eren to go at full speed despite the fact that he can see the reinforcements dying while fighting the female titan behind them. They are the ones best equipped to combat her, according to Eren.

Petra advises him to carry out the captain’s instructions since he can’t bear the thought of letting everyone perish without doing anything. Eren realises he can use his talents to fight on his own, but Petra stops him.

If he wants to, Levi says he can accomplish it. Eren is the kind of person who, no matter where you place him, can’t be contained, he realises. He is reminded of his inexperience by Levi. Should he put more faith in the Scout Regiment as a whole or in himself? Levi challenges him to give it his all without looking back because even he is unsure of how things will turn out.

Eren turns to face them, but Petra warns him not to. Levi had explained to him during their conversation back at camp how he might halt his giant form without dying by gently chopping off his limbs and allowing them to rebuild. Eren is unsure about his ability to rejuvenate, but Levi warns him that working with him involves risking their lives.

An Experiment

To test his abilities, they try to place him inside a dry well, but they discover that even after biting his hands, he is unable to turn. If he can’t figure it out, Levi warns, their plans will be useless. When they emerge from the well, Oruo remarks that he is more human than they had imagined, and Gunther responds that it is preferable than being injured unnecessarily. Eren reaches out with his injured hand for a dropped spoon, but all of a sudden, his right arm changes.

As everyone prepares to assault him, Levi orders his unit to disperse. Hange shows up beaming at his unexpected metamorphosis. Levi instructs Eld and Oruo to stop while they seek an explanation for Eren’s abrupt reaction.

Hange salivates at the prospect of touching Eren’s giant flesh as Eren shouts at them to be silent. Without skin, it turns out to be scorching hot. After finally getting himself together, Eren discovers the group doesn’t completely trust him.

Eren yells at them to remain silent as Hange salivates at the thought of feeling the huge flesh of Eren. It turns out to be really hot without skin. Eren learns the gang doesn’t quite trust him once he finally pulls himself together.

The Trap

Eren assures Levi that he’ll stay with them after remembering Petra’s self-inflicted bite wound. When a second scout seeking reinforcements is killed, the female titan sprints to catch up. The team still has faith in the leader despite the fact that guys are dying behind them and the situation is so unpredictable. Eren believes he ought to do the same.

They abruptly pass by other spies who are crouching on the ground and in the woods. The female titan is attacked by a barrage of cables and explosives as she struggles to guard her weak point after Erwin issues the command.

Eld is given the initiative when Levi departs. The female titan was intended to be captured alive, Eren understands. Erwin and Levi are keen to find out who is inside now that they have her captive.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 19 Summary

The team, which is still being pursued by the Female Titan, begs Levi for guidance and offers to battle the Titan. To their amazement, Levi instructs them to cover their ears while he shoots an acoustic signal to remind them of their duty—which is to ensure that Eren is not hurt, even if it means risking their lives. Eren is taken aback by this as he thought they were only keeping an eye on him. Then Levi tells them to keep riding their horses.

Eren wants to help the soldiers
Eren wants to help the soldiers

Eren criticises this choice and his objections become louder as he observes the coming of additional troops, knowing that they would perish if they do not assist them. Eld and Gunther, though, just instruct him to keep sprinting quickly. One of the troops behind them is slain just as Eren asserts that only the Levi Squad might be able to destroy the Female Titan.

Eren is persistent in trying to assist the last soldier since he does not want to forsake him, but Petra urges him to follow Levi’s instructions. Eren requests more explanation, but Oruo says there is no need for it and claims Eren is only confused since he is new.

Eren comes to the realisation that he can fight on his own and does not need to rely on the group at that point. Petra tells him that he made a commitment not to do it unless his life was in jeopardy as he is ready to bite his hand. Levi tells Eren to follow his conscience and that nothing can stop him, saying that he is not doing anything illegal and that he should do it if he so chooses.

Eren is then given a decision by Levi: either trust the team and continue on, or have faith in yourself and turn around. However, Levi argues that since no one can predict the consequences of their decisions, Eren should make the one that he would regret the least. Eren is reminded of his time with the Levi Squad as Petra encourages him to put confidence in them once more.

Eren cannot transform
Eren can’t transform into Titan form

Levi then informs Eren that he managed to halt Eren in his Titan form without really killing him. By severing Eren from the Titan’s body, they would only hurt him. When Eren complains about any damaged body parts growing back, Levi responds that he and the team also bear a risk because Eren may murder them as a result.

The decision to conduct experiments is subsequently given to a delighted Hange. Hange tells Eren that if he loses control, the dried-up well might be able to keep him down. After giving him the go-ahead, however, nothing transpires, and Hange and Levi learn that Eren was unable to shift despite repeatedly biting himself.

Eren after unintentional transformation
Eren after unintentionally transforming in Titan form

Eren is then startled to see the squad yelling and screaming at him. Only Levi calms them down. They keep asking Eren questions because they aren’t paying attention, and even when he yells at them to be quiet, they remain standing.

When Hange returns, he is overjoyed to be able to touch Eren’s arm after it has changed. The Titan corpse suddenly vanishes as Eren takes his arm out of his Titan body. Hange is distraught at misplacing their samples when they discover the Titan is clutching the teaspoon in his palm.

Later, Eren discusses the remainder of the group with Levi after being shocked by their animosity toward him. Levi claims that the reason he picked them for the squad is precisely because they don’t have faith in Eren. Additionally, he reveals that they were able to survive because of their tendency to anticipate the worst.

However, this does not imply that they felt no emotion when they turned their blades on Eren. The two are then summoned by Hange, who demonstrates the teaspoon that Eren’s Titan hand was holding and draws the conclusion that, like with each previous transformation, Eren must have a specific purpose in mind before undergoing the transformation.

When the rest of the team hears this, they understand that Eren mistakenly changed, and they each receive the earlier-decided self-inflicted punishment: Eren and Hange are shocked as they bite their own hands. They apologise, and Petra urges Eren to depend on them so that they may depend on him.

Levi shouts at Eren from the trees, telling him that his decision-making is taking too long. Eren chooses to continue moving forward with the squad despite his internal turmoil and apologises as he hears the dying soldier’s screams. They get to where the other troops are when the Female Titan starts to accelerate and is just about to catch up.The Titan is successfully captured when Erwin signals for hundreds of grappling hooks to be fired at it.

A trapped Female Titan
Female titan trap in Eren trap

Levi departs and Eld takes over as the squad’s leader while they continue to ride horses. They then boast about the Scout Regiment’s might to Eren, who joyfully concurs while being shocked to learn that they intended to capture the Female Titan alive. Erwin acknowledges that they lured the Titan into the trap when Levi approaches him, but Levi says it is because of the troops who gave their lives. The two of them then observe the Female Titan in anticipation of learning its identity.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 19

Who could have predicted this three episodes ago, when you look back? Not me. This programme is a nonstop adrenaline ride. We give 4.2 out of 5 ratings to this episode.

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