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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 20 English Subbed

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In this article, we about the 20th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 20 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Erwin Smith: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 4, and in Japanese  (エルヴィン・スミス ―第57回壁外調査④― Eruvin Sumisu -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (4))  Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 20 Overview

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Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 20

Commander Erwin tries to wrest the Female Titan’s human form, but the Scouts fear about Titan spies among them. The Female Titan, however, attracts surrounding Titans with her cry, and they eat its corpse.

The human pilot may have escaped in the steam, Erwin fears. A hooded stranger approaches Squad Levi in the air and kills Gunther as the Scouts are told to escape.

Reason for Secrecy

Eren is instructed by Oruo to quit thinking too much since they need to move on. Despite the fact that the human’s hand is covering her nape, Erwin intervenes to halt Levi and order another round of gunfire from his team.

Although their authorities anticipate a departure order soon, Christa and the other humans are concerned that the titans are beginning to ascend the trees. Reiner wonders how they got cannons here because none of them understand the significance of the explosions at the centre.

The giant is attempting to ascend after Jean and Armin, so they walk aside to avoid him. After some time, Jean realizes that they went to the forest in order to entice the female titan there and capture her. More particularly, the person inside of her that is in charge.

Even the veterans are unaware of it, so Eren wonders why this has been withheld from them. He is chastised by Oruo and Petra for saying that the leadership doesn’t believe in them, but Eld believes he has a point. The reason for the secrecy can indicate that a spy has infiltrated their ranks.

On the other side of the forest, Armin also comes to the same conclusion.

Since they were already members prior to the attack five years ago, Eld thinks that only the top members of their ranks were informed of the situation. In such scenario, it was unavoidable. Erwin approached Eren that one time because he believes that they are the same people that killed the test subject titans.

Oruo pretends to have the information, but Petra is aware of his deception and is attempting to mimic Levi once again.


Eren realises that although they may use the titan to learn more about their adversary, many of their soldiers have already perished. Eld queries him as to whether he believes the commander made the incorrect decision.

Despite the significant number of losses, Armin recognises that this gamble was vital. The commander made the decision to take a hundred lives in order to rescue more. No matter how difficult they may appear, Armin argues that making sacrifices is necessary if individuals are to effect change.

Eld informs Eren that Commander Erwin was selected by the Scout Regiment as humanity’s saviour. Even Captain Levi has entire faith in him. The female titan is ultimately broken by Levi and Miche, but not before it hardens the hands protecting its neck. Erwin orders them to respond by launching a volley at its wrists. Levi asks the giant whether he should first amputate her limbs before telling him how much he enjoys having her confined.

She screams at this, and titans from all around rush towards the centre. Sasha cautions Mikasa that what she is hearing sounds like an animal battling for its life in a corner while the others and Mikasa rush to aid. They must exercise caution.


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Plan for capturing Female Titan

While a backup crew battles the approaching wave of titans, Erwin orders his artillery to prepare. The titans encircle the female titan and eat her despite the scouts’ best efforts to stop them.

Erwin orders a retreat after feeling defeated. He hadn’t anticipated that the adversary would be prepared to put its secrets at danger by being devoured. Erwin instructs Levi to refill his petrol and blades before departing. They alert everyone with a blue signal.

Excited to see the face of their hostage, Levi’s team and the others get ready to go. Oruo argues Eren was acting like a brat and should know his place, while Petra praises him for having faith in them and making the correct decision.

Green flares suddenly appear from an unidentified location, prompting Gunther and the others to pursue. As a result, the adversary begins to assault Gunther and his team with their ODM gear, putting them in peril. The adversary is among them, as Erwin suspected.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 20 Summary

Eren wonders if the Female Titan is a regular creature or if it resembles the Colossal Titan once it has been captured. He is told to concentrate on moving deeper and standing by by Oruo and Petra, who disrupt his train of thought. Levi is getting ready to attack the Female Titan in the meantime, but Erwin isn’t content with merely confining her and commands the men to shoot the remaining cables.

Jean states his hypothesis
Jean gives his Assumptions

The troops continue guarding the forest’s perimeter to prevent any Titans from entering. One of the Titans is trying to climb, and Christa sees it, but Nanaba doesn’t appear at that concerned. She also predicts that Commander Erwin will issue a retreat order soon. Bertholdt is asked by Ymir about Christa’s location, but Bertholdt is unable to answer, leaving Sasha and Mikasa to speculate that the noise they are hearing may be cannons firing within the forest.

As a Titan begins to encroach farther on their position, Jean and Armin are forced to change positions. They observe that it is unsettling how they are able to learn. Jean then expresses his theory as to what is occurring inside the forest: He believes that the Female Titan was enticed there in order to be captured.

Eren also comes to the same conclusion while in the jungle, although he questions why not even the most elite soldiers were aware of the plot. Eren’s suggestion that Erwin does not trust Petra and Oruo infuriates them. Eld, on the other hand, concurs with Eren and surmises that it’s because Erwin was aware of a spy among the soldiers. Then, he makes the assumption that the only troops who were aware of the plot were those who had lived five years prior.

They recall the query Erwin posed to everyone at the time and now understand its significance, wondering whether that spy was the one to murder Sawney and Beane. Eren muses on Erwin’s choice, aware that too many troops perished as a result of it. He is asked by Eld if he believes Erwin was mistaken. During the same conversation, Armin explains to Jean that Erwin merely made a decision over whether to sacrifice hundreds of men or everyone inside the Walls. He claims that only individuals who are willing to make sacrifices can bring about change.

Erwin27s order
Erwin orders for more restraints fired

Hange continues to use the Female Titan’s capacity for regeneration to immobilise it, since the more it regenerates, the stiffer it grows. Levi and Miche try to penetrate the Titan’s thick skin despite the Titan’s limited range of motion. Erwin observes that it is a skill akin to the Armored Titan. He then instructs the men to prepare for the use of explosives to blow up the target’s wrists.

Levi lands on top of the Female Titan at the same moment and quips sarcastically that whomever is inside should simply come out since there is no time to spend. Then he starts threatening the Titan, saying that there is no way out and requesting permission to amputate the captive’s hands and legs. To everyone’s amazement, the Female Titan, hearing this, lets out a loud shriek that can be heard all the way to the edges of the forest.

Titans reach the Female Titan
Titans attack on Female Titan

When Miche tells Erwin that he can smell Titans approaching from every direction and the troops on the edges discover that the Titans are ignoring them as they escape into the forest, they are still perplexed and wonder whether it was the Titan’s death cry.

Sasha, on the other hand, informs Mikasa that she is familiar with the sound and that it is the scream of a trapped animal with nothing to lose. Sasha advises Mikasa to exercise additional caution, and Mikasa, knowing that Sasha typically has good intuition, ponders Eren’s location.

Erwin commands the men to prepare the explosives within the forest, but they are running out of time as the first set of Titans approaches the Female Titan. Erwin issues the command to fight them after realising that they have come to consume the Female Titan. Erwin, though, gives the retreat signal after observing the Titans’ advantage.

Erwin then gives the command for everyone to re-enter the formation after realising he had overestimated the adversary. Levi is instructed by him to first refuel his petrol and blades.

The troops are relieved to finally be free to go home as they observe the retreat signal from the edge of the woodland. Gunther Schultz also notices it and informs the team that they are returning. Petra tells Eren that it is all because of him since he chose to have trust in them back then.

Eren wonders whether they can finally glimpse the person within the Female Titan. Oruo then complains that Eren was complaining the entire time, but Eld shocks Eren by telling him that Petra and Oruo peed on themselves on their first excursion, much to their displeasure.

Gunther27s death
Death of Gunther

The team then sees a signal flare and assumes Levi fired it. But when the unknown person sees their own signal flare, they prepare their blades and go in that direction. Erwin’s choice to have Levi replenish was questioned by Hange, who said there was no time for it. Erwin reveals that although they watched the Female Titan being consumed, they did not see the individual within.

Erwin deduces from Hange’s earlier assertion that it’s possible that the perpetrator was able to flee wearing Scout Regiment garb. The individual approaches Eren and others at the same time. Gunther is assaulted as soon as he realises it is not Levi, and Eren sees Gunther’s body being hung on a tree.

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