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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 21 English Subbed

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In this article, we about the 21st episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 21 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5, and in Japanese  (鉄槌 ―第57回壁外調査⑤― Tettsui -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (5))   Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 21 Overview

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 21
Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 21

As Squad Levi assaults a freshly turned Female Titan, Eren flees with confidence in the skills of his allies. Before they are all eliminated one by one, though, the Scouts are taken aback by its powers. Eren turns into his Titan form in a fit of wrath and confronts the creature on his own.

Eren attacks the Female Titan nonstop, but Mikasa eventually saves him from loss. Mikasa follows the Female Titan as it flees after biting Eren from his Titan’s neck. After that, Levi shows up and joins Mikasa in pursuing the Titan from a distance.


They were mistaken in believing that Eren’s command of titan abilities was the norm for the anomalous titans, Commander Erwin recognises now. After changing out of their titan forms, the Female and Colossal titans were better able to manage and move themselves, allowing them to flee with their ODM gear. They are now required to think quickly.

Jean and Armin are pondering the operation’s consequences as they flee. Now, Armin believes the adversary is working on a new strategy. They chased Eren outside and didn’t attack the inner walls after breaking through Trost’s gate, indicating that their priorities have shifted. Armin concludes that the adversary was present since Eren’s transformation was the most significant occurrence.

While the enemy pursues them into the woods, Eren is exhorted to move on by Levi’s team. Soon later, Erwin’s prophecy that the antagonist may also cause the female titan to resurface was confirmed. She changes once again as she pursues the group into the forest. Eren intends to transform and confront her on his own, but Eld discourages him by promising that they will be the ones to handle matters.

Eren is passionate about joining Eld and the others in battle, but the others beg him to have faith in them and won’t risk risking his useful skills. The three are around the Female giant as Eren lays down his blades and advances.


Erwin, meantime, knows they’ll have to be brave and battle with greater dangers and probable casualties after finding that they know virtually nothing.

The synchronised strikes of Levi’s team cause the opponent to go blind, and the titan flees to the trees while guarding her nape. They are able to cut off her arms and prepare for a new assault. Eren observes their amazing synchronisation but recalls Levi’s warning about the unpredictable nature of the giants’ conflict.

Eld advances but is stopped by a bite as the Female titan’s eye grows back. The giant then pursues Petra and knocks her to the ground. Oruo strikes the titan’s neck in retaliation, but the giant is able to block it with hardening, killing him. Eren becomes enraged after seeing the death of the entire squad. Levi and Mikasa run in his direction as a result of hearing his roar echoing across the jungle.

Eren is kept at a distance by the female titan, whose limbs and one eye are still growing. She avoids many flurry before escaping to buy some time. Levi swings towards his squad members who are already dead, moving through them.


Eren battles as he acknowledges that his decision resulted in the squad’s total demise. They would have triumphed if he had engaged in combat right away. Eren’s fists crack as a result of the attacker evading his punches despite him grappling her to the ground. Regret rushes in as he recovers. The female titan stands up again, and Eren loses control as they engage in a chaotic brawl.

Eren bites her off and delivers an uppercut as she tightens her arm in preparation for a blow. Despite the two being visibly exhausted from battling and regenerating, the female titan nonetheless manages to decapitate Eren. Eren’s human form is consumed by her just in time for Mikasa to witness it.

Mikasa strikes various limbs, causing the titan to fall. Yet her attacks can’t penetrate the hardened flesh. She reloads her blades, swearing to take Eren back. Levi intercepts Mikasa in the air, reminding her that the titan is slowing down too. The chase continues.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 21 Summary

Erwin and Hange converse about how the Female Titan fled while the soldiers begin to flee. Erwin thinks it adopted the same strategy as the Colossal Titan and fled in the steam utilising omnidirectional mobility gear. Erwin contends that using Eren as a foundation for their inference was incorrect, given that he is a rookie, given that Hange reports that back then, Eren’s gear was damaged and he had little endurance left after his metamorphosis.

Armin and Jean are speculating whether the Titan’s occupant was taken prisoner in the meanwhile. The attack on Trost was interrupted midway by Eren’s metamorphosis into a Titan, Armin concludes, and the person responsible saw Eren take that shape.

The Female Titan is back
Female Titan Returns

Eren and the squad are making an effort to get away from the unidentified attacker in the meanwhile. Eld decides there isn’t enough time to go to the horses, so they move on to the other members of the Scout Regiment. Erwin’s theory is shown to be accurate, though, as the attacker still possesses the strength to morph and the team finds themselves under the Female Titan’s pursuit once more. Eren wants to battle it this time, but he is told to flee while the rest of the group deals with it. Eren hesitates for a time before deciding to believe them and go to the headquarters.

He observes from a distance as Petra, Oruo, and Eld cut off the Titan’s eyes before continuing to assault its arms until they reach its neck. Eren believes that their mutual faith in one another is what allows them to battle in unison. Eren looks forward, certain that he did the correct decision, but he is reminded of Levi’s advice and turns around to see Eld rearing up to attack the Female Titan’s neck muscles before being unexpectedly captured and bit in two.

Oluo27s final attempt
Oruo’s final attempt

Petra, who saw Eld’s passing, says it should be impossible for the Titan to see again in such a short period of time. She observes that the Female Titan gave priority to one eye so that it would recover more quickly. The Female Titan then rushes toward Petra as Oruo desperately implores her to gather her thoughts, but Petra is too startled by Eld’s passing to respond. She understands her predicament too late, and all she can do is watch as the Female Titan’s foot crushes her against a tree.

In a desperate last attempt, Oruo grapples on to the Titan’s neck and swings at its nape, but his blades are shattered by the Titan’s hardened skin before the Female Titan knocks him out the sky with a roundhouse kick, breaking his spine and ribs. Seeing this, Eren yells out in horror and anger, wanting to kill the Titan and transforms. His roar is heard by Mikasa and Levi, who both rush to Eren’s location.

Eren strikes the Female Titan
Eren battles the Female Titan

The Female Titan tries to evade Eren and kick him away because her arms haven’t yet fully recovered while Eren takes the initiative and strikes her. Levi is also observing the bloodied bodies of the soldiers of his unit. Eren succeeds in knocking his opponent to the ground as the fight goes on, but as he attempts an aerial strike, both of his hands are cut off. Eren then accuses himself of failing to become a Titan and save his squadmates and other members of the Scout Regiment before realising that the Female Titan is to blame and roaring in rage at it.

Eren’s Titan body starts to shake and twitch as he loses control, appearing to move his mouth along with his thoughts, and he makes a pledge that he would rip the Female Titan to pieces. The Female Titan’s wounds have now fully recovered. He gets kicked in the stomach by her as she dismounts him, sending him flying into a tree. They resume fighting, with Eren swinging and missing frequently, until the Female Titan unleashes a hardened blow that tears open Eren’s lips. Eren, though, seizes the opportunity and strikes the Female Titan with an uppercut that lifts her into the air.

The Female Titan eats Eren
Female Titan tries to eat Eren

Eren charges the Female Titan, but he merely exhausts himself by ramming into a tree. The Female Titan then delivers a toughened roundhouse kick to quickly decapitate him, and he spins around and raises his fist before stopping. Then Eren’s human form is extracted from his Titan corpse. Mikasa only comes in time to witness the Female Titan consuming Eren.

She recovers fast from what she has seen and starts after the Female Titan, viciously slicing its flesh in an effort to capture Eren. Her final blow, however, is shown to be useless because of the Female Titan’s capacity to harden. Levi grabs Mikasa at that same time and commands her to retreat and keep a specified distance. Knowing that Eren was bit out of his Titan’s neck, he wonders about his destiny, but Mikasa stares forward, indignant at the idea that Eren is dead.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 21

This passage once again excels in both suspense and action. This is a visual feast due to the enemy’s mystique and unbeatable might as well as the superb setpiece animation. We give 4 out of 5 ratings to this episode. We hope you like our post.

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