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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 22 English Subbed

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In this article, we about the 22nd episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 22 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “The Defeated: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6, and in Japanese  (敗者達 ―第57回壁外調査⑥― Haisha-tachi -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (6))   Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 22 Overview

Eren breaks down in defeat
Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 22

Mikasa and Captain Levi decide to save Eren and join the retreat as they chase the Female Titan. Eren is shortly saved by Levi, who rapidly defeats the Female while getting hurt in the process.

Titans are pursuing the escaping Scouts, so they regretfully throw the bodies of their dead from the carriages. The Scouts are later given the command to take Eren to the capital after returning to Calaneth in an embarrassing defeat.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 22 Summary

Mikasa informs Levi that Eren is not dead as he wonders whether he is. She reveals that the target seems sophisticated and that its entire intent was to catch Eren. It would be more logical to infer Eren’s demise, though, given Levi suggests that its objective may have been to consume Eren.

Levi then remembers that Mikasa is Eren’s close friend after Mikasa returns the favour and accuses him of failing to do his duties correctly. After that, Levi declares that their main objective was to save Eren and forbids Mikasa from attempting to kill the Female Titan. Levi asserts that it is impossible as long as it can harden its skin, despite Mikasa’s objections. Then, when he battles the Female Titan and saves Eren, he gives Mikasa the command to serve as the bait.

Levi27s charge
Levi attacks on Female Titan

In accordance with the plan, Mikasa moves in front of the Female Titan to distract it; but, as it tries to strike, Levi, who has already cut off its entire arm, stabs both of his swords into its eyes, and cuts up its entire arm. He then ascends in the air, dons a fresh set of swords, and resumes slicing his adversary. The Female Titan does not even had time to harden its skin as Mikasa marvels at his quickness.

Levi keeps coming at his victim from all sides until it exposes the nape of its neck. Levi had to protect the Female Titan as Mikasa attempts to kill her despite his instructions, hurting his ankle badly in the process. He then commands Mikasa to go while berating her for prioritising her love for Eren over her instructions.

He then chops through the Female Titan’s lips and snatches an unconscious and saliva-covered Eren. Due of this remark, Mikasa hesitates for a moment before following. To his amazement, Levi notices the Female Titan sobbing when he turns around.

The Female Titan tears
The female titan cries

The town learns that the soldiers from the Scout Regiment are already returning. The Special Operations Squad soldiers’ friends and family are waiting for their return while not knowing that they have passed away. Later, the expedition members can be seen keeping an eye on the dead bodies and standing by. Jean remarks that this is the part he will never get accustomed to and speculates about potential casualties, but Armin advises him not to worry about that because doing so will make it difficult for him to fight.

Although Sasha tries to cheer him up, Conny also worries about how long he will survive and fears he won’t ever come home again. Erwin hears from someone nearby about the remains they were unable to recover. Erwin instructs the two troops to claim that the slain soldiers were just absent, but they object. Levi explains to them that owning their bodies is irrelevant as long as they have verified their deaths. One of the soldiers, Dieter, accuses Levi and Erwin of being emotionless as they leave.

The expedition then makes their way home, but it is discovered that Dieter disobeyed instructions and carried his buddy Ivan’s body, prompting Titans to chase them. It quickly becomes apparent that they cannot outrun them, and Levi commands the troops to dump the dead in attempt to speed up their carts after Dieter’s companion Jurgen is murdered by a Titan. The troops reluctantly follow this at first, and Levi witnesses the disposal of bodies, including those of his own squad mates. They are able to accelerate and flee as a result.

Petra27s body
Levi sees Petra’s corpse as it is tossed

Later, the troops pause once again to map out their course. Levi approaches Dieter and hands him one of the few Scout Regiment insignia he had earlier taken, saying it belonged to Ivan. When he claims that this is evidence that they were alive, Dieter sobs uncontrollably. A youthful Eren and Mikasa are seen travelling home in a dream.

They hurry to their position as soon as they are informed of the Scout Regiment soldiers’ return to learn about their precarious situation. When a villager makes fun of them, Eren gets a stick to attack him, but he stays back as an adult when little Mikasa inquires as to what is going on.

Then, Eren awakens from his dream to discover the genuine Mikasa. He inquires about the trip and the Female Titan only to be informed that it was a failure and instructed to calm down. The expedition arrives to the Walls in the end. The locals accuse the expedition of being another failure as they pass through the town and once more complain about the Scout Regiment’s lack of use.

When Eren hears what they are saying, he tries to stand up and respond, but Mikasa tells him to be patient. Eren ultimately gets to his feet, but as soon as he does, he sees two kids gazing up in admiration at the Scout Regiment troops as they battle despite all the casualties, exactly like Eren and Mikasa previously did.

Levi reacts to what Petra’s father says.

Levi is contacted by Petra’s father as they continue to walk. Unaware of his daughter’s destiny, he asks Levi about a letter Petra sent expressing her willingness to give her everything to him. Petra’s father is hesitant to let his daughter to be married since he feels she still has a lot of growing up to go. Levi ignores him while grieving within.

Erwin must also deal with the enmity of those who criticise him and the goal of the mission. When Eren notices this, he starts to cry, and Mikasa comforts him. The fact that Eren must be turned over while Erwin is called to the capital is then made clear.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 22

This episode is really depressing and moving. Many cadets lost their lives, and one of Levi’s friends also passed away. Levi’s reaction to their relative was incredibly moving. We give 4 out of 5 ratings to this episode. We hope you like our post.

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