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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 24 English Dubbed
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In this article, we about the 24th episode of the Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 24 anime. For the manga chapter of the same name. The name of this episode is “Mercy: Assault on Stohess, Part 2, and in Japanese (śÖąśā≤ ‚Äē„āĻ„Éą„Éė„āĻŚĆļśÄ•Ť•≤‚Ď°‚Äē¬†Jihi -Sutohesu-ku KyŇęshŇę (2))¬†¬†Attack on Titan is produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 24 Overview

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 24
Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 24

Eren is too scared to change into his Titan to battle Annie after recalling the encounter when the Scouts were suspicious of the Female Titan’s identity. Eren is buried beneath the crumbling tunnel while Mikasa and Armin split off to meet Annie with a plot to divert her attention.

While Jean and Armin try to persuade Eren to fight, the Scout Regiment fights the Female Titan. When Eren finally decides to act, he changes into his Titan form and engages the Female Titan in combat.


A few days earlier, Levi and Eren waited by themselves for Commander Erwin to show up at the Scout Regiment barracks. Levi replies that it couldn’t have been helped when Eren apologises for making the incorrect decision at the time.

attack on titan s1 e24 2
Armin figure out Female Titan identity

Finally, Erwin shows up with Eren’s classmates to deliver the information that they have already identified the female titan. Insisting they must accomplish it before Eren receives his sentence, he sends them the plan to catch her in the Stohess district.

The female titan is to be enticed underground. Eren will have to make a decision on what to do if she changes before then. Eren is shocked to find that the alleged giant was one of their students, and that Armin was able to identify her.

As Annie Leonhart changes into the feminine titan, the tunnel bursts. Armin laments that Annie immediately suspected their ambush. Eren will need to face her in his titan form, and they’ll need to reassemble with their team.

Annie, however, stomps down the tunnels and kills the reinforcements as soon as they unite with their team. Armin believed she intentionally missed Eren, implying that she was more focused on catching him.


Annie keeps stomping down while the three make preparations to flee. Eren swears to take care of it, but even after seriously injuring himself, his titan transformation fails. After all this time, Mikasa asks him whether he still feels guilty for murdering Annie, and she reminds him of the comrades the female titan killed back then.

Levi queries Armin about if he has evidence to back up his allegations during the briefing. Mikasa states that Annie and the Female Titan share a similar appearance, and Armin acknowledges that she is their only lead because she has Marco’s ODM gear. Eren is asked by Mikasa if Annie’s strategies were used in the battle with the Female Titan.

Mikasa questions Eren as to if anything else is impeding their progress. To create place for Eren, Armin advises that he and Mikasa leave the two ends first. The two move right away.

Eren is buried beneath rubble and Annie runs down the tunnel before they can carry out their execution. While Armin goes back to save his comrade, Mikasa battles her in the air. After one counterattack, Mikasa is knocked to the ground, but many other scouts arrive to help.

Nile from the Military police is informed by Commander Erwin that they must immediately assemble their men. The giant is here now. Nile tries to halt Erwin by arguing that a giant cannot exist within Wall Sina.

Plan C

While the Scout Regiment battles the giant, neighbouring residents evacuate.Annie successfully counters her opponents, but Mikasa takes a cue from Levi and focuses on her ankles.

Jean shows up in the meantime to assist Armin in reawakening Eren. Eren is yelled at by Jean, who also brings up Marco’s passing. Armin continues by saying that in order to defeat the monsters, he must give up his humanity since people who can’t let go of anything can’t alter anything.

While Jean deters Annie from behind and carries out their next plan, Armin approaches her. They lead the Female Titan to a set-up of hooks and traps that eventually pins her to the ground, which Hange and the others had set. Annie strikes out and escapes the traps from below as Hange threatens to torture her. In the end, they didn’t prepare sufficiently.

Eren recalls Armin’s advice when he is buried under rubble and reflects on the people he has lost, including friends and relatives.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 24 Summary

Levi does not blame Eren
Levi doesn’t blame Eren for his team death

Eren thinks back to the incident from a few days ago as he observes Annie’s actual identity. Levi wonders why it is taking so long and blames constipation problems, much to Eren’s delight, while he and the others wait for Erwin and the others. Eren then offers his apologies for making a poor decision, but Levi once more asserts that it was impossible to foresee the outcome.

Erwin eventually shows up at that precise moment and informs everyone about the planned operation in the Stohess District while asserting that they have one more opportunity to capture the Female Titan. They mention that Eren trained with her and that Armin has identified the culprit. When Eren understands who they are implying is the enemy, he is horrified.

Back in the present, Annie has just changed, and Erwin’s voice from the flashback calls her by name. In the underground, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa are compelled to flee Annie as she reaches out to grasp them. They discuss the strategy for transforming Eren so he can battle the Female Titan, and Armin claims Annie was aware the mission was a ruse from the beginning. They come upon two Scout Regiment soldiers in the tunnel up ahead, and one of them asks Armin with dismay if the plan worked.

The gang is suddenly stopped by Annie, who breaks through the tunnel’s roof, killing the troops and forces them to escape. Eren begs Mikasa to help them, but Mikasa declines, horrified that Annie would let Eren to die. According to Armin, Annie gambled that Eren wouldn’t be heartbroken, and she will stop at nothing to bring him back.

Eren27s hesitation
Eren is hesistate to transform

Eren tries to change by biting on his finger, but for some reason he is unable to. Mikasa thinks Eren’s scepticism about Annie being the Female Titan or any “feelings” he might have for her are to blame. Erwin reveals their suspect as Annie while they are discussing who the Female Titan is and Eren returns after Armin comes up with a scheme to divert Annie.

Eren is shocked by the explanations Armin provides for the situation. In response to Eren’s inability to comprehend how they could fight Annie, Mikasa says that the world is a terrible place as Armin and Mikasa return to the present.

Eren is crushed in the rubble as Annie kicks through the ceiling. Jean takes off his disguise and runs to help Armin as Mikasa and Armin try to fend her off. Erwin gets ready to assist, but just as he and Levi are about to, a group of Military Police soldiers surround them, arms drawn, accusing them of being opposed to the King. Jean tries to assist Eren, but Annie resists the military and keeps tossing trash around, some of which lands on Eren and further imprisons him.

Annie trapped yet again
Annie traped again

Armin confronts Annie as she is fending off additional soldiers of the Scout Regiment in an effort to divert her attention by warning that her bet is useless if she does not kill him right away. This allows Jean to approach her from behind and attack her neck, but she defends it, so Jean flees and asks Armin to join him as they continue to entice Annie through Stohess.

Moblit said that Hange has a strange expression in their eyes when they stand on top of a structure. Hange activates the special target restricting weapon as Annie is racing between the two buildings, successfully trapping her while Jean and Armin try to flee. Annie is pinned to the ground by a barbed net that the Scout Regiment members on top of the structure toss down. Mikasa is standing where Armin falls, looking worried. Additionally, Hange shows there and urges the immobilised Annie to be a good girl and stay still.

They are too far from the Wall, according to Hange, for other Titans to consume her once more. This time, they will be the ones to devour Annie of any knowledge they may find. Hange and the other troops are caught off guard when Annie kicks the special target capture weapon encircling her. This forces them to utilise their omni-directional mobility gear to jump into the air. As Hange and Mikasa ascend a building, Annie is going in the opposite way. Hange orders the troops to pursue Annie and stop her from escaping, and Jean and Armin do the same.

Eren transforms in Stohess 1
Eren starts to transform

Eren recalls Armin saying that a person who cannot give anything up can never alter anything while still buried beneath rubble and holding a piece of wood in his chest. Eren believes that the reason he failed was because he clung to his friends and his relationships with them. Eren gets even more enraged as he pushes through the woods impaling him and threatening to murder Annie because he remembers the deaths of his mother and other troops.

Erwin and Nile, who are still being held at gunpoint, see Eren’s transformation as a lightning bolt follows. As Eren runs across the city in Titan form, the ground trembles. Then Eren’s Titan surprised Annie with a powerful blow to the face, sending her flying into a structure. Eren then comes at her in a rage.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 24

Eren finally starts moving. But considering how hard the other scouts worked, I’m not grumbling. We give 4 out of 5 ratings to this episode. We hope you like our post.

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