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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 25 English Dubbed

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Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 25 Overview

Eren and the Female Titan rematch
Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 25

The conflict between Eren and Annie decimates Stohess, setting up a titanic last showdown close to a devastated Wall Sina. Annie encases herself in a crystal in order to avoid being caught.

Commander Erwin is held accountable by the city mayor for the ensuing mayhem as Eren and the Scouts heal. Erwin feels that the capture of Annie Leonhart has advanced humankind’s understanding of the actual nature of the Titans despite significant casualties and vast destruction.

Reason to Fight

A crowd of believers is praying with the Walls for protection from the titans within the cathedral as Eren attacks and Annie stumbles over them. After surviving the fall and requesting that the giants keep their distance, the priest is carried away by Eren’s stampeding feet.

Eren chases after Annie as she flees. Eren appears to be much more in charge now, but Armin cautions that he has never triumphed over her. Hange notices this. Spirit cannot prevail on its own. More effort from them will be needed to defeat Annie.

Annie withdraws to an area with more modest structures. The Military Police rush to organise their equipment downstairs but are abruptly overtaken by Annie’s rage. Eren is guided by her to a neighbouring square. Eren recalls her as being careless and unconcerned with her surroundings, yet in this situation, she is showing off her greatest fighting skills. She conveyed the impression that she had no beliefs at all.

He now wants to know why she is fighting and why she has murdered so many of his teammates. Eren launches her into the neighbouring structures, causing destruction throughout the city. Hange commands his team to get the catch nets ready.

Finally, Nile hears from his troops about the battle between the two titans within the city. Erwin is asked if this is his plan, and Eren responds in the positive on his behalf. Erwin responds that it is necessary for human existence when Nile questions why he is putting the entire city in danger. Erwin decides to help capture the Female giant even though Nile threatens to murder him for treason.

Drive them Out

Nile orders Erwin to be restrained and then withdraws. He orders his forces to gather and aid the refugees. Levi also needs to support him.

To see Annie and Eren’s fight, Armin and the others catch up. The fighting energy and skills Annie has been hiding are finally shown, but Eren keeps attacking nonstop. As Annie overpowers Eren and attempts to flee, she thinks about her father.

Shortly after, Eren pursues her as he is reminded of his intention to expel and wipe out all titans. He loses control and chases Annie toward the limits of the Wall. Although Hange cautions that Mikasa is not acting normally, the boy is eager to assist.

Annie is forced to scale the walls as a result of Eren’s continuous fighting spirit. Mikasa forbids it and breaks Annie’s hold, forcing her to stumble.

Eren knocks her down once again while threatening to end the planet. He wants to eat Annie in human form, but he notices that she is crying.

Levi cuts Eren out as the female titan emits a brilliant blue glow that melts his body. With order to protect herself from their swords, Annie surrounds herself in crystal. Levi tells Jean not to swear at her, but Jean does. Hange regrets that they didn’t get any information from her and orders her troops to hide her underground.

Secrets Encased

Erwin argues that this is a positive development and that the Scout Regiment is now safe, despite Levi’s claims that the operation was a disaster.

Later that evening, Erwin is questioned by his superiors. He strongly maintains that he refrained from contacting the Military Police because he thought there could be nearby accomplices. He argues that while the damage at Stohess was an error, it was not as severe as having the Walls breached in another circumstance.

Eren is roused from his sickbed by Mikasa, who is still uneasy about what had happened. Jean criticises the fact that it was all in vain. Eren confesses his error when Armin questions him about his hesitancy. He instantly stopped when he noticed her weeping.

Jean and Armin debate outside whether Eren must give up his humanity in order to battle the titans. It won’t be simple, Armin acknowledges.

The council now has an advantage to combat the adversary, Erwin informs them.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 25 Summary

Annie vs. Eren
Eren fights with Annie

A ritual is now being performed by a group of Wall worshipers inside a church in the Stohess District. A priest is saying the prayers when Annie transforms into a Titan and descends on the structure, killing many people. The priest sees a Titan racing toward the Walls, much to his terror. Eren is pursuing Annie while the populace flees or hides out of terror. Hange observes that this time Eren is maintaining control. Jean claims that Eren must fight now that he is a Titan, but Armin counters that he cannot defeat Annie with only willpower.

The troops are concerned that Annie will be unable to use the omnidirectional movement equipment once she enters an open region. Hange instructs them to divide and leave from the opposite side. Until Annie stops and turns to face Eren directly, the chase continues with several innocent bystanders dying. Eren remembers how Annie constantly appeared bored and thought everything was silly, with the exception of when she was demonstrating her martial arts ability. Eren is aware that she lied when she claimed not to care, despite the fact that she has never acknowledged this.

He questions why she would kill so many people before charging Annie, who uses her abilities to harden her skin for both defence and assault. Eren, however, seizes her leg and launches her at a neighbouring structure. He doesn’t waste any time and keeps attacking even as soldiers in the area warn that the town might be completely devastated. It’s all part of Erwin’s strategy, according to Hange.

Nile holds Erwin at gunpoint
Nile holds Erwin at gunpoint

Hitch and Marlo are astounded to watch Titans fighting as Mikasa stands up. The damage and casualties from the combat are reported to Nile Dawk at the same time. He attributes it to Erwin’s strategy, and Erwin concurs. The Scout Regiment Commander just responds that it was done to help mankind win when Nile challenges Erwin’s way of thinking. Erwin is referred to as a traitor by Nile, who rejects it. Erwin, however, instructs him to take leadership and informs him of the specifics when he suggests killing Erwin straight away.

Finally, Nile decides to just handcuff Erwin while giving the order to send out all the soldiers. Erwin encourages Levi to stay still as he starts to move since he knows how much Levi despises senseless killing.

The soldiers arrive to the scene of the conflict in the interim. Armin understands that Annie may sacrifice her humanity for her cause, just as she did when she kicked Eren in the side to take off his lower right leg. Eren resists, though, and Annie remembers hearing her father yell at her.

Eren is knocked into a building when she roundhouse kicks him in the side of the head, but not before he has bit into her toughened leg. As she recalls her father reminding her that he is the only one on her side, Annie continuously smacks Eren with her toughened right fist until he seems to be immobile. Eren realises his objective as she flees and begins to run.

In a fit of wrath, he resumes after Annie and attacks her from behind. When Hange notices this, Mikasa is prevented from approaching Eren since they are unsure if he still knows her. Eren grabs Annie’s face and squeezes it so hard that blood splatters on the nearby structures. Both military police and soldiers are in awe as they observe.

Young Annie and her father
Young Annie and her father last meet

Eren is fought off by Annie, who then makes an effort to flee by scaling the Wall. Eren’s final effort to catch her fails because she successfully defeats him by sacrificing her right lower leg. She keeps climbing, and just as Armin believes she will finally be able to cross the Wall, Mikasa uses the omnidirectional mobility equipment to fly to her and amputates the digits from both of her hands. Mikasa tells Annie to fall by stepping on her face, and when she does so, she remembers her father once more. Her father informs her in the recollection that it is too late for him to seek for forgiveness and that he was wrong.

Eren jumps onto Annie as she is on the ground and attacks her before she can stand up. Then, despite losing his other arm in the process, he decapitates her and takes her right arm away. Eren chews off a piece of meat from the Female Titan’s neck, revealing Annie’s actual body, just as he declares that he will end the world. Hange and others are alarmed by this because they believe Eren will eat Annie.

Eren, however, restrains himself after observing Annie sobbing. As a result, Annie has the opportunity to use her power to harden, encasing herself in a crystal, which starts to cause her Titan body to merge with Eren’s. Eren is then yanked off the Titan by Levi, who chastises him for attempting to consume their crucial proof.

Erwin being questioned
Erwin being questioned

Eren later wakes up only to ask Mikasa where Annie is. Then, unhappy with the outcome, he sees Jean attempting to break through the crystal. Levi stops him and informs him that it is useless. Hange commands the men to construct a net out of wires and transport Annie underground.

Knowing that they cannot obtain any knowledge despite their efforts, Hange also doubts about the outcome. Erwin responds that they have survived and that the Scout Regiment has survived when Levi approaches him and says they can scarcely consider the mission a success.

The mayor of Stohess then questions Erwin, asking him why he was hesitant to approach the Military Police right away for assistance. Erwin claims that he had to restrict the operation to people who were not participating due to potential allies of the Female Titan within the military.

He apologizes for destroying Stohess, but the mayor won’t accept a straightforward apology. Erwin admits they cannot gain any information from Annie despite his claim that if the Female Titan escaped, the Walls would collapse and more people would perish.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 25
Deep underground, Annie imprisoned herself in crystal

Eren eventually recovers from his wounds and wakes up in his bed. He is aware that Annie is frozen, and Jean has confirmed that they received no benefit from the procedure. Armin suddenly says, “Eren is the one who allowed things to happen.” Eren acknowledges that he was immobilized after seeing Annie after a little pause. Then, when Armin and Jean are summoned for a hearing, Eren confides in Mikasa about his thoughts throughout the conflict.

Mikasa expresses her joy that he made it back alive. Jean and Armin debate if turning into a monster is the only way to defeat the Titans outside. Eren has Armin’s support, but he warns that the challenge will not be simple to conquer. Erwin claims that this is the time when humans will assault the Titans at the hearing. A group of the ex-104th Cadet Corps troops are moving toward an unidentified destination while Annie is being held below. They are unaware of the dangers that await them.

An area of Wall Sina where Annie caused damage collapses, exposing a Titan within.

Our thoughts for Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 25

Like the attack titan, this season was nonstop in its action and payoff. We give 4.5 out of 5 ratings to this episode. We hope you like our post.

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