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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


Mobilt and his team reached Ragako which is Conny’s hometown and they are analyzing the village. They saw the destruction on the houses by the titans but there is no sign of any kind of blood on streets. Mobilt is confused about the idea of the villagers who abandoned the town and goes to wall Rose but without their horses which are still in the stables. A fellow Scout leads Mobilt to the Titan which is on the top of the Conny’s home. Another soldier bring out a photo of Conny’s parents from the wreckage. When Mobilt saw the portrait he is shocked because he realize that Conny’s mother resembles with the Limb Titan.

In the Forest of Giant Trees, Reiner leaves Ymir with two choices to make a safe future for Christa or Ymir can save her own life. Ymir is still confused that what she have to decide. Eren questions again about the actual enemy and Ymir answers that she is still unsure. Reiner and Bertholdt are ready to take Eren and Ymir from the forest and suddenly Reiner saw the signal of Scout Regiment’s flare which is spotted on the Horizon near the forest. It shows that the Scout Regiment are approaching to the forest. Bertholdt asks Reiner that he is still in his Warrior mind and Reiner assures him that him motto is clear. Bertholdt is still doubtful about Reiner’s trust on Ymir who actually eat their comrade five years ago. Reiner told Bertholdt that Ymir is self centered until she met Christa and that is enough reason to join her with them.

Reiner makes clear that Christa has the family connection with the Order of The Wall and that makes her a valuable asset for them. If Christa is with them then the things goes easy for them if Eren will coordinate with them. The soldiers are approaching to the forest and Bertholdt tells Reiner that their time in the Walls is finished and they have to deliver to Annie, Christa and the others to their hometown. Reiner insists that once they return to their hometown then Bertholdt should confess his feeling for Annie in front of her. He should tell her that how much he stared at her.

Reiner came near Eren and he is prepared to go for the journey. Eren tells him that he is not fully recovered yet and can’t travel in current state. Suddenly he fights with Reiner and Reiner strangles Eren on the other branch. Bertholdt came to Ymir and ask her that if she remembers the guy she ate five years ago which was one of our comrade and companion. Ymir apologize for that thing and she said that she had memory loss and can’t identify his friend. Eren also accepts that even he can’t remember those guys whom he eaten. Eren goes into unconsciousness after Reiner’s punch on his face. Bertholdt asks that how much time Ymir is wandering beyond the walls as a titan. Ymir tells him that the nightmare was about sixty years back and still continuing.

The Scouts are approaching to the forest and the Military Police is encountered with many of the titans near the front line of the forest. Commander Erwin orders that they should go forward without fighting with the Titans. Reiner and Bertholdt are near the edge of the forest and wears their ODM Gear. They are searching for a way to go outside the jungle without lurking the titans. Ymir is thinking that nightfall is not started and why they are departing and she saw the signal flares in the sky and realize that the Scouts are approaching to them.

Reiner don’t want to confront the Scouts because he knows that Commander Erwin is leading them and it will be difficult to fight with Commander Erwin. Ymir is pretty confident that Christa must be with the Scouts. She demands that it is the right chance to take Christa with them. Reiner don’t take Ymir’s demand seriously and he tells her that they will came again for Christa. Ymir believes that if she will not watch Christa now, she will never see her in the future. Bertholdt apologize to Ymir that we can’t retrieve to Christa and Reiner also reassure that bringing Christa with them is his high priority. Ymir once again regrets her decision to lie after sixty years.

The scene shifts sixty years in the past. Ymir was in an orphanage and nameless. She was adopted by a leader of cult and he give the name Ymir to her. He declared that she is the blood of the king and that grants her the immortality. Ymir’s life takes a turn from the adoption and now she has good food and good house and the cultists are worshipping her like a goddess. Ymir as a goddess brings much more happiness to her.

One day the cult house was discovered by the authorities and they arrested all the cultists. The leader of the cults points out towards Ymir and claims that she lied that she has the blood of the king. Ymir accepts and lied that she has the blood of the king. All the cultists brought to streets to the Wall. The onlookers stoned on them. They taken at the Wall and thrown from the Wall outside.

Ymir was turned into a Titan and Ymir don’t know about the world beyond the wall. After some wandering Ymir’s titan was resting in the earth and resting for the several decades. One day Ymir’s sleep was disturbed by some warriors who were setting a camp on her. Ymir’s titan wants to grab Reiner but grab his friend Marcel who pushed Reiner aside. Ymir’s titan ate Marcel. At that night Ymir told herself that she will live a life for only herself and now she is free to make lies to others.

Then she hear about Christa who came in the Cadet Corps. Ymir finds that Christa’s past is alike her own. After meeting Christa she realize that she is just like her. After making own mind Ymir interrupts Bertholdt gear and threats to Reiner and Bertholdt that she will take Eren to the Scouts if they will go without Christa. Reiner tells her about the situation and Ymir insists that she will not go without Christa.

Outside the jungle the Scouts are finally reached into the forest. They saw a light in the jungle and realize that it is the light of Titan’s transformation. Commander Erwin orders the Scouts to enter in the forest and understands the situation. A loud scream is heard in the forest and the Scouts are following the scream. They reached to Ymir’s titan and a Scout is attacking on her but Conny stops him. He tells everybody that she is Ymir. Conny asks her that where Reiner, Bertholdt and Eren are gone.

More Scout came near Ymir’s titan but Ymir is not talking with them and she is looking all the soldier’s face by focus. Armin is confused and thinking that why Ymir is looking at soldiers face. Christa arrives there and Ymir’s catch her into her mouth and start escaping. The soldiers pursue at her and they realize that are lured into titan’s trap. Ymir is on the end of the forest and Reiner now transformed into the Armored Titan and start running. Bertholdt is carrying Eren who is unconscious. Ymir’s titan carrying Christa also on Armored Titan’s shoulder.

The Scouts are watching them in shock that they can’t free Eren from the titans once again. Hannes came into action and orders the soldiers to return on their horses and make a final pursue for saving Eren. Hannes is extremely determined that he will save Eren even at the cost of his own life.

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