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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

The episode starts as Ymir was successful escaping the Forest of Giant Trees and she is carrying Historia in her titan’s mouth. Ymir is near the ending of the forest and Reiner is transformed into the Armored Titan and starts running to escape from the forest. Bertholdt is on the shoulder of Armored Titan and he is carrying Eren with him. The Scouts are watching in shock that Eren is once again carried away by the Armored Titan and we are unsuccessful to rescue him. Eren is grappled on the Armored Titan’s back with Bertholdt. Commander Erwin watches that Reiner is departing the forest. Commander suddenly makes a plan and gives orders to the Scouts and Military Police to came into action and lead the other titans towards the Reiner’s titan. There is some hesitation in the Military Police for this order. The soldiers are following Erwin’s orders and Hannes are leading the police to pursue the Armored Titan.

While chasing Mikasa is self thinking that this time she will not hesitate to kill any of them and save Eren from them. Reiner is running and Ymir removes Christa from her titan’s mouth. She partially emerged from the nape of her titan to talk with Christa. Ymir explained her that she joined Reiner and Bertholdt to spend a better life at better place. Bertholdt tells that in real Ymir is forcing to take Christa with them.

The Scouts are coming near the Armored titan and Ymir and Bertholdt are start worrying. Ymir confess to Christa that she brought here because she will give a chance to her survival or Reiner and Bertholdt will kill her because she kills one of their comrades five years ago. Christa’s family is tied within the Order of the wall that’s why Christa is a valuable asset for the titans. Ymir’s motives are selfish for Christa but still Christa assures that she will always be on Ymir’s side.

Eren is coming out of concussion and he saw that the Scouts are trying to slow down the speed of Armored Titan. Ymir is keeping the Scouts away but suddenly Mikasa arrives and she is ready with a blow on Bertholdt. Reiner makes Eren and Bertholdt under a shield in the Armors. Mikasa is trying to break the armor of Reiner’s titan and wants to give him death.

Ymir swings her arm at Mikasa but Mikasa is really quick and saved herself from the attack. Mikasa is prepared to kill Ymir but Christa came between her. Christa claims that Ymir is forced by Reiner and Bertholdt to join them. Mikasa show no mercy and she tells that she will kill Ymir if she don’t help in rescue Eren. Ymir no no longer interfering with Mikasa’s actions on Armored Titan.

The other recruits also catch up on The Armored Titan, Firstly Jean tries to convince Bertholdt to come out from the Armor. Conny and Sasha are also in shock that Reiner and Bertholdt betrayed them. Jean recalls those days when they were trained together and absurd by Berthold’t sleeping positions in the night. Conny reminds Bertholdt about various conversations they have shared with each other to grow old together and drink together after years. On the other hand, Mikasa is showing no mercy and she reminds all of them that they will surely die if they will not give Eren to her. Bertholdt breaks his silence and he told others that he never wanted to betray them and do such kind of things. He also admits that the things he has shared with all of them are not fully lie. Bertholdt tells that he will not give Eren to them because his duties must be carried out. Hannes interrupts their conversation and warns the recruits that the titans are coming from the front. Captain Erwin and other Scouts are luring a bunch of titans straightly heading towards Reiner’s titan.

The Recruits on Reiner’s titan came back on their horses after Commander Erwin’s order and all the titans are approaching to Reiner. Reiner knows that he will burst into the other titans he is fully charged up. Ymir and Christa escapes because Reiner is surrounded by the titans. Commander Erwin charge up the Scouts that Reiner can’t move and this is the best chance to rescue Eren. All Scouts will dedicate their hearts and have to rescue Eren at all possible costs. Reiner is full of titans and that’s why he have to remove his armor from Bertholdt and Eren’s place. It makes both of them exposed. Commander Erwin draws his sword and orders the Scouts to go advance but his arm is caught by a Titan. The titan takes Commander Erwin away but he orders the scouts to charge on Reiner and rescue Eren.

This is the last command by Commander Erwin and all the Scouts are charged towards Reiner’s titan. Many of the Scouts are caught by the titans. Mikasa is navigating the titans so the other Scouts can reach to the Reiner’s titan. Mikasa attempts to attack on Bertholdt but her attack missed out and she is caught by a titan who grabs her in its hand. Jean came to rescue Mikasa and make the titan blind by attacking on its eyes. The other Scouts are trying to get close to Eren. Bertholdt is telling everybody that they will surely take Eren to their hometown. Eren also noticed that many of the Scouts are dying because of him.

Armin came near Bertholdt and he is wondering that what kind of sacrifice will solve this situation. He recalls Bertholdt’s love for Annie. Armin bluffs Bertholdt and asks the other Scouts that if they want to abandon Annie who is in Utopia District in the north and tortured continuously. He continues that Annie is suffering every torture after she is captured. When Armin was talking with Bertholdt suddenly Commander Erwin came and he delivers a strike on Bertholdt’s chest which cuts the loose and Eren is free. Commander Erwin is missing his one arm.

Eren is rescued and Commander Erwin orders for an immediate retreat. Christa kills a titan who was trying to kill Ymir. Conny catches Christa while retreating and he is taking Christa with her. Christa is urging to let her go to Ymir or she will get killed by Reiner and Bertholdt. Sasha is with Conny and she believes that Ymir is lying but Conny agrees that Ymir only do anything when Christa is in danger.

A Titan is fallen ahead of the Scouts who were retreating. Reiner is throwing the titans on them and this can be his last strategy. Eren and Mikasa fell off from their horse because a titan fell on them. Mikasa is trying to stand on her feet but she is injured because a titan grabs her. Near them a titan is approaching them and Eren recognize that it is the same titan who kills her mother five years ago.

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