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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


Eren’s mind is full of his mother’s death and he recalls that it is the same titan who killed his mother five years ago is now in front of him in the battlefield. Reiner is continuing to throw the titans on the Scouts to block their way for the wall. Ymir is angry on the titans and she outraged at Commander Erwin because all the plans are in his hand. The commander fell from his horse when she attacks on him. The other Scouts tries to defend Commander Erwin but he orders the Scouts to save Eren’s life than his own.

The smiling titan reached near Eren and Mikasa and the titan attacks on them but Hannes came there at sudden. Hannes came there and attacks on the titan and he is very much eager to avenge Eren’s mother Carla who were eaten by this titan. Jean and Armin goes near Hannes to assist him but they are blocked by a titan who were thrown by Reiner on them. Ymir is questioning herself that what she have to do now will she stay with Reiner or the Scouts. She believes that future in the walls are shin and this is the only chance for her to give Christa to the warriors.

Christa approaches Ymir and she said that she believes in Ymir and her actions taken to protect her but still all things are not true as she has been told her. Christa reminds Ymir her own words that always live for yourself and Christa accepts that she inspires her a lot.

Conny and Sasha are together and they are helping Hannes to continue his fight against the smiling titan. Mikasa is very injured and she can’t fight. Eren told Mikasa to cut his grip so he can transform into the titan. Still his bites are healing and he can’t transform into the titan. Some Scouts are continue to defend Commander Erwin but the Armored Titan is throwing many titans that fell on Jean. Armin came near Jean to rescue him from other titans.

Eren wants to transform and the titans are fighting with the Scouts. Hannes have the upper hand fighting with the smiling titan. Suddenly the titan catches Hannes in his hand and Eren and Mikasa are seeing Hannes in titan’s hand. The titan take Hannes near its mouth and bites him in half. Eren is in anger, shock and crying loudly for his inabilities. He is screaming that he can’t learn anything in five years and his knowns are killed by titans in front of him. Mikasa came near Eren and consoles him. She assured that Eren has done so much for her in the past. Mikasa thanks Eren to do so many things for her. Eren promised Mikasa that he will save her and help her when she will be in any kind of danger.

Eren’s hands are finally healed and he scream loudly. He swings his hand to the smiling titan. Suddenly a powered lightning came from the sky. Eren is screaming and he got a new power and all the titans are tackling the smiling titan. All the titans who were killing the Scouts are coming to kill the smiling titan. All titans bits the body of smiling titan into pieces. Eren is running towards the wall and carrying Mikasa on her back. All the Scouts are retreating. After seeing the new power of Eren, Ymir realize there are some chances in the future behind the walls.

Reiner is still running for and Reiner realize that now Eren can coordinate with the other titans. Reiner thinks that it is the worst possible scenario for him and the titans. Eren scream towards Reiner and Bertholdt and that acts like an order to the other Titans. All the titans are now shifted and charged up against Reiner rather than smiling titan. All the titans are acting like a coordinate order on Eren’s scream. Armin came there with a horse for Eren and Mikasa. Commander Erwin orders for full retreat and realize that it is their best chance.

All the titans are charging up on Reiner and Bertholdt is crying because he is feared and can’t do anything to defend himself. Ymir hears Bertholdt’s cry and she is running towards him. Ymir really cares about Christa and she apologizes to her runs for Reiner and Bertholdt. Christa is in confusion who to go with and Conny came there and told him to join them in the retreat. Ymir is on the shoulder of Reiner’s titan and the Scouts are in shock after the sudden change in Ymir.

The Scouts are come through the Wall Rose. Armin can’t understand that why Ymir choose to go with Reiner. Eren is thinking about Hannes and the moments they spent together in childhood. In the night Reiner, Bertholdt and Ymir is on the ruins of Shiganshina city and they are completely exhausted. Reiner asks Ymir that she choose to stick with them. Ymir told them that she wanted to return the favor to them so the life gave her a second chance. She also believes that she is the only one who can understand the situation the warriors are facing. Bertholdt thanks Ymir to save him and apologize. Ymir also thinks that it was not a bad life as goddess.

The refugees of the Wall Rose are sent to the underground city of Wall Sina after the news of Wall Rose breach. The problem is with the food supplies and treatment of the refugees. The food is at the risk and outlast only about one week and after that the civil war will start between the refugees. To prevent the civil war Military Police declared that Wall Rose is titan free.

Commander Erwin is recovering from the injuries in Trost District. Erwin is accompanied by Dot Pyxis and Captain Levi. There is a visitor in the room and that is Captain Hange who brings Conny with her. They are discussing the recent findings in Conny’s village Ragako. Eren is thinking that more than half of the Scout Regiment are Military Police is died in an attempt to rescue him from the warriors.

In the last moments the Scouts were titan free because the titans were charging on the warriors. Armin tells Eren that he and Jean believes that Eren is the only person who is responsible for the power that were obeyed by the titans at that time. Jean tells Eren that he will always reminds him for the effort that Scouts has made to save him and he must prove for the cost of those live who were lost in rescuing him. Eren understands Jean’s emotion and he is vowing to became master in his power on the titans and take revenge from the warriors.

Commander Erwin and others understands that the villagers of Ragako village were the titans in actual which invaded Wall Rose. It means that the Titans are humans in actual. Captain Levi is worried that he has spent so many years in the Scouts for just killing hums. Hange says that she don’t have definite proof for this claims. Commander Erwin is smiling on this theory.

Asking about the smiling behavior of Erwin comes with conclusion that we are a step closer to the truth of the titans. Captain Levi is worried that no will be left to see the real truth of the titans in the end. In Shiganshina, the Beast Titan is waiting and a man is standing on Titan’s shoulders.

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