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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 4 English Subbed-

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Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 4 Subbed, Watch Attack on Titan English Subbed Season 2 Episode 4 Online, Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 4 English Subbed Online. Top favorite ranked Japanese most watched anime, Shingeki no Kyojin Anime S2E4 in English Subbed HD quality full. You can easily watch full episodes of Attack on Titan Anime.

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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


In the night, two abnormal titans are fighting with each other and the beast titan is trying to cross the Wall Rose. Nanaba draws her blade to fight against the titans which is near the castle wall. The other Scouts also goes head to head with the Titans. All the recruits are with their ODM Gear and the junior recruits are watching them fighting with the Titans.

The scene shifts two hour earlier as Nanaba and Gelgar’s Team came in Utgard Castle with their horses. They all are taking some drinks and resting. Henning observes that there was someone who came in the castle these days. Lynne said that there can be possibility of some bandits who came in castle. Gelgar joins the Scouts and he has a bottle of alcohol with him but he can’t understand what is written on the bottle. Gelgar tells the Scouts that they should rest and top soldiers will keep an eye on the titans from the castle’s roof. Gelgar knows that there can be some trouble by the Titan’s in the night. Christa wonders that from where the Titans are coming from if there were no breach found in the Wall Rose. Gelgar tells that they will solve the breaching issue in tomorrow morning.

Christa and Henning were observing the Titan’s activity and they realize that the activity is low near the Wall. Ymir asks Conny that what was the condition in his village. Conny replied that there was no villager in the village and he believes that all the villagers are survived and ran away safe from the village. All the homes of the village were destroyed and there was no sign of blood on the roads and homes. Conny told about the limb titan who were on his house and he was wondering that the titan strongly resembles with his mother. Reiner trying to questions him and Ymir is laughing loudly and pointing that Conny is seeing his mother in a titan. She also make joke that there must have been another titan who was actually his father. Conny loses his temper on this comment of Ymir.

Some hours later, Reiner goes yo Ymir and she is searching some food into the supplies in the ruined castle area. Ymir jokes on Reiner that he doesn’t look like a guy who is interested in women. Reiner also replies that Ymir doesn’t look like a girl who is interested in men. Ymir tells him that she is searching for food which can be their last meal. Reiner talks about Conny and asks Ymir that she will continue her joking about Conny. Ymir said that she is more concerned about food at this stage. Ymir finds a can of herring there and gives it to Reiner. Reiner is surprised that she found a supply at this place. Reiner can’t able to read the language on the supply. He looks at Ymir in shock that how she can read this language. She looks back at Reiner that she has done a mistake. Before Reiner ask any questions Lynne calls all the recruits to alert them because the titans are coming to them.

On the top of the castle, the Scouts see a lot of Titans moving towards them in the moonlight. The four senior officers heads towards the titans and draws their blade. Gelgar cuts the fingers of a Titan who was near him and Nanaba killing the final blow. She told Gelgar that his move was unnecessary because it cuts his blades. Gelgar told her that it is his way to do things. Lynne kills another Titan coming to the castle. They noticed that the Castle’s door is broken. They warns the Junior Cadets that the door is breached and titan is in the castle. Lynne told the recruits in the castle to take the safety measures and put any barricade on the gates if necessary.

The recruits on the top of the castle came down to analyze how deep the titans are in the castle. Reiner is rushing fast than the others. Bertholdt tried to stop him and explains to Conny that Reiner has a bad habit to take the most dangerous job on his own. Reiner checks after open a blocked door to see the titans. Reiner realize that the titan already broke that door and now he is trying to block that door. The titan broke the wood of the door and Reiner is calling for help. He is thinking that his death is near because the Titan takes his arm through the door. Reiner recalls the scenario five years back when he was caught by a Titan but they escaped because one of there friend pushed them aside. Reiner moves away on the last second when the Titan tries to grab him. Bertholdt came there and stabs in Titan’s face. They are safe now and Reiner told Bertholdt that they will return soon to their hometown and not dying today.

On the stairs the other recruits have a cannon but there is no gunpowder and balls for fire. They make fall the cannon down from the stairs and it crashed on the door. The cannon crashed to the titan ass Reiner and Bertholdt jumps aside. The titan is killed by the cannon. Now all the recruits are without any weapon ,Conny only has a small knife. Reiner told him that the knife should not be used because the risk of self injury is way too high by this knife. Christa told everybody to retreat and came upstairs. Conny is near the door and one titan came through the broken door towards Conny.

The titan approaches Conny but Reiner manages to push Conny aside. The titan bites on Reiner’s arm. Titan’s grip is very strong and Reiner can put his arms out of titan’s mouth. Reiner takes the titan on his back to the window and tries to jump out. Conny came there and cut the jaw of the titan and it makes Reiner’s arm free from the jaw. Reiner backs away and Ymir kicks the titan out of the window. The recruits tries to barricade the gate and Christa is using Gelgar’s alcohol to treat Reiner’s arm. She is apologizing and realize that his arm is fractured. There is no bandages so Christa tear away a part of her skirt to use it as a bandage. It makes Reiner shocked and he is looking somewhere else. She apologize again that she don’t have proper treatment available but Reiner tells her that she is still helping. Reiner in his mind told himself that he should marry her.

Ymir told Christa that her finger was hurt during the fight, Conny told her to some spit on the finger. Conny apologizes to Reiner that he puts him in the danger, he also points out that Reiner and Annie also saved his life in the past and he will repay his debts some day in future. Reiner recalls the day when his friend saved his life and tells his friend that he is doing the things which a soldier must do. Conny asks Bertholdt that if Reiner is so selfless but Bertholdt told him that in the past Reiner was more like a warrior and that makes Reiner confused.

Ymir is looking outside and seeing that the Senior Scouts killed many titans near the castle wall. Nanaba and Gelgar are normalizing their breathe on the tower and Lynne is heading back to the top of the castle to see that other recruits are safe or not. A big sound catches his attention and a big rock is hit on the stables and all horses are dead. Another blow is heard by them as a boulder hits on the top of the castle and that makes Lynne and Henning killed on the spot.

The other recruits joins Nanaba and Gelgar at the top of the castle tower. Conny points out at the Beast Titan and said that he is responsible for their deaths. He looks down from the castle tower and see that there are many Titan approaching them. Nanaba analyze that the attack is looking pretty strategic by the titans and she thinks that titans are toying them from the beginning. On the top of Wall Rose, Beast Titan came back to the Castle rather than going inside the Wall.

Nanaba and Gelgar are doing their best to fight with so many titans. Their gas and blades are running low and Gelgar noticed that the tower’s structure will not hang on till morning. They are examining their equpiment and Gelgar is out of gas and blades. On the other hand, Nanaba is on last blades with a little gas left in her chamber. Gelgar is prerparing himself for the death because he is seriously injured on his head and losing his blood. He regrets that he don’t have the alcohol in his last time. Nanaba kills the titan who was catching Gelgar and now Nanaba’s gas is also empty.

Gelgar falls in the castle from a window. Nanaba is surrounded by many Titans. In the tower, Gelgar finds his alcohol bottle and he opens it for the last time. He holds the bottle near his mouth and few drops came out of it. The drops fell on Gelgar’s chin. Gelgar regrets his luck that he don’t even have the last drink. A titan from the window grabs Gelgar and he is crying that who drinks his alcohol bottle.

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