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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 5 English Subbed-

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Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 5 Subbed, Watch Attack on Titan English Subbed Season 2 Episode 5 Online, Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 5 English Subbed Online. Top favorite ranked Japanese most watched anime, Shingeki no Kyojin Anime S2E5 in English Subbed HD quality full. You can easily watch full episodes of Attack on Titan Anime.


Few years back, the cadets of the 104th Cadet Corps were completing a mission in snowstorm training exercise. They are on the base of the Corps on the mountain. There are some discussion among the cadets and Reiner told everybody that Christa is still missing. Mikasa told that Christa chosen to came with Daz, who was performing poorly during the training. Reiner said that Christa, Daz and Ymir not returned at the camp. Marco suggests that all three can be with Thomas squad. Reiner points out that the last squad of Thomas has just arrived at the camp but these three are not with them. All are worrying about these there and Eren proposes that they should search these three. The training instructor told the Cadets that they will not take the risk of their live in the snowstorm.

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In the storm, Christa and Ymir are making their way from the forest to the camp. Daz is in unconscious state on the cot which is pulled by Christa. Ymir says that they both will only survive when they will abandon Daz on the cot and both heading for the base. Christa told that all three can survive if Ymir came ahead and making a way for Christa and Daz. Ymir noticed that Christa is not asking for any kind of help during the training. She also realize that Christa don’t have any kind of intention to save Daz or herself. Ymir said that Christa’s character is really against of her these actions.

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Ymir brings up the fact in front of Christa about her past that a daughter who life were at the risk of nobleman’s mistress. In her childhood before training Ymir listened the order of the Walls which were discussing the existence of Christa. There was an illegitimate child who was not as much successful in the family. The family were considering the end of child’s life but in the end it was decided that the child should be given a new name and new life. In the end the child joined the Cadet Corps. Christa is wondering that if Ymir joined the Cadet Corps to find that changed girl. Ymir told her that her own past is really similar to that girl. Christa is wondering that Ymir wants to be her friend or she wants to reveal who is that girl. Like Christa, Ymir also changed her name and previous life. She is now living for herself and robs her enemies to use their power. Ymir scolds at Christa that she is looking for death and she wants that her death should be heroic.

Ymir pushes Christa from a cliff and and now Christa is stopped by a tree. She goes upward and see there was no Ymir and Daz. Christa started her journey alone to the camp. Ymir is thinking that if Christa is alive or not and then she saw Christa is coming into the snow. On the camp Eren is ready to find these three and Mikasa and Armin are with him. Reiner and Bertholdt also decides to go with Eren by bringing more equipment for the snow. Conny, Marco and Sasha also agrees to go for the search. Suddenly they heard a loud crashing voice like thunder and they came outside to see what is happening.

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After a distance, Sasha see Ymir is dragging Daz into the snow. After some time Christa also arrives there and see Ymir is outside the base. Christa asks about Daz and Ymir replies that Daz is pretty much safe inside the camp. Christa is wondering that it is impossible to drag Daz without any ropes to the camp. Ymir decides that she will reveal the secret to Christa that how she saved Daz but she have to tell her real name.

Now the scene shifts to the Utgard Castle Tower where Ymir takes a jump on the titans. Ymir is thinking that she and Christa were same into their teens age. They both were hated by the world and the things should be better if they were not born in the world. In the childhood Ymir gave her life for the others but after receiving a second chance she decided now to only living for herself. Ymir cuts her palm by Conny’s knife and now she is transformed into a titan.

Ymir’s Titan has started killing the other titan. From the top of the tower all the recruits are looking at each other in shock and can’t believe what is happening there. Reiner and Bertholdt are in shock and they realize that it was the titan who ate their friend five years ago. Ymir’s Titan combat with the other is shaking the tower and Christa almost falling from the tower. Reiner catch a leg of Christa in the time and Conny grab Christa on the roof. Reiner asks Christa that she knew about Ymir’s power in the past. Conny realize that Ymir has full control on her titan and she is not like Eren. The recruits are wondering that what can be Ymir’s goal with her titan.

Ymir is fighting with the other Titans and she is really overpowered. Ymir’s titan is clutching the bricks of the tower, but she is slipring now from the castle’s wall. The recruits realize that Ymir don’t want the tower to fall and she is protecting them rather than escaping from titans. Christa is crying out to Ymir and she is scolding her to be so selfish. After listening Christa’s words Ymir now tearing the bricks of the castle and throwing the bricks at the titans. Tower is collapsing now and Ymir moves at the top of the tower and tells everybody to hold her. All the recruits hold her and the tower is collapsed on the titans.

When the dust clears, some Titans are emerging again from the castle’s rubble. Ymir is ready to fight with them again but her titan is outnumbered by the Titans. All the titans are approaching to her and tearing her from different places. Christa is running to Ymir and calling her to tell her real name. But she stops because a titan is in front of him. It’s morning there and suddenly a Scout came there flying and slices the titan’s nape near Christa. The Scout is Mikasa and she tells the other Scouts to finish the fight as soon as possible.

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All the Titans are killed by the Scouts which were in Stohess in the night and Commander Hange is leading the squad charge. She orders them to disperse and free the area from the titans and cut them down. Eren is flying against the orders and slices down the nape of a titan and he announced that it is his first official kill as a soldier. Keiji scolded Eren to go against the orders. Eren is reunite with his Cadet friends. The team cleared all the titans from there. The battle is over and new cadets are shocked after seeing Ymir’s powers. Christa came to Ymir and she is in a very critical situation as her limbs are missing and her body is in a wounded stage. Christa reveals to Ymir that her real name is Historia and Ymir goes unconscious after a smile.

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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

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