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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


There is raining and the Scout Regiment is regrouping on the top of the Wall Rose. Ymir is unconscious and on the stretcher raised at the top of the wall carefully. Eren asks about Ymir’s condition and Keiji told him that her right part of the body is missing and her internal organs are damaged too. These kind of injuries makes a normal person dead. Eren helps Reiner to reach on the top of the wall. Historia is speaking with Section Commander Hange and telling her that Ymir is not a threat to the humanity despite her titan powers were hidden so long from us. Hange tells that she is very much open for an alliance with Ymir and her titan. Ymir’s knowledge of titans are more valuable than Eren. Hange asks to Christa that her real name is Historia and she came from a noble Reiss family. Historia tells her that it is the truth. Mobilt and Nifa are watching Ymir’s condition and Mobilt informs everybody that her wounds are healing. Hange is planning Ymir should sent to the Trost District because the medical care there will be better for her. They are continuing to find the breaching point on the Wall Rose.

On the Wall, Reiner is in stress because he is encountered with a Titan again. He also explains that it is his second near death experience with the Titan in Scout Regiment. He recalls with Armin that he was nearly killed by the Female Titan in the mission. Reiner is worried that he will be soon dead at these kind of encounters with the Titan. A soldier’s life works faster than his body. Eren accepts that Reiner and Bertholdt wants to go to their hometown that’s why they are stressed. Bertholdt is encourage by Reiner that they will return to their hometown soon. Reiner also agrees but Eren and Armin are confused that they are talking to go home at this kind of situation.

Conny joins them at the top of the wall and informing Mikasa and Sasha about the situation of Reiner and Ymir. Section Commander Hange assured him that Ymir will be dealt with ease and some Scouts will be sent to Conny’s village to investigate about the villagers. Now Hange told everybody that their main focus is to find the breaching point which is more worry for them. Captain Hannes and the Garrison advance army arrive there and they have the news about the breaching point. Hannes told that there is no breaching point in the wall from Trost to Krolva. The Advance Garrison army don’t approached with any titan in this journey. Armin told them that they had fought with Titans into Wall Rose last night. Eren asks Captain Hannes that if he was drunk during this search of the breaching point. Armin also makes a call that Captain Hannes and their team should’ve encountered with the Titans in Wall Rose. Hange announced that Scouts will depart for Trost District and Hannes bids farewell to them. Others are departing in confusion and Reiner calls Eren to talk aside.

Hange and Mobilt are discussing about the possibility of a titan who can dug out under the walls that’s why there is no breaching point on the walls. Reiner and Eren are talking about the situation five years ago, when he and Bertholdt began the attack on the walls to swap the humans. Reiner is the Armored Titan and Bertholdt is the Colossal Titan. Both are in shock when Eren reveals their identity. Reiner accepts that their main aim was to remove the humanity from the planet but this is not necessary in their mission. Reiner promised Eren that he should come with them and Bertholdt will be left here on the walls.

Eren asks Reiner that where he is taking him. Reiner told him that they are going to a place considered as hometown. If Eren is agreed to go with them Reiner promised that the Titans can be averted. Mikasa is listening the conversation near a distance and Armin calls the other. Eren is looking at sky and he is thinking about the previous day.

Twelve hours earlier in Ehrmich District, Captain Hange explained about Sasha’s message to the others Scouts in the hall. There is a file which have the information about Annie Leonhart and their family background. Hange reveals that there are two other Scouts who hails from the same region of Annie. The two other Scouts are Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover. There is not so much record about these three. Reiner and Bertholdt gives false information about Eren’s location in the Scout Mission. They told that Eren is in the right position but in actual he was in Centre rear. Armin noticed that the Titans attacked from the right wing. He also suggests that they should have passed the information to the Female Titan. Eren is in shock and Hange admits that the information is not enough to declare their conspiracy.

After investigating more information about them, Eren and Armin said that Reiner and Bertholdt are from the same hometown but still they did not speak to Annie so much. Sasha also said that Annie was not a friend of them as she always focused on eating. Eren insists that Bertholdt is a quite guy but Reiner is like their big brother in the squad to the other cadets. Armin counts Reiner was very brave when he faced the female titan and suddenly he realized that the female titan changed her direction when Reiner escaped from her grip. Hange questions that if Reiner was asking about Eren’s location everytime and Armin replied that Reiner was questioning about Eren’s location. Hange gave orders to every Scout that they should ignore Reiner and Bertholdt revealing identities until it is confirmed. Menitioning Annie in front of them should be ignored. The Scouts are marching for Utgard after the meeting.

On the Top of Wall Rose at the present situation Reiner claims that he is exhausted and Bertholdt also agreed with Reiner. Eren is absurd and pointing that he should come with them when he reveal his titan identity. Reiner accepts Eren’s proposal. Eren walks away a little bit and the winds picks up its speed and that cause the flag down. The other Scouts are looking at them by a distance and Reiner is silent and a large light came from the clouds.

Mikasa is ready and keeps her hands on the blade. Reiner accepts that from the last three years he is surrounded by some idiots. He also claims that him and his comrades are some clueless children once. Reiner removes his slings from his arm and exposes his wound caused by a titan. The wound is healed itself just like the titan. Reiner says that he will face the results of his actions but he will fulfill his duty as a warrior.

Bertholdt is panicking and ask Reiner that they should act at this stage. Reiner tells him that the time has come and Reiner moves to capture Eren. Mikasa came forward and cuts Reiner’s arms and slice Bertholdt’s neck from side. Mikasa tells Eren to run away and she is going for the final blow on Bertholdt but Reiner shoves her from the wall. Eren is watching all these things in shock. All the Scouts are running towards Eren and Armin tells Eren to escape from Reiner. There is a lot of energy and lightning on the top of the wall. There is Armored Titan and Colossal Titan emerges on the wall.

The Armored Titan grabs Eren in its hand and Colossal Titan grabs Ymir. Historia is crying and Armored Titan descends Wall Rose and Eren is in his grip. Eren is in tears and recalling the days when they were training together like brothers. Eren accepts the bitter truth that these two are the traitors for them and humanity. Eren bites his hand and transforms into Titan and makes a loud roar. Eren’s Titan is preparing himself to have a fight with Reiner’s Titan.

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