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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


The episode starts three years ago, Reiner and Bertholdt are wandering in the jungle during their training days. They are discussing the reason with Armin and Eren that why they should joined the Cadet Corps. Reiner told that he want to go to his hometown and Bertholdt wants to join the Military Police to be safe inside the walls. Eren told them that he wants to slaughter all the titans behind the walls and that’s why he want to join the Cadet Corps. Reiner was shocked that Eren has a very tough will which was not even broken by the titans. Reiner tells Eren that he has full faith that Eren will complete his training and become a cadet corp.

On the Wall Rose, Eren is transformed into the Titan and he is outraging at the traitors Reiner and Bertholdt. Both also reveals their identity as the titans. Eren’s powerful but yet ineffective punch on the Armored Titan makes Eren titan on the ground. Mikasa is hanging at the wall and scolding herself that she can’t help Eren because the Armored Titan’s body is really hard. She also thinking that she had a chance to kill Reiner and Berhtholdt when they were in human state and she realize that the chance won’t come again. On the top of the wall Captain Hange orders to all Scouts to jump from the wall towards the Colossal Titan. The colossal titan swing his arms approaching the Scouts. The Colossal Titan ate Ymir and they saw that another Scout is in its arms. Colossal Titan ate both and Historia is crying for Ymir. Colossal Titan opens its moth and swallow Ymir and The other soldier inside its mouth.

Section Commander Hange orders to attack on the Colossal Titan as the chance will not come again soon. All the Scouts are charging towards the Colossal Titan. The Colossal titan is punching but the Scouts are fast enough to avoid the punch. Hange and the other soldiers realize that the Colossal Titan is slow as compare to the other titans. The soldiers are going ahead to attack on titan’s nape but the last moment Colossal Titan unleashed a massive amount of heat and steam in the air. That thing cause the Scouts to fall back from the attack.

Captain Hange wonders that the Colossal Titan was not attempting to disappear like he did in Shiganshina and Trost. Armin noticed that the titan have some different kind of strategy. The Colossal Titan is now standing at the top of the wall and continuously unleashing steam and heat. It prevents any soldier to came near the Colossal Titan. Captain Hange decides to fall back until the next orders. She orders that Team 3 and Team 4 will be led by Rashad to take the position behind the Colossal Titan and Lauda is in charge of Team 2 which will stand as the guards. Captain Hange decides that Bertholdt leaves the Titan and we can kill the Colossal Titan but Armin denies the proposal. Captain Hange is leading Team 1 which is on the Wall Rose to make assist to Eren fighting with the Armored Titan. Team 2 includes Conny and Historia are carrying the wounded soldiers to take away from the combat. Historia is convinced that Ymir is still alive and not killed by the Colossal Titan. Conny is worried that Reiner and Bertholdt is not there and they also don’t have the Omni Directional Mobility Gear, unaware about their Titan’s identity.

Near the wall, on the ground Reiner delivers a knocking punch to Eren’s Titan. It cause that Eren’s Titan is fell away with a great distance. Eren is recovered from the blow and he is anger in Titan’s mind. Eren is anger from Reiner’s bad work and he is regretting that once he wants to be like Reiner. Mikasa all of a sudden strikes at Armored Titan’s nape but it cause no damage to the titan but Mikasa’s blades are broken. Mikasa realize that the armored titan is also covered like the female titan. Eren’s titan stand up and Armored titan is approaching to him. Eren’s titan is determined that he will defeat the Armored Titan. Eren’s Titan makes a punch at Reiner’s Titan but the reply from Reiner is even great. Eren’s titan is knocked once again.

Eren recalls a training session during her 104th Cadet Corps days. Eren is on the ground with one Annie’s punch. Eren is upset that he has more force than Annie but still he can’t do anything. Annie told him that she is only using his strength against himself. Eren understands that only strength can’t decide the result of a combat. Annie explains to use his own strength against the size of the opponent to take the advantage on the opponent. These kind of skills Eren should learn. Once again she demonstrates Eren and locks his arm and locks his head and the arm. Eren can’t able to escape from the lock and yielding. Annie explains him that he should stop yielding and learn how to speak with girls. Eren tells her that he will learn soon and before the conversation ends Reiner falls on the top of Eren. Mikasa approaches there and she ask to Annie that if she can try her moves on Mikasa. They both are going ready for a combat and the other cadets are watching this brawl and wonders that this would be once in a lifetime. All cadets are guessing that who will emerge from victory.

Came back at present, at Wall Rose Eren is wondering that why he is thinking these training things at this stage. Armin calls Eren that he can’t win the one on one fight with Reiner and Eren should retreat to the wall. Eren’s Titan roared and the cadets are worried that he lost control on the Titan. The two titans are ready for square off. Eren dives to Reiner’s arm and use Annie’s technique to grip against Reiner. Eren throws Armored Titan on the ground and maintaining the lock. Eren is thinking that the traitors has done the wrong thing by teaching him this kind of technique. Reiner tries to unlock the grip but Eren also locks his head between his legs. By doing all this Eren unleash enough force to crack Reiner Titan’s armor. Eren swings his legs and lock Reiner’s arm and pinned him on the ground. Eren’s titan tears off an arm of Armored Titan.

Reiner is recovering from the lock but still locked. Armin suggests that Eren now should fall back to the wall because Reiner and Bertholdt wants to capture Eren. Eren is retreating to the wall and Captain Hannes the advance Garrison group arrives there on the wall and wondering what is happening. They saw the Colossal Titan on the wall and Historia points out that Eren and the Armored Titan is competing with each other. Captain Hange came to Eren’s titan near the wall and tell him that he should find a way to stop Reiner from escape. She suggests that Eren should attack on Armored Titan’s leg. Eren nods in response and that cause Hange blushing in awe. Armin gave Mikasa his remaining blades so she can help Eren in the fight.

Eren gains some confidence in the combat and he noticed that Reiner is cornered in this situation. The Armored Titan regain his strength and charging to Eren. Eren is knocked over but still he manages to throw Reiner aside from him. The cadets are wondering from the wall that how Armored Titan regains his strength so fast. Captain Hange is analyzing that there should be any area where we can attack on the Armored Titan. She recalls the armors used in ancient wars and realize that some of the part in the back of the body like armpit, groin or behind the knee are unarmored. She realize that it will cause Reiner unable to stand on his knees. Eren is absolutely charged now and grips Reiner’s head under his arm. Eren locks Reiner’s legs too. Mikasa understands the situation and cuts the flesh from Reiner’s left knee from behind as told by Hange. Eren takes the advantage after Mikasa blow and squeeze Reiner’s head with all his power. The armor behind Armored Titan’s nape is slowly shattering.

Reiner has a very low amount of power left and he drags Eren’s Titan to a short distance. The Scouts are cheering for Eren and they believes that Reiner can’t do anything now. Reiner stops his movement and make a loud road. Captain Hange orders the other scouts to look around if Reiner is calling the other titans. The area is completely titan free and clear. Conny on the top of the wall realize that the Colossal Titan is moving from the wall. The rib cage of the Colossal Titan fell from the wall. They shout and tell the other scouts to move away from the wall. The rib cage is toppled over Eren and Reiner.

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