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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


In the combat Eren had the upper hand over Reiner but at the last moment Armored Titan roars the Colossal Titan from the above of Wall Rose the Colossal Titan topple over them. A soldier shouts to make the other Scouts attentive and avoid them to include in the collision. There is full of heat and stream when the Colossal titan crashed down on Eren and Reiner. Sasha makes a shield for Armin to save from the heat and the rest of the Scout reaches on the top of the wall. The soldiers fall back by the heat and steam. Armored Titan pins Eren’s titan on the ground and bites him on his nape. Bertholdt emerges from the Titan and he have his ODM gear and carrying Ymir with him. He carry himself of Reiner’s titan shoulder and running for the escape. Armin can’t pursue and he is crying for Eren.

On Trost District, Dot Pyxis is sleeping on the top of the Wall Rose. His assistant wakes him up and he scolded Pyxis for his recklessness. The assistant informs Pyxis that some titans are spotted near the defensive lines. Dot Pyxis is expecting that Hannes advance team will find the breaching point of the wall and solve the situation. Commander Erwin Smith came on the top of the wall and Pyxis congratulates him for catching one of the spies as titan. Pyxis is happy that what the top management will think and praise them when they will hear this news. Commander Erwin also agrees that Military Police joined them in the mission to help them and end the crisis.

In the streets, the Scouts are discussing that there is very low amount of Titans are remaining near Wall Rose. Jean is worried about his friends. Suddenly a Scout from Hannes advance team came there with some information. The soldier is Hannes messenger who informs them that there was no breach found in the Wall Rose. The advance team running to Commander Hange’s squad and find that three of the recruits of 104th cadet corps are titan in actual. Jean is in disbelief that there is more than one fellow comrades are titans. Erwin tells the Scout to continue with his information. He told them that there was a battle with the Colossal and Armored Titan but when their squad joined the other for fight it was already over.

On Wall Rose, Armin is watching Mikasa who is still unconscious after the battle and the heat. Hannes regrets that this is a bad outcome from the situation. Many of the Scouts saw that Eren’s titan was injured by the Colossal Titan’s fall on them. Hannes asked about Mikasa’s condition and Armin told that she is absolutely fine and suffering from a concussion. Hannah leaver Armin with Mikasa to gain some rations for them.

Five Years ago in Shiganshina District, Armin came to Mikasa and informed her that Eren had gotten into a fight with the bullies trio because they had stolen Armin’s bread. Eren confronted the bullies and he started a fight in the market area with the trio. The Garrison soldiers are drunk and watching them which also includes Hannes. Mikasa came there and help Eren and fights with the trio. The fight is broken when a Military Officer came there. The trio ran out from the situation and Eren is running behind to chase them.

On the Top of the Wall Rose, Mikasa wakes up from unconsciousness and understanding the situation after battle. She questions Armin about Een. Armin tells her that Eren and Ymir are taken away by Reiner and Bertholdt. Almost five hours are passed since the battle. Mikasa is shocked that no one tries to pursue the titans but Armin tells her they firstly they must lift the horses to the other side of the wall. All the Scout Regiments are injured by the Colossal Titan. The reinforcements must need some time to regather. Mikasa has some headache problem and she tells that it can be from her concussion. Mikasa recalls that how she and Captain Levi were able to rescue Eren from Female Titan’s jaw some days before. Now Eren’s rescue chance are very low because almost five hours are passed. Mikasa putting her scarf and wonders that why every time Eren ends up far from his friends in the end.

Hannes return at the place with some rations and giving two piece each to Mikasa and Armin and also starts to eat one himself. Mikasa and Armin don’t take their ration but Hannes told them that they both are the first ones get to the Eren always. Eren always finds himself in a situation like this whether it’s the Trio Bullies or the Titans. Hannes recalls that Eren is always charged up for the fights since childhood and it doesn’t matter if he is outnumbered. Hannes recalls that he never saw Eren wining a fight but he also never saw Eren giving up. Hannes insists that his fate will put him into a fight if that will cause to save Eren. Eren will be fine where ever he is.

After short while, Commander Erwin came at the place with the reinforcements of the Scout Regiment and the Military Police. Armin insists to Christa that she don’t have to put herself in danger with this mission but she is determined that she will bring Ymir back and participate in this mission. Conny also decides to join the mission because he can’t believe that Reiner and Bertholdt are the traitors and the titans. Mobilt meets Erwin and informs him about the condition of the squad. Hange who is still injured grabs Mobilt leg and orders him to bring a map.

Almost all the soldiers are gathered and Hange told every body that the most favorable place to find Eren is the forest of giant trees. She gives the reason that the Titans will need some time to regain their strength and power before nightfall. Hange believes that they are resting in the forest of giant trees which will not attract the other titans towards them because the forest is deep.

In the forest Eren wakes up and his arms are missing. Ymir is already waken up near him and she is recovering her missing limbs. On a tree Reiner and Bertholdt are greeting that Eren is wake up. The Scouts are descended from Wall Rose to the Forest of Giant Trees and they are determined to rescue Eren from titans before the nightfall.

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