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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


The Episode starts as Scout Regiment, Advance Garrison Regiment and Military Police is out from Wall Rose to rescue Eren. Captain Hange on wall Rose attempts to search for a horse, as she is determined to ride for Ragako which is Conny’s village for the limb titan found on Conny’s house. Mobilt is there and he refused that he will not bring any horse for Hange because she is weak and should recover. Out from Wall Rose Commander Erwin makes long distance formation of the Scouts to saw the enemy from a long distance in the Forest of Giant Trees.

In the forest, Reiner and Bertholdt realize the Eren is woke up from concussion. Eren saw that he is missing both his arms and can’t regenerate them. Ymir told him that she will slowly recover her lost limbs because the body is very weak now. Reiner apologize to Eren and told him that he was in a hurry to bring Eren here so he had to tear his arms to get him out from his titan form. This is the reason his arms are still missing. Eren bites his hand and tries to transform in the titan again but Ymir stops him. Ymir tells him that we are not in a position for a fight against Reiner, Bertholdt and the other titans. We are in the Forest of Giant Trees which is far from Wall Rose and Maria. There are a lot number of Titans you can see around which are lurking around you. Ymir also noticed that Reiner and Bertholdt have the ODM gear and they have nothing.

Reiner told them that both of them will never transform into Titan until they will recover from their injuries. Eren is outraged at Reiner and Berholdt and calls them traitors. Ymir accepts Reiner’s call and she ask that what Reiner and Bertholdt do with them now. Why they are captured. Reiner tells them that they will take them to their hometown but only after the nightfall. It will take a time up to nightfall to regain their strength and also the other Titans will become inactive in the night. Ymir also wonders that why Reiner runs from Wall Maria without the Armored Titan but Reiner don’t give any answer to them.

Eren is also thinking about the various options he has. Eren believes that he can transform into the titan and he will escape too but Reiner’s comment that he is unable to transform is also true. Plus, A transformed titan which is not fully strength will be caught and eaten by the other Titans which are lurking below them under their trees. Eren considers that Reiner and Bertholdt also make their next move after the nightfall because they are also recovering like Ymir and him. Eren recalls the combat with Reiner and he is worried that what will happened to the other Scouts on the wall, they will surely searching for him. Ymir speaks to Reiner about the Titans at Utgard who can move in the night and she is wondering that if the titans near them can also move in the night. Reiner said that these titans can’t move in the night and he also claims that Ymir also knows about this information. It makes Eren confuse that he still don’t know about the mission of Ymir as a titan and where her ally in actual is. Eren thinks that he will suppress his feelings and gain more information as much as he can until the nightfall.

Commander Erwin’s formation come across with a titan in the right wing. He orders the troops to attach with the center formation and take the straight route to the forest because it will save time. Hannes calls Mikasa to slow her horse speed and go with the formation. Hannes tells Mikasa that he understands her concern for Eren but she should recall the earlier conversation on Wall Rose that Eren will make fight until he is able to do.

In the forest, Ymir is parched and she asks for water. Reiner told her that they are unable to take care of her because they are not in a situation of help. Reiner realize that all of them are working continuously since last morning when the titans were spotted for the first time. Reiner suggests that they all will receive the promotion when this situation will be ended.

Ymir and Eren are confused after hearing about the promotion from Reiner, Bertholdt also starts worrying. Ymir questions about the strange behavior of Reiner. He replied and thanks her for the cannon she find which saved him from the titan. Reiner also recalls Christa was helping her after the arm injury and he wonders that if she has the same feeling for him.

Eren demands question of various answers and Reiner’s change of character of Christa and others. Bertholdt remembers to Reiner that they are warriors nor soldiers. Reiner starts panic and he recall the moments when he struggles in Trost for the Marco Bodt, which almost feeds him to a Titan. Bertholdt and Annie were also there at the time and they were watching him with tears in their eyes.

Marco was eaten alive by the titan and Reiner don’t know about the situation and he wonders why Marco was eaten by the Titan. Reiner is full of stress and when he remember about himself. Eren demands that what the two traitors were thinking at that time when he tells them how his mother died in Shiganshina when they were attacked by the Colossal and Armored Titan. Bertholdt accepts that he felt sorry for Eren’s loss. Eren tells that they both have lost all the sympathy and they are the murderers nothing more. Reiner tells Eren that they already knows what they are doing and it will not accomplish anything.

There is nothing to say. Eren is confident that he will kill them both and Ymir is tired after listening Eren’s outbursts and tells him to stop for a while. Ymir asks about the monkey titan which is full of furs appeared at the Utgard Castle. She insists that Reiner and Bertholdt surely knows about that titan in the castle. Ymir believes that the monkey titan is responsible for the latest Titan’s invasion and testing the humans strength against the titans. Ymir also claims that if Reiner and Bertholdt finds that monkey titan they will make their way to the hometown. Eren is interested in the monkey titan and he requests Ymir to told everything she know about the monkey titan. Eren also questioning himself that which titan is in actual humanity’s true enemy.

Ymir wants to say something but Reiner interrupts her and he claims that the human world in the wall don’t have any future. Reiner asks Ymir it can be possible if she will join them and Reiner shares a concern for Christa. Reiner tells that Ymir’s own safety is not guaranteed but still Christa have a lot of chance to survive in the future. Ymir is thinking about the proposal and Eren asks the same question who is the real enemy and Ymir answers that she didn’t know.

Reiner and Bertholdt saw the signal flares are spotted near the forest. They realize about the arrival of Scout Regiment which are sooner and faster than expected. Eren is expecting that there is only one hour remaining before the nightfall.

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