Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 1 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 1 English Subbed

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The Season’s first episode starts and Eren is looking in the sky near a sea. Eren’s hair are grown long and he is thinking that how Armin always told him that there is a big sea beyond the walls. Armin also wonders that what is after that sea.

Eren and the Cadets of 104th Cadet Corps are in an unofficial rural cabin. They are quarreling for cleaning the cabin. Sasha is stealing the food there and Mikasa is working fast and smoothly. It is like their training time together in the Cadet Corps but still many things are changed. The group is organized into Captain Levi squad to protect Historia aka Christa and Eren.

The group confronts Sasha to get the stolen bread back. Captain Levi arrives there and he swipes his hand under the table and find that there is still dirt. He is disappointed that they had given enough time to get the cleaning done but still there is dirt. Captain postpones the cleaning discussion for later and he takes the squad to work on Captain Hange’s experiment on Eren’s titan and its powers.

The current experiment is a flop one because Eren don’t have much control on his transformation. The current titan is not full size and doesn’t have many muscles in the body. Eren’s body is hanging on the back of titan’s nape.

Eren don’t responds on Hange’s orders. Mikasa jumps to Eren from her horse and cut Eren from his titan. Hange also came down and she is pulling the body of Eren to pull out from titan. Eren’s face is destroyed in the titan and due to Hange’s excitement. She asks Mobilt to draw Eren’s sketch. Mikasa cuts Eren free and that gives Hange a good chance to look on Eren’s face. Hange realize that she was carried away with her emotions.

Eren is in a bad situation and the Scouts realize that there is a long way to see the full ability of Eren’s titan to seal Wall Maria. Captain Hange announced that the experiment is done for today and gives orders to Keiji to inform the other Scouts to make sure there are no witnesses of today’s experiment. From a far distance, two unknown people are watching the light and the smoke of Eren’s transformation.

The evening in Trost District, Commander Erwin is reading the reports which were brought by Captain Levi about the experiment of Hange on Eren. Levi believes that the biggest problem in the experiment is the lack of full information and full ability of Eren. He also wonders if he could get any information from Historia because she is from a royal background. Erwin said that he looked in Historia’s background and found that she is the illegitimate daughter of Lord Reiss.

Eren was sleeping from a day and he came into the kitchen for the work to help the other Scouts which were preparing to make the food. Eren is disappointed that the plan of repairing the wall doesn’t work because of him. Conny is preparing for a chance to fight against that Beast Titan. Conny and Mikasa are leaving the kitchen to help Jean and Sasha. Eren and Christa are now alone in the kitchen.

Historia says that it is very nice that Eren and the other Scouts have a definite goals but the goals are not the easy ones. Ymir is gone and now Christa doesn’t know what she actually wants from her life. The first goal is that she wanted to save Ymir but then she realize that Ymir leaves her with her choices. Historia don’t have any rights to change others choices. Eren is happy that Historia has started to talk like the past again. Historia apologize that Christa the girl they know is no longer exists in the world. Eren tells her that she doesn’t like her previous model because it was not natural. Historia is now like a natural and honest girl.

Eren and Historia are called and all the Scouts are in the hall. Captain Hange informs everybody that Pastor Nick is dead. He was extremely tortured and then killd this morning in the barracks of First Interior Squad of Military Police Regiment in Trost District. The first interior squad operates in the capital as military police. Hange can’t get more information from the body but she is pretty sure that his all fingernails were torn out to reveal any information from him. Captain Levi tells that Nick will surely not reveal so much information before getting killed that’s why his all fingernails were torn out. It means the Military Police don’t know much about the Scouts objectives.

Nifa arrives in the hall and she have a message from Commander Erwin. After reading the message Captain Levi orders every Scout to move out immediately and any body will not leave any trace that the Scouts were here. After some time the cabin is surrounded and destroyed by the Military Police. Captain Levi and Hange’s squads are already safe in the forest. Captain Levi tells the Scouts that the government has ceased all the Scouts activity outside the wall. Eren and Historia also should be handed to the government. Nifa also adds an information that after receiving the message from Commander Erwin, the Military Police came to arrest the Commander.

Captain Levi orders everyone to move out for Trost District because it will be more safe for Eren and Historia than here because they can also use ODM Gear in the city. Hange decides that she and Mobilt are going for Erwin and the other Scouts are going with Captain Levi. Eren gives a note to Hange about the conversation between Ymir and Bertholdt in the forest of giant trees.

The very next day in Trost District, Conny noticed that the royal family’s flags are hanging everywhere in the city. It is because of the anniversary of the King’s coronation. The Military Police is distributing the rations to the Trost People. The ration is from the royal family reserves. Captain Levi noticed that it will be a calculative risk and move by the King. Lord Reiss concludes that the most important thing is to continue the power and the vessel. They already have a plan B in tunnel.

Captain Levi and his squad is going in Trost and a wagon came near them and that cause barring between the Scouts. The two people in the wagon cart grab Eren and Historia, but in actual they are Jean and Armin. Eren and Historia are going from another wagon cart driven by Keiji. Captain Levi and others are chasing those kidnappers. One of the kidnapper is molesting Armin as Historia. Mikasa is watching them and she warns Levi that Jean and Armin’s disguise will not last after some time. The kidnappers seems to be amateurs and that’s why Captain Levi gives the situation in his squad hands.

The main kidnapper and other men came in warehouse where Jean and Armin are as Eren and Historia. The kidnapper noticed that the security guard is missing in the warehouse. Mikasa attack on the main kidnapper. Suddenly the other Scouts including Jean and Armin attacks the other kidnappers. The kidnappers are tied by the Scouts and Captain Levi came to meet the kidnappers.

Anywhere else Captain Levi joins Nifa on rooftop and looking at the Kriji’s cart who is taking Eren and Historia from the city. Captain Levi thinks that the body double plan was successful but still he thinks that Military Police will not use such amateurs for kidnapping Eren and Christa. Captain asks Nifa that she heard about Kenny The Ripper who is knowns as mass murderer. Captain Levi tells Nifa that he grew up with him.

Suddenly Nifa is blown up on his head by an ODM gear which is modified as shotgun. There are other soldiers arrived with that special gear, the unit has not seen before this episode. One of that soldier kills Abel. The mysterious man came near Captain Levi and taunting him. The man claims that Captain Levi is not changed much yet. He is coming near Captain Levi on the rooftop and reloading his guns. Captain Levi realize that the man is Kenny himself.

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