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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 10 English Subbed

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In Capital Mitras, the Military Police is beginning the construction of a platform for Queen Historia’s ceremony. Captain Levi is searching the debris of the destroyed underground chapel. He finds that all the members of Anti Personnel Control Squad are crushed and killed under the debris. A Scout came to Captain Levi and he informs that they have found Kenny Ackermann.

The episode goes in past and some years ago, Kenny Ackermann was young and he saw that someone is stronger than him for the first time in his life. Thee guy was Uri Reiss, who got the power of a titan but he used the power very partially and he grabs Kenny before he could kill him. Uri’s brother Rod is there and he wants to shoot Kenny but Uri stops him and ask that Kenny is about to be the part of the council. Uri can’t give the full information than Kenny tells him that he was a descendant of the Ackermann Family.

Kenny is upset that Uri knows so much about him and his motivations, Kenny threw his dagger on Uri but Uri blocked the dagger with his arm. Rod said again that he would kill Kenny but Kenny begins that they should forgive him. They knows that Uri is the true king and he wants to escape from the spot. Rod’s expressions are changed and he makes clear to Kenny that he wants to take another chance to kill Uri. Now Kenny is aware that Uri can killed him at that moment but he can’t do anything about that.

Uri set down and he tore himself from its titan. Rod asked what is Uri doing. Kenny was an Ackermann and that’s why Uri can’t clear to erase the memory of Kenny from his mind. Kenny drew his gun and Uri knelt in front of Kenny and apologized for the persecution of the Ackermanns. Kenny can’t allow himself to kill Uri. Uri bowed to Kenny and Kenny forgive him.

Kenny was thinking about the fact that a King with so much power is bowing down to someone like him and he wants to help him. Kenny replaced the person of the council and he shows the truth about the Reiss family. Kenny’s new job was in the council and it ends the persecution of the Ackermann for the king. Kenny has now some few enemies and he was visiting to his sister, Kuchel. He goes to his sister’s house and he saw that she is passed away and her son is sitting beside him. The son is Levi and Kenny don’t give his family’s name of Levi.

Levi introduced himself as just Levi and Kenny replied that his name is just Kenny and he knew about Kuchel who was his family friend. Kenny takes the boy with him and he makes sure that Levi is feeding well and he teaches him some lessons. Kenny teaches Levi how to hold a knife, and how to handle neighbors and how to make the deals.

On the meeting, Kenny met Djel Sannes who is from Interior Police and he is apologizing that he kills so many people. Sannes is unbothered by Kenny because now Kenny served the king. Sannes got the own reverence for the king and Kenny is doing his job. Sannes asks Kenny that he is different from others or not and Kenny is now thinking about it. Kenny is now decides to serve Uri because he got the strongest around. Kenny is watching that Levi beats down a man who is stronger than him. He reflects that he is one who is the strongest one. Levi is the person who will end his journey like his sister. Kenny leaves Levi behind and goes away from the spot.

After so many years, Uri told Kenny that he don’t have much time left and Kenny noticed all things despite that he is a titan. Uri don’t have any match for its age and disease. Uri says that his power will be passed to Rod’s children and Uri will leave with the memories of them. Their world will be attached with the future and Uri is wishing that he could do anything to save the humanity. Uri found that violence is an unavoidable truth which will be used against the titans. Rod and Kenny managed to become friends and Kenny can’t understand that how their friendship is really good. Uri admits that if he don’t grabs his titan, the titan will surely killed him. Uri also not disagree and he chose that a miracle should happen today or tomorrow.

Kenny is not agreed with Uri that any miracle should happen but he is seeing the result of everything down his titan which is in Freida Reiss. She has taken the titan on its demeanor to the exact point where Kenny can see at Freida’s titan and Uri was also inside him. Frieda is talking about love and peace like the same way Uri was talking. Kenny is wondering that being powerful is not enough some things also need freedom to talk about. Kenny can also work for someone else too.

Two years after the breach of Wall Maria by the Titan, Kenny introduced himself with the newly mad Anti Personnel Control Squad as he is their captain. He is telling all of them that it did not make any sense that a serial killer is their captain who don’t have any kind of Military Experience. The guy with zero experience is their new boss, Caven tells Kenny that this thing didn’t bother her. On the wall people are fighting for that land which is remained and that is the reason of the existence of their brand new squad. All should follow the rules and climbing up to the different ranks is pointless in the views of Caven.

Caven’s response pleased Kenny and he assured that their squad is existed for some reasons and the biggest reason is to counter the Scout Regiment when they are not legitimate. Kenny tells that his squad members are still confused because they are asking for a grand squad who can fight with god too.

Kenny is wondering that he wants to see how the world was seeing by Uri. Captain Levi finds and he realize that Kenny’s wounds are deadly. Kenny shows Levi the syringe he grabs from Rod Reiss’s satchel bag. If Kenny injects himself then he will become the titan. That will extend the life of him and he don’t want to do that.

Captain Levi asks Kenny that why he do not inject himself when he was alone. Kenny tells Levi that he was afraid if he done the process wrong he would become a messed titan like Rod. Kenny also admits that he don’t want to die and he wants the power. He also reflects that Uri and he understands that the time will spare him that day. Kenny is laughing and he tells Levi that everyone he met during his life was same. Everyone wants to make him a slave and orders him to keep them going.

Kenny is coughing and spills the blood, Captain Levi drops his gun and grabs him on his shoulders. He demands that he will tell him everything he knows. Levi asks that why the first king don’t want the humanity to survive. Kenny don’t want any kind of specifics and that was the reason why Ackermann family opposed the king. Levi asks that what was his relationship with his mother. Kenny is laughing and he tells Captain Levi that he was Kuchel’s brother. Kenny does that because he don’t want to become someone’s father because he don’t deserve that.

Kenny is showing the box of syringe to Levi who takes the box. Levi raise his eyes again and he realize that Kenny is passed away. In the capital, Historia’s ceremony is going on and she gets the crown from Dhalis Zachary and the crowd is appreciating. All the people and high ranking members of the military are attending the ceremony. The people are discussing that Historia slayed the titan in Orvud District and overthrow her father as the titan. Commander Erwin Smith kneels to the new Queen and he remembers the discussion on the top of the wall with Historia. Historia asked Erwin that she will make the final blow to the Titan, that will unite the wall and also makes the political situation stabilize in the capital. Erwin accepts that Historia was successful in the final blow.

After the ceremony was successful, Historia’s teammates are walking beside with her and she is thinking about Mikasa’s suggestion to punch Captain Levi. Eren is thinking that it is just a joke nothing more by Mikasa but Mikasa urges again that she should punch Levi because she is the queen now. Historia says that she should do this if she wants to call herself a Queen. The squad are now seeing Captain Levi standing ahead.

They approaches Captain Levi and Historia takes a breathe and punch Captain Levi in the arm. Historia asks that how he like. Levi smiles to his squad and thanks all of them and the squad is surprise to see Captain Levi smiling.

Reiner’s Armored Titan is in the ruins of Shiganshina District and his armor is torn down. Armored Town don’t look like conscious and Bertholdt runs over his titan. Bertholdt brings out Reiner’s body out from his titan and they saw that the Beast Titan is near them. The Beast Titan tells that they won their duel so they can save Annie later and gaining the coordinates is their main priority.


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