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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 11 English Subbed

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In a farm, Historia is chasing tow children and Eren, Armin and Jean are watching them. Its almost two months passed since Historia was crowned, but now it seems that she is better suited to run an orphanage rather than a capital, Jean is wondering. Armin replied that people are calling Historia “A Cattle Farming Goddess”. Jean thinks as the going conditions no one will remember the guy who plugged the hole in Trost District but that was the disappointment. Eren don’t take the bait and he is asking Historia that is this what she was wishing for, to take the care of orphans, children and the needy.

Historia came near the Scouts and tells them to stop talking because it is getting dark and all should move on now. Jean and Armin obey Historia. Eren don’t seems to be bothered and he is walking with Historia. Eren confirms that his experiments are going well but the experiments should happen now on a faster rate before the titans return. Historia asks him that what he will do when he will face Reiner and Bertholdt again. Eren replies that this time he will surely kill them.

Historia tells that she does not regret anything they have done with her. The children are smiling to Historia and she can’t see anything wrong with the choices she had followed. Eren told Historia that she is doing great, and she was the first one who said him that humanity should get wiped out. Historia also protests that she don’t carrying away these days. The conversation is proceeding and Mikasa came there. Mikasa is showing some spicy expression on her face and she takes away the supplies Eren had. She says that it is a lot of supplies and he would have been tired due to the experiments on him. She carries away the supplies and Eren is thinking that Mikasa should stop treating him that him like an old man.

The Military was gone under a purge, and following by the coup d’état and humanity also got some things in return. The glowing hall in the underground chapel can be used as a light source and it was because of Eren’s experiments. The Scouts were successful to create a new Anti Titan weapon. Hange calls the weapon the executioner from hell during a demo of that titan.

The weapon works to lure the titans on the narrow corridor where a human can get blocked by the Eren’s hard ice material. When the titan came near that ice material the Scout Regiment drops that weapon on titan’s nape to kill it. Hange is overwhelming to see that the weapon is actually working and the weapon will give them advantage to kill the titans day and night without risking the life of any Scout Soldier. Hange turns out towards Eren in the excitment and notices that Eren is bleeding out from his nose. Captain Levi tells Hange that it is because Eren is now overusing his titan’s powers and due to all the experiments on him. Hange apologizes to Eren for the experiments and Eren said that these weapons will help him to go to the Shiganshina district.

The Scout Regiment hall is full messed up, Marlo is sharing his experience with the members of Squad Levi. Marlo is confident that the new weapons will allow all the Scouts to kill more and more titans. Jean is not impressed and he says that Marlo is the only person who can be excited because he is also excited when he join the Scouts. Sasha is questioning Marlo that why Hitch did not try to stop him. Marlo asks that why she would stop him. He recalls that Sasha told him that he should not join the Scouts. Jean, Armin and Sasha are thinking that how thick headed Marlo is, Eren is the lone person who can’t understand that what Marlo done wrong.

The conversation goes on and Jean tells Marlo that there is only one person who is happy to getting worked by their progress like Marlo, who don’t have any kind of combat experience. A table behind Jean, Floch asks Jean that he thinks he is a veteran now. He come to Jean’s table with two other recruits and tells Jean that he is not the only one who is excited. Every person in the wall is looking excited to take Wall Maria back. Looking at all the graduates of 104th Cadet Corps, Floch is thinking that there is so many things different about him. Floch is thinking that there is something different about the his fellow faces and wondering what happened to them. Jean asks Floch that he likes to know what is different with them and Floch replies that he don’t want to know.

Floch and his fellow recruits leave and Conny finished his dinner and gets up from his place, he is saying that he will visit his village in the morning tomorrow. Sasha also supposed that it is not possible to make Conny’s mother to transform into human from titan and Armin agrees. It cause Eren to remember Ymir and she said that it was like being a titan every time. Eren wonders why Titans are in actual the people and tormented by the nightmares.

Eren is thinking about himself that he also have some memories of being titan. Mikasa snaps titan and tells him to finish his remaining food. Jean also complains for Eren’s mumbling and he should focus on the Scouts he saw in his father’s memories few days back. Eren feels that he met that man he saw in his memories but still can’t remember where and when. Jean tells him that Eren needs a headbutt from the Commander and Captain. It cause Eren realize that the Scout in Eren’s father memories is actually Commandant Keith Sadies.

Keith Sadies was the 12th Scout Regiment Commander before Commander Erwin Smith. Hange, Levi and some other Scouts are going to meet Keith Sadies. They all are inside a room and Sasha is standing beside because she is afraid about thinking the time she spend with Sadies during her training. Keith noticed that there are only some months spent since all of them are graduated but he can’t recognize all recruits from the 104th Cadet Corps.

Hange tells Keith that he have to understands why they are here today. Keith is looking at Eren and says that Eren resembles his mother but his eyes are like his father. Eren asks that Keith to tell him everything he knows, Keith admits that in the grand scheme of things he don’t know much but still he knows about the history and childhood of Eren. He recalls that Keith met Grisha almost twenty years ago outside the gates of the Wall Maria. They both were shocked to see each other outside the Wall. Keith brings Grisha in and Grisha can’t remember how Keith went outside the walls.

On a day, Grisha was detained by some Garrison soldiers because it was a crime for the normal people to go outside the walls. Hannes was worried about Grisha and he agreed to take care of her, because he knows that she won’t hurt anyone. Hannes suggests that they will not give the report about Grisha and Keith agreed on the condition.

Grisha is claiming that he had lost his memories but he remember that his name is Grisha and he was a doctor. He urges that if Keith can introduce him to a hospital where he can work as a doctor. Grisha asked Keith that he should teach him about the whole world in the wall and The Scouts. Keith tells him about those things and he was surprised that Grisha actually don’t know about the world in the walls.

Once both were drinking in a bar and Grisha tells about the relief of the people in the walls as they don’t have any fear of the titan. Keith was unhappy with the sentiments used by Grisha. Like the other people, Keith don’t think that it is safe to live in the walls. There is a world outside the walls and every body should explore that world like the Scouts do. Keith asked Grisha that what about his thought and Grisha replied that it is very much admirable and The Scouts are the pride of humanity.

Carla interrupts them and he asks Keith that if he is trying to recruit for the Scouts again. Grisha replied that it is not in the conversation because Keith is unsuitable for the Scouts. Only a chosen person can join the Scouts and do the work which Scouts do and that thing was taken on heart by Keith. The Scouts were on continuous failures under the 11th commander, Keith was thinking that the Scouts will achieve the results if he will become the Commander.

After sometime, a disease called plague gripped the people of Shiganshina and Carla was suffering from the disease. Keith brought Carla to Grisha for medical care and Carla informs to Grisha that her parents are sick too. Grisha assured Carla that he will take care of everyone. Keith is seeing the Carla is going closer to Grisha and Keith got the promotion as the 12th Commander of the Scout Regiment. The promotion got overshadowed by the marriage of Carla and Grisha sadly.

Keith returns from a mission and the Scouts are talking on Keith’s back that he is a moron who orders the Scouts into death. The Scouts are wishing if they can change the Commander and Erwin should be the Commander for them. In reality on that mission the squad didn’t have any kind of casualties so he reminds himself that he is special. He is walking through the town and bumped with Carla and a child in her lap. Carla asked Keith that if he is intended for death because it is his age now for retiring from the Scouts. That thing was taken on heart by Keith.

Keith is thinking about all things that how most people live and dies without try to change their life. Normal People can’t get the greatness and this caused him years later. Erwin Smith takes him over as Commander of Scouts after that Keith is confident that special people didn’t exist in the world but it is the hard work which makes normal people into special. After Keith’s failures he realized that he was not made for the Scouts but he realize that after so many years.


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