Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 12 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 12 English Subbed

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Dhalis Zachary entered into the room and apologize that he is late. Dot Pyxis, Commander Erwin, Captain Levi and Hange are in the room. They starts the discussion about the syringe left by Kenny Ackermann. Hange explains that the syringes contents are looking like these are obtained like a human body’s fluid but the fluid evaporates when it came in touch with the air. It is very difficult to study about this fluid. Hange also wondering that whoever made this successful, he surely have a higher level of technology than us.

They can’t tamper the syringe without opening it. Dot Pyxis suggests that they can use the syringe for completing any kind of future objectives. Zachary accepts but the biggest thing is who will take the syringe, Zachary asks Commander Erwin. Erwin told that he is not a fully fighter now so the responsibility should be given to the best and that is Captain Levi. Erwin suggests that Levi have the best chance for survival. Erwin tells Levi that he don’t knows personally what will be the best time to use this syringe but the decision is fully on Captain Levi’s ability and his mind. Captain Levi got the full rights to use the syringe and Levi agrees to take it.

Commander Erwin meets with the high command officers to retake Wall Maria. Erwin suggests that Grisha Jaegar was the man outside the walls like Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt, Grisha also have the power of the titans. But Grisha was the supportive of the humanity. Grisha’s final words to his son Eren is surely laying in their basement. Erwin is suspecting that the basements have some other things too which Grisha unable to tell Eren. The secrets can be about the first king and the humanity’s memory.

Commander Erwin announces that the operation to retake Wall Maria will start in two days. If anybody wants to know that what is in the basement, then he should go with him after two days. This is what Scouts do through their life. All officers are pleased with Erwin’s thoughts and they are preparing to give the message to the younger soldiers. The officers suggests that they should serve meat to their squads today. Dirk asks that they should have do something with Keith Sadies but should keep all the secrets from him. Hange tells to forget Keith now. All are leaving and Marlene is teasing Hange that she used to adore Keith once. Everyone is out from the room and Levi closed the door from inside after pushing Hange outside.

Commander Erwin and Captain Levi are alone and Levi asks Erwin that what he will do after the successful retaking of Wall Maria except making the defense plans of the Wall. Erwin replies that there is someone outside the walls who wants to see that all Scouts are eaten by the titans. He will kill all of them. All these kind of guy’s identity should be in that basement and they will make future plans after reaching the basement.

Captain Levi makes clear that he is asking these things because he is not sure that Erwin will live that long. He reminds that Erwin is now handicapped due to loss of his arm. Levi suggests that Erwin should let Hange to lead this mission but Erwin recalls his childhood memories with his father and he tells that he will lead this mission. The operation is very important for the humanity and that’s why he put so much planning to become this mission successful. If he will not lead this mission then the chance of success will reduce.

Levi asks that if Erwin dies, then the Scouts will be doomed so that’s why it is better for Erwin to stay at the desks. Levi warns Erwin that he can break his legs too to keep him work at desks. Erwin accepts Levi’s logic and it seems goo but Erwin wants to be there on the mission. Erwin wants to learn more about the truth of the world, which is more important his legs. Captain Levi is confident and he told that he believes in Erwin’s judgement.

A night before the operation to retake wall Maria, Harold is discussing about the soldier and Scouts rank in the dinner hall. Conny and Sasha are amazed that they have meat in the dinner. Harold’s speech ends and the dinner hall turns into a fight club as all are fighting with each other for meat. Sasha got a large meat in her mouth and Jean is yelling at her. Conny tries to pull Sasha back and Jean wants to pull that meat out of mouth. Marlo is wondering that if Scouts never got meat before and he got punched by Sasha. Conny is still trying to control Sasha. Mikasa tells Conny to knock Sasha out but he tells that Sasha is very strong.

On another table the officers are watching the dinner hall chaos and wondering that it was a good or bad idea to give everyone meat in the dinner. Harold apologizes and said that it can happen when you serve two months of food budget is equal to a single night’s dinner.

Eren and Conny are settling Sasha. Conny yells at Sasha’s behavior and he recalls that it was the same girl who offered meet once when they were firing the cannons four months ago. Eren remembers that it was before the arrival of Colossal Titan at Trost District. Eren can’t believe that this incident was occurred four months ago.

In the dinner hall, Jean is explaining to Marlo that he placed at the rear guard in the mission. He tells that if the Scouts will threw their recruits to vanguard that it will be a sure dead for them before they can learn anything against the titans. In back days, the new recruits got a chance to study about the missions and they came back home in one piece. Jean calls Eren a suicidal manic for this mission and Eren starts fighting with Jean.

Both are fighting in the hall and the other soldiers are watching them. They punch each other and Armin ask Mikasa they they should stop them but Mikasa denied. Eren and Jean begins to tired and Captain Levi came and knocks both of them on the floor because they were rowdy for Captain Levi.

Mikasa, Armin an Eren are walking in streets in night. Eren asks them why they did not help him in the fight. Armin replied that they were checking if Eren can heal from wounds. Three of them are sitting on the steps of stairs and Eren confessed that he is very happy that he meet Keith Sadies. Eren always wonders that why he can’t become strong like Mikasa and Captain Levi. After meeting with Keith, he can understand that no one can do anything for anybody but still joining and fight together will make you powerful.

Three of them saw that a Garrison soldier is walking with his loved one and that reminds the about their past. Mikasa asks that can they reclaim Wall Maria and defeat all the titans, after that all the happier days they lost will come back to them or not. Eren tells Mikasa that the days will come back but still many things are changed for forever now and they have to pay for these things. Armin is wondering that there is many more things beyond the walls excepts the titans. He wants to see the ocean, a lake, sandy desert and falling snow. Arnim trying to create excitement for the outer world for Eren. Captain Levi is listening to them from a near building.

The next day, before the sunset, the whole Scout Regiment is preparing to leave Trost for the mission to retake wall Maria. The whole towns citizens led by Flegel Reeves are sending a bunch of good wishes to the Scouts and see them off. Harold confirms that yesterday’s whole meat was bring from Reeves Company. The officers are in shock but Jean, Conny and Sasha confirms that they never saw such see off and they cheers back at the crowd.

Commander Erwin smiles and he also realize that this is the first time the Scouts are receiving this kind of send off by the people. Erwin roars at the crowd and creates enthusiasm, the crowd replies back with more cheers. Commander Erwin draws his sword and announced the commencement of the mission to retake Wall Maria. The Scouts are departing to the other side of the Wall Rose and began their riding to Shiganshina district. Reiner and Bertholdt are waiting for them in Shiganshina.

In the unknown future, Captain Levi, Mikasa and Eren are on the top of a roof. Captain Levi punches Eren and that knocks him over, Mikasa attacks Captain Levi in retaliation with her sword.


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