Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 2 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 2 English Subbed

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Kenny is ready to make a fire on Captain Levi and Levi throws a blade of him on Kenny. Kenny fires a shot to retaliate the blade. In the time Captain Levi manages to hidden under a cloak. Levi saw that his teammates are dead. Levi is escaping from the spot and Kenny and his squad are following him.

On the wagon cart, Keiji hears some gunshots and he saw that some members of Kenny’s squad are appraoching on his wagon. Keiji tells Historia and Eren to hide themselves in the cart and he speeds the wagon up. Kenny’s squad are on the carriage and they tear of the cloth from the cart and that expose Eren and Historia. Eren picks a gun to fire on them but they are already knocked out. Keiji is shot by a gun and killed on the spot.

Captain Levi came near wagon and chasing the cart. Levi is intercepted by Kenny’s squad which force Levi for retreat. Kenny and his squad are behind Captain Levi and he hides in a bar and the patrons are shocked to see Captain Levi in the bar.

Captain Levi is hidden in a corner in the bar. Kenny came in the bar to confront Captain Levi. These two are talking about their past and motivations to join the squad. Captain Levi place an alcohol bottle in front of him to show the reflection of Kenny and shots at him from the gun of bar owner. The shot cause Kenny blasted out from the bar.

Captain Levi throws a chair from the window. Kenny’s squad fire on the chair thinking that it is Captain Levi. This time Levi jumps out from the window and grapple the hooks on the head of a soldier. He is using the soldier now as shield and now Levi rushed between two other soldiers and sliced them with his blades. Captain Levi’s squad hears the gunshots from a distance and heading towards the sound.

Outside the bar, Kenny is getting up and he is blaming himself that how can he forgot that the bar owners are allowed to carry a gun for their self defense. He also comments on Captain Levi that how much he has grown since their last meeting. Captain Levi squad joins Captain Levi and they are going to rescue Historia and Eren. Captain Levi orders to kill all the enemies who would stand in their way to rescue them. Armin and Jean taken the control on wagon. Armin kills the driver of wagon to save Jean from gun. More members from Kenny’s squad arrives on the wagon and that force Captain Levi to retreat. They can’t rescue Eren and Historia from the cart.

In the royal capital, the officials are discussing that there is no arrival of Eren and Historia in the capital. They decides that they will use the power of law to bring both of them. A messenger arrives from Rod Reiss that they have successfully captured Eren and Historia. Now the officials has taken the decision that there is no need of any action now.

In the Military Barracks, Erwin and his old fellow of Military Police Nile Dawk are discussing something. Erwin talks about their past and he is thinking that the government is not trustable to secure the future of humanity. Nile leaves from there, Hange and Mobilt are approaching to Erwin that Eren and Historia are captured by the military police.

Outside a building which is abandoned Squad Levi is with Dimo Reeves and his men. Armin accepts with the fact that he killed a human today to save Jean. Armin asks Mikasa that she has gone with the same feeling when she killed a human for the first time. In the building now Captain Levi comforts Armin and tells him that Jean would not be alive if he had not killed that guy. Levi and Mikasa are talking to Dimo Reeves and Captain Levi convince Dimo to help them and in exchange they will save his life.

In the room Dimo Reeves reveals that two squad members were Ralph and Sannes and he share’s the location of Captain Levi’s place. It was a trap set by Levi and Hange which turns out to be a successful one. Sannes is now tortured by Levi and Hange but still he said that his loyalty is with the king. Again Hange and Levi tricked him and made him believe that Ralph has betrayed them and reveal the information of Reiss family and true royal family. The Scouts get the information that Historia is the only true successor to the throne, and they realize that Eren and Historia will be there, where Rod Reiss is.

Kenny kills Dimo Reeves for giving information to the Scouts. His son Flegel is witnessing from a corner that his father is killed by Kenny. Kenny tells his squad that Levi will shop up to them because he knows about Levi, Kenny raised Levi himself. In a room at unknown location Rod Reiss is reunited with his daughter Historia. He is hugging Historia and apologizing to her. He told that Historia is his daughter. Eren is gagged and watching them from a corner.



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