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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 3 English Subbed

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Historia told about her childhood and upbringing to Squad Levi. She told that as a young girl she grew up on a farm by doing all the things a normal child does. Her mother ignores her every time and spends his whole day by reading books. When Historia learns to read herself, she started to reading her mother’s books. She realize that her mother’s situation is not normal because she read that every parents care for their children but her mother don’t. One day Historia tries to hug her mother as she read in the book about normal parents. but her mother shoved Historia away from herself. She tells that she was not able to kill Historia. Although, Historia was happy that at least her mother gave an attention towards her. That was the last time when she saw her mother because after that she went somewhere else for a long time.

Just after the fall of Wall Maria, five years ago Historia met her father for the very first time. Her father was Rod Reiss, the lord who ruled on the land they were living on. Her father said that she can live with him from now on. When they about to move on to their father Historia and her mother were approached by men in black suits which includes Kenny Ackerman. Kenny grabbed her mother and Historia called for her mother. Her mother denied her and said that she doesn’t have any child. Kenny killed her mother and he wants to kills Historia too. Rod Reiss sent Historia away from him with a new name Christa Lenz.

The scene shifts in present and Rod Reiss is hugging his daughter Historia and apologizing for the past. He said that he had no other choices to save her from getting killed. He tells Historia that she is special and royal blood is running in her veins. Reiss Family is the true royal family and she is the only person who can save humanity. He takes Historia to the place where all the consequences began.

Sannes is reunited in cell with Ralph. Sannes attacks on Ralph because he had betrayed him and the king. Commander Hange admits that it was just a trick and Ralph was just reading what was written on the script because he was threatened with a knife. Sannes understands that in actual it was him who betrayed the king and reveals the information.

Hange leaves the prison and breaks a furniture in frustration occurred with Sannes. Hange claims that she is alright and she breaks the furniture because there was a cockroach. Captain Levi approaches in the room and he brings Hange and the full squad in the hall. In the conversation between Ymir and Reiner as written by Eren, Ymir was a titan until she ate a comrade and friend of Bertholdt and Reiner. They came to a conclusion that when a titan eats a human who has the power of titan than they can turn back into human with transforming ability. So if the government have their own titan, Eren can be eaten by them and that will transfer the transformation power from Eren to any other.

In the night, Dot Pyxis meets Commander Erwin. Pyxis apologizes that he is late for the visit and came when he read Erwin’s letter. Pyxis asked Erwin that he is serous and Erwin replies that if they want to retake Wall Maria then they have to overthrow the current government. His plan will not require the military police to take any action is his plan goes correct. They are waiting for the news to arrive and in the mean time Erwin told the story of his father to Dot Pyxis.

Hange and Mobilt arrives to Erwin, she brings the news of Historia. Commander Erwin informs to Dot Pyxis about the true royal family and Squad Levi is trying to rescue Historia and Eren. Once they will successful in this rescue they will declare Historia as Queen and it will force the fake King to relinquish the Crown. Dot Pyxis agreed on Commander Erwin’s plan.

When Pyxis leaves, Erwin gives the result of Hange and the investigation of Reiss family. A soldier came into Erwin’s room and informs him that First Interior Squad is rucking in the city and they are claiming that Erwin organized a murder last night. Erwin orders Hange to get away from the room as soon as possible and he will act as the face of the organization. Erwin informs Hange that she will be the next commander of the Scout Regiment and all the Scouts will be work under Commander Hange’s command.

Erwin came outside to see Dimo Reeves and his grieving family. A military police officer addresses Erwin and explains the story how Dimo Reeves kidnapped Eren so all the Scouts will turn over the government. Then the Scouts killed Reeves to keep him away from the talking. Military Police charged on Erwin and the Scouts for the violation of clause six in the Humanity Charter which prioritize the safety and longevity of humanity. The Scouts are arrested with Erwin but Hange and Mobilt get away from the scene.

Erwin is arrested and he is telling the story of his father he told to Pyxis. Erwin’s father was a teacher and once in a class Erwin asked a question but his father declined to answer him. At home, his father gave him the answer he asked in the class. He told him that the government history books are not fully true and filled with various mysteries. Erwin share this information with his class fellow and one day the Military Police came to him asking about his father. His father died in an accident on that same day. Erwin realized that the government killed his father.

Erwin’s father tells him that the King shaded the memories of humanity when they entered in the wall and the orders of the king makes the humans easier to rule on them. Erwin knows that the current government is not interested in protecting the humanity but they cares about their own wealth and land. They will kill anyone who threatens the government. He justify that his father was killed for another human’s greed.

In Stohess District, Military Police is ordering the people to tell anything about the Scout Regiment. Jean, Armin and Mikasa are leaving the city and went to their camp outside the wall in the woods. Armin tells Captain Levi it is true that the Scouts will be disbanded. The military police are searching for the Scouts on all the roads of the city. Captain Levi tells them that Eren and Historia will take at least one day to reach Reiss house so they all have to make a plan for them. They were discussing about the plan suddenly Sasha told them that she is hearing some footsteps and that may be of the military police.



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