Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 4 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 4 English Subbed

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Hitch and Marlo in Military Police are searching in the forest near Stohess District to find the other members of the Scout Regiment. They found a guy who is filling water in a pot near the stream. Military Police members tell him to turn around and raise your hand up in the air. They are pointing their rifles on him. The guy in actual is Armin and Hitch and Marlo realize that the guy is from Scout Regiment. But before they can take Armin into custody Captain Levi and Mikasa jump from the trees on Hitch and Marlo and captures them.

In Trost District, Roy and Peaure interviewing the Police Commander Nile Dawk about the civilian who was murdered by the Scout Regiment. Nile Dawk tells that all the evidence are pointing towards Erwin Smith but are not fully certain yet. Peaure realize that the murderer surely have the involvement of the interior police and that is why Roy takes away his notebook and he also apologize for Peaure for being a rookie. Roy promised Nile that they will not write anything bad about the Interior Police or about their new ODM Gear. Nile Dawk thanks Roy and tells him that the New ODM Gear will not work against the titans but it is perfect for killing the people. He also thinks that the New ODM gear were remained as a secret from him and the Military Police. In the future it is possible that the new gear can be used on them.

In Trost, Flegel Reeves is approached by the Interior Police. Flegel ran in a street which is closed, later he was rescued by Commander Hange. Hange tells him that he is followed by the police because he knows the real truth behind his father’s death. Flegel don’t want to tell Hange about the truth because he is afraid that the Royal Government will get him killed for this. Hange forces him to tell her about the truth which is best for him and his father too.

In the forest near Stohess District, Captain Levi captured Hitch an Marlo which are stripped. Captain Levi tells that how this two MP guys are disposed of, Hitch lashes out on Captain Levi because he and his Scouts takes more than hundreds of lives in the battle in Stohess District. She also tells that a titan killed her roommate that day. She don’t know much about Annie Leonhart. Levi tells her that Annie was the Female Titan and that shocks Hitch and Marlo. Captain Levi is in anger that how the government knows that they will release two of the Military Police if they can get out from here.

Marlo urges Captain Levi to untie him and he will do whatever it takes to correct the injustice of the Scout Regiment. Captain Levi declines that offer because he is uncertain to believe on the Military Police because by doing this they both will make the government as their enemy. He tells Sasha to tie them but Jean asks that if he can tie them. Captain Levi allows Jean to tie them.

Jean leads both of them away and informs them that the plan is changed. Jean brings a knife and says that he will kill both of them because it is dangerous for the Scouts if let both of you run free. Hitch and Marlo shouts but Jean lunges on them. Jean trips and his knife is dropped, Marlo grabs his knife and he tells Hitch to run away. Jean takes a stick and points out under Marlo’s chin and tells him that he has a gun which is faster than your knife. Marlo asks Jean that why he is fighting with him. Marlo tells that he feels that he has joined the wrong Regiment because he always trust the Scout Regiment as long as they keep fighting against the titans. Marlo throws his knife away.

Jean is relieved but after a sudden moment he is struck by Hitch who attacked Jean with a heavy branch to save Marlo. Marlo stops Hitch and tells him that Jean and other Scouts are testing them both. Marlo asks Jean that why he is trusting on the Military Police. Jean replies both Marlo reminds him of a guy who was same like you as a idiot. Jean is satisfied with both of them and he informs Captain Levi that both are ready and willing to work for the Scouts from now on.

Jean is visibly relieved, only to be struck a moment later by Hitch who has attacked him with a branch to save Marlo. Marlo quickly stops Hitch, explaining that Jean was just testing them. He asks Jean why he was so willing to trust them, and Jean explains that he reminds him of someone. Satisfied with their dedication, Jean informs them that Levi should be willing to work with them now.

In the evening in Trost District, Flegel again is chasing by the Military Police and surrounded around the buildings. Roger from the Interior Police is approaching Flegel and laughing at him that he is just an idiot. Flegel is afraid and panicked. He asks them as his last question before he dies that why they killed his father. Roger tells him that Dimo Reeves betrayed the interior police and revealing some useful information to the Scouts. He also admits that Flegel’s father was forced to participate in the kidnapping done by the Military Police. If Reeves won’t help them in kidnapping he surely get killed because he knew too much about them.

Flegel told Roger that his father taught him a lesson that always follow your merchant’s nose because it will make you capable to face something. Hange and Mobilt attacks on the members of Interior Police and Roger is left alone there on the ground. Commander Hange asks the people that you heard what Roger had said. People came from the buildings. Roger tells that the witnesses don’t matter because it’s the government who will decide the truth of this murder.

Flegel shuts up Roger’s mouth and sits on his head. Flegel declares that he is the new leader of the Reeves Company and he will protect the city from now on. The people applauds him and Hange congratulates him for the leadership. The reporters Roy and Peaure are also there in the rush.

Captain Levi is looking at the location of Interior Police camp. He wants to know the location of Eren and Christa. The interior police leader is not cooperative. He tells that every Scout Member will be finished soon and hanged, the process will be started with Ex Commander Erwin Smith. Captain Levi puts him in a lock and continues his investigation about the location of Eren and Christa. The soldier tells that he don’t know about their location because Kenny Ackermann is very cautious about these things. Captain Levi and Mikasa both focuses on the Kenny’s surname. Captain Levi continues his investigation but Sasha announces that some body is coming. The Scouts are ready for the fight but the soldier tells them that it is of no use because The Scouts are finished, one way or another.

A Night before, Nile visits Erwin Smith and tells him that he has an audience with the king tomorrow. Tomorrow they will sentence him and gives the decision about the dismantle of the Scouts. Erwin asks Nile about his family and they are doing well or not. Nile replies that his family is well but he hasn’t gone to home from a long while. Nile lives in the eastern part of Wall Rose. Nile asks Erwin about these all strange questions today. Erwin revels to Nile that he had a conversation with Dot Pyxis. When the time comes, Erwin will only watch and it’s on Nile to decide what to do.

On the next day, Gerald reports that Erwin not have learned any information from Pastor Nick. Historia also is a threat as she can make the claim on throne. Gerald believes that she will do nothing. A group of soldiers arrives and announces that Erwin is brought up for his audience. Erwin came in the room. Aurille said that once we will execute Erwin Smith then the secrets of the wall will remain safe, untouched and protected in the walls. Aurille asks Erwin Smith that if he want to say anything as his last words.


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