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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 5 English Subbed

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The royal family is deciding to dismantle the powers of the Scout Regiment and the gallows are now placing a stage for the execution of Erwin Smith. In the throne place, Erwin is telling the king in his defense that Scout Regiment serves as a spear to protect all of them and humanity from the Titans. If Wall Rose was breached again, all the people of Wall Rose will came as a refugee in Wall Sina again, but they will face the situation of stock like the previous scenario. This time all the refugees will surely fight for food and medical facilities and that will create a civil war between Wall Rose and Wall Sina. Wall Rose will definitely suffer from shortage of food that’s why we have to reclaim Wall Maria. The Scout Regiment will serve its duty to charge on the enemy.

The nobles are thinking and Erwin asks to them that if they had any other plan to reclaim Wall Maria then share with all of us. Aurille replace the question and tells him about the clause six of Charter of Humanity which is Thou shall not prioritize one’s own gain over the longevity of humanity”. Gerald also brings up the fact that Eren is not controlled over his titan and multiple time he creates a chaos and that’s a violation. Deltoff makes a point that Eren is very risky for humanity and not a single commander can control him even Erwin finds Eren important to reclaim Wall Maria.

The Nobles askes Dot Pyxis to share his opinion about the fact that Garrison and The Scouts risks their lives on the front lines against the titans. Pyxis tells that he is really disturbed because the Garrison would align themselves with the Scout Regiment. He also adds that the humans should not kill the other humans. If Scout Regiment is spark to kill the humans then it would start like a fire and it should be solved.

The nobles were discussing and Aurille announced about Erwin’s judgement and he is sentenced to death for the violation of Clause Six and he will be carried for sentence immediately. Nile Dawk is shocked and looking at Erwin that this was his planning. He also thinks that Dot Pyxis is not reacting on the Noble’s judgement.

Erwin is on his feet and taking away from the throne palace. Suddenly Anka came into the room and declares that the Wall Rose is breached by the Titans. She adds that the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan are back and destroyed the gates of Calaneth District. Refugees are heading towards Wall Rose for safety.

Aurille is shaking and Dot Pyxis orders for the establishment for the Refugees. Dot Pyxis gives the orders but countermands by Aurille and he calls for the closing of the gates of Wall Sina and Wall Rose. Nile Dawk is shocked and he protests against the orders he also tells that it mean the cut of Wall Rose residents with the others. He also said that the orders will kill half of the humanity from titans. Aurille tells that it can create the possibility of Civil War and that is why they will take no chances for things like that to happen.

Pyxis is watching all the conversation and nods to Anka to follow the decision and she runs out from the Palace Room. The nobles are discussing with each other quietly. Deltoff is worried about the timing of titans today but Aurille says that they have a silver lining as their powers are already known by everyone. It is just a matter of time to use that power.

One of the soldier of Military Police says that the gates are closing as ordered. Nile Dawk tells him to hang on, the soldier says again that it will be too late if they will pause the orders. Aurille asks the soldier that why are they standing here just follow the given orders. Disobeying the orders will be treason in the clause. Nile refuse the orders and he calls himself a human of Wall Rose and he will not allow the soldiers to seal the gates and leave the people of Wall Rose for the titans.

Dhalis Zachary arrives in the palace and he announced that he is with the order of Nile Dawk. Zachary is escorted by soldiers who are with rifles in their hands. Pyxis asks Zachary that he is surprised by the Nobles orders or not. Zachary tells that they have given a false news of the arrival of titans. Pyxis announces that the news is given by him and he is the mastermind behind this plan and The Garrisons are also not aligned with the Scout Regiment. He also will be happy if the Nobles have taken a better decision for the humanity in Titan’s attack circumstances. It seems that Nobles knows more about the titans than the Military. The government can save more people but their decision is killing the humanity.

Pyxis declares that the government actions are a coup d’état and Anka came in the throne room to inform Zachary that all the Interior Police force is captured. It creates horror to the nobles. Zachary informs everybody that all the soldiers will obey their officers rather than obey the king. Pyxis also adds that in the place of a false king they will put the right ruler for the humanity. Erwin said to Aurille that if this false news happened to be true that the nobles decision have to be violation of Clause Six against the humanity. Erwin also adds that relinquishing a false king personally by the Nobles to control the government is itself a crime.

Zachary’s soldiers escort all the nobles and Erwin Smith is freed now. Nile Dawk is thinking that Erwin is still not happy that he is successful in his plan. Erwin says the humanity is now on a new path and that will be dangerous than the previous one. In the night Squad Levi is ready for an ambush but the unknown people are Hange and Mobilt. Both came with the news of d’état mission is successful. Zachary has taken the control on capital and preparing for the new government. Hange also shows them the prints of newspaper about the fake charges of murder on Erwin and the Scouts. Thanks to help by Flegel Reeves now all charges are down and the Scouts are free from all charges.

The whole squad is happy and Captain Levi apologizes to Hange that he lost three people from the team of Hange. Still Eren and Historia are with the leader of the Interior Police. Hange tells that there might be a clue in the book she is holding given by Erwin Smith. In the day Zachary gives a statement about the government. Nile Dawk speaks with the press and gives the information that the people should assure they are not imposing the military rule on them and they will soon install a new ruler for the capital from the true royal family.

Erwin is riding away in the carriage with Zachary. Erwin is worried about the decision and its results they are implementing because the government at least was successful to save humanity until today by their policies. Losing half the humanity is better than losing all of them. Zachary expresses that death is always the easiest option but still it’s not the right one. Zachary reveals that he also hates this government because they work like a pig. He always dreams to remove this government but Erwin done this before him. Zachary not cares that the new government will be good or bad but still it will be better than the previous ones.

In the evening in forest, Hange explains that the report given by Erwin to Squad Levi suggests that five years ago there was an incident occurred in the Reiss family when the Wall Maria was breached by the titans. Some bandits raided in a chapel and set it on fire. The Reiss family was inside that chapel and the entire family was killed except Rod Reiss. The happened before some days when Historia’s mother was killed by the Interior Police and it means that Rod leaves Historia after losing his whole family.

Captain Levi suggests that there is something special with his family. Hange is not sure but still she concerns about the part of the chapel which is now completely as a wrecked despite it was made from heavy stones. Destroying that huge chapel takes a lot of effort and human power and the bandits are interested in robbery not destroying a building. After the destruction Rod decides that he will rebuild the chapel. Hange suggests that it will be worthy if we will check that place once.

In the chapel, Eren is dreaming about a dark hairy girl who is brushing her hairs in mirror. Eren woke up and find himself in a crystal wave of mirrors. Eren is cuffed by chains and there is a gag in his mouth. Erwin is preparing the Scouts to move on but Hange is in doubt that they have enough time to save Eren and Historia. Hange and Squad Levi is heading to that chapel to save Eren. Armin is thinking if a Titan can gain the powers of a person who can change into Titan by eating then whom Eren eats and he become Titan.

In the crystal wave of mirrors Eren is trying to free himself from these heavy chains. Historia came near Eren and she is wearing a white robe.


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