Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 6 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 6 English Subbed

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In the Underground Crystal Chapel Eren is trying to free himself and Historia came there. She is trying to reassure Eren that her father is an ally to humanity and The Scouts were thinking wrong about him. Historia tells Eren that her father was trapped and that’s why he had no choice and he gave the orders against the Scouts and kills Pastor Nick.

Rod Reiss arrives there and he says that he will explain the further to Eren. Eren remembers that he saw both of them at an unknown place and now he is seeing them again, he doesn’t even know how much time has been passed. He also noticed that the glowing crystals and this place is looking familiar to him. Rod Reiss came up and explains to Eren that you’ve came here before and this place is not a strange one for him. Eren will recognize this place after a while.

Rod and Historia puts their one hand on Eren’s back. It causes Eren to experience some unseen memories of the place from his past. He saw that Rod and his family are in this underground cave and Eren saw a Titan, A Chapel, A Scout and his father’s key. He also saw himself turning into a titan in childhood and eats his father. Rods asks Eren again if he remembers about his father’s sin.

Many years ago, Historia was in farm and she is visited by a girl who had long black hair and she helped Historia to read. The girl encouraged Historia to be more ladylike, like all the girls in the book. She tells her about a girl named Christa which was very kind and she always thinks about the other people. The whole world is in pain and the unknown girl wants that Historia should become a girl like Christa which was loved by everyone. Historia tells that she wants to be like her. The girl apologized because she is leaving now and she wipe Historia’s memory by her handkerchief.

At the present moment, Historia is thinking that all her lost memories are coming back to her. She also realize that she was not alone in the childhood as she was thinking before. There was someone who always been with her in the childhood. Rod Reiss tells Historia that the girl was her elder half sister, Frieda. Frieda erased Historia’s all memories to protect her future. By touching Eren all those memories came back to Historia again.

Historia asks about Frieda that where is she now because she wants to thank her. Rod tells that Freida is no longer in this world. Five years ago, Grisha Jaeger killed his wife and five of his children. Rod reveals that Grisha have the power of the titans and he came into this underground chapel. Grisha wants to steal all the power of Reiss family which was in Frieda.

Frieda could defeated Grisha because her titan was better and superior than the others but she was not experienced in using her titan as good as Grisha. In the last Frieda was eaten by Grisha and he stoles her power. Grisha kills all the people of Reiss family and Rod Reiss escaped alive in the end. Historia asks her father that why Grisha killed in the end. Father and daughter are interrupted by Kenny Ackermann and he informs them about the happening of today in thrones room. He tells them that the military leaves the orders of government. The nobles are captured and now whole public knows that king was fake. He suggest that Rod should solve all the things fast because the Scouts will came here anytime. Rod understands the situation and he sends Kenny to his squad to guard the underground entrance.

In the Capital, Zachary gives all the decisions on the Nobles and Aurille. The nobles are suspended and everybody knows that how they were dealing with the humans. Zachary announced that Aurille will now parade in public once a week, it cause him to be humiliate in front of the capital’s people. Aurile recalls that Zachary is a slave blood and he is different from the nobles. Zachary will lose his memory very soon.

Commander Erwin is preparing with the free Scouts to depart and Dot Pyxis informs that all the other officials are same like Aurille. Pyxis tells that he never interested in gambling like Erwin. He always values humanity over his own life. He backed Erwin’s plan because he knows that he is a better choice for humanity. He should have fight against Zachary but the government change is his upper choice. Dot remembers a song means that humans one day will stop fighting,

One Scout came to Erwin to tell him that all are ready. Erwin is leading the Scouts for the chapel in Reiss. He inspires the Scouts that they will rescue Eren and Historia. Many Scouts are coming with Commander Erwin and Squad Levi is continuing their journey for the chapel too. Captain Levi warns the squad that Kenny Ackermann will be their biggest threat in the chapel. Levi considers Kenny to his equal or even better with his gear. Squad Levi is worried that they will beat Kenny or not. Armin makes everybody in confidence by telling that training and real combat experience are two different things and that’s why Captain Levi is superior.

Hange and Levi were discussing about Kenny’s surname and Levi asks Mikasa if Kenny is her relative or not. Mikasa replied that she heard from her parents that the Ackermann’s are living in the cities. But her parents lived on the edge of the wall. Captain Levi asks Mikasa that if she had ever experienced in life that a power woke up in her. Mikasa thinks about the past where Eren was grabbed by kidnapper and a strong power awaken in her body. She kills the kidnapper that day by to save Eren. On that day, there was something in her which was changed. Mikasa accepts Levi’s doubt and Levi tells him that Kenny also had such kind of moments in life. Kenny always feels that there is an unknown power in him which makes him even stronger. Captain Levi also experienced these kind of moments in himself.

In the chapel, Kenny remembering about a conversation with his grandfather. His grandfather is on bed and asked him that if he is tired by killing the Military Police. Kenny admits and he accepts that a branch of his Ackermann family is near Shiganshina district. That family is poor because someone is regularly interfering in their business. Kenny asks his grandfather that the Ackermann family were always warriors and protectors of the king then why this kind of things are happening with that family.

His grandfather answers that the family is not hated by the king but they feels like they are hated. The king have the power to alter all the memories of the family and humanity. Two families always have their backs on the king, these are the Ackerman and the Oriental Clan. Kenny informs his grandfather that one of his sister got pregnant by one of her customers and they are planning to keep the child.

Hange and Squad Levi arrived at the chapel and they are searching the whole chapel. They find an underground rug which came underground to the crystal wave room. Kenny’s Anti Personnel Control Squad is ready and waiting for the Scouts. Caven the in charge informs the Personnel Squad that she is expecting at least seven enemies includes Captain Levi. In this crystal house they don’t have the advantage of ambush like before and also they can’t take help from the Interior Police of the Government. Caven also reminds them about Captain Levi’s heroics last time. She reminds that why they have joined Kenny and they will continue to trusting him and his dreams.


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