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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 7 English Subbed

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Rod Reiss is near Eren and he has a satchel bag in his hand. He is in relief that there is no one here just him, Eren and Historia. Rod tells his daughter Historia that her sister Frieda is not fully dead and her memories are still living with them. He asks Historia that you want to meet her sister. Historia agrees and Rod kneels to her and he draws a syringe from his satchel bag. Eren recalls about the syringe that it was the same his father used on him.

Near the door of underground chapel, the Anti Personnel Control Squad are ready for the Scouts. The door suddenly thrashed and some barrels of gunpowder came from the door. The barrels also have some oil which is refilled from the stairs to the ground. Captain Levi, Hange and others charge to underground. Sasha is flaming all the barrels and that causing the explode and smoke everywhere. The Scouts fires the signal flares in the air.

There is smoke everywhere in the chapel and Captain Levi and Mikasa prepares for the attack. Captain Levi counts all the enemies in smoke and there was total thirty five members of the Anti Personnel Control Squad. The location of the enemies is shared by Captain Levi to the Scouts. Caven shouts to her squad to spread out and surround the enemies one at a time. The smoke make things difficult for the Anti Personnel Squad because they can’t fight in the smoke. Anti Personnel ODM requires to be in the same direction they are firing and it is impossible them from their back. They can’t attack with their ODM Gear from behind. When the enemy is in close range the sword have the advantage over the ODM Gear.

Jean and Conny takes out on the enemy soldiers and Sasha and Armin are providing cover fire and smoke to them. Caven realize that the Scouts are close to them and in the close range their swords have the advantage on them. The Anti Personnel Squad is wiping out and Kenny Ackermann arrives there and shoots on Captain Levi to withdraw his attention from others. Kenny and Levi are engaging in a combat. Kenny makes a wound to Levi and Levi throws a bag full of oil on him. Kenny shoots from the smoke to Captain Levi who is trying to attack him. Levi makes a slice to the gut of Kenny which is enough to make him slow down.

Hange is approaching to Caven and she is firing wildly on his target. Hange knows the weakness of the Anti Personnel ODM Gear that it takes a time to reload after two shots. Hange is chasing Raven and he lands on a wall. Hange is approaching to Caven but Caven shoots her ODM Gear on Hange’s shoulder. This cause Hange throws on a crystal pillar. Hange falls on the ground and The Scouts are in shock to see Hange. Caven calls the Anti Personnel Control Squad to fall down to their final defensive post. They retreat and came to the mouth of the cavern, one of their members cuts the large net to stop the Scouts coming through the net.

Rod is hearing the sounds of combat and he tells Historia they should hurry now. Eren wants to communicate with Historia but he is covered with gag. He knows that the syringe will be harmful for Historia but she can’t understand what Eren wants to say to her. Eren knows that Rod is trying to return the power which was stolen by her father but from the right place not as told by Rod to Historia.

Rod explains that over a hundred years ago the chapel was created by the power of a titan. The titan power also built the three walls to save the humanity from the titans. Some bloodlines families were excluded by this creations but their descendants don’t want the humanity to restrain any kind of memory from a century. Eight years ago, when Frieda ate her uncle and transformed into a Titan, the memories of old world came back to her. The process is doing from hundred of years into the Reiss family.

Rod adds that Frieda’s power will be transformed into Historia without any problems. After that she can eliminate any titan she want to, Grisha stole her sister’s power and now the power is in Eren. Eren don’t have the blood of Reiss family so Freida’s power can not be used by Historia because the power is in Eren. Kenny interrupts there and ask Rod that Reiss blood is requirement for Historia or not. Kenny is also upset that it will means nothing if he eat Eren. Kenny grabs Rod and points his gun on Reiss’s face. Kenny is also upset that Rod is using him whole time. Rod tells Kenny that he is still grateful to Kenny for his all services towards him.

Historia tells Kenny to let her father go and Kenny leaves Rod. Kenny tells her that her father is intends to turn her into a titan so that she can eat Eren. Historia also tells that she will eat Eren because that will cause Frieda’s power and memories to her. He tells Historia that her father only care about her blood because he can’t become the Titan himself.

Rod frees Kenny from his service. Rod tells Kenny to find another purpose to continue his life and rest of his years. Kenny climbs up on the stairs near Eren and tells that he will not interfere them but he will not give the advantage to Reiss family only. Kenny removes Eren’s gag and cuts his forehead from his knife. Now Eren and Historia can fight equally as titans. If Historia wins they will have the peace and if Eren wins things will be same as they are now.

Rod is panicking and he gives the syringe to Historia’s hands. He explains that the syringe will turn Historia into a powerful titan and then she have to bit on Eren’s spine and consume his spinal fluid. Kenny is watching the show and Rod also step backwards from Historia. Historia is feared and she points her syringe to her arm, her hands are shaking and he looks up to Eren. She saw that Eren still not transformed and she asks him that why he is not transforming. He explains that all would not be in this kind of position if his father not came here five years ago.

Eren remembers everyone who had died because Frieda can’t act Armin’s grandfather, Cadet Corps fellows, The Originals from Squad Levi, People’s of Stohess District, the soldiers who died by Reiner and Bertholdt including Hannes. He tells Historia that these all things should not happened and she would eat him to save the humanity.

Historia recalls that Eren called her a normal person and made her happy. Historia is ready to inject herself and she recalls Ymir who tells her that always she have to be nice to the other people rather than herself. Historia asks her father that why the Reiss family can’t win against the titans from last hundred years. Rod answers that it was the wish of the first king that the humanity should be controlled by the Titans because it is the only path for the peace. He don’t know the actual reason because it is known that who inherit world’s memories is the actual humans.

Many years ago, Rod and his brother Uri was trying to convince their father to free the humanity from the titans but he didn’t accept. Uri finds the titan Rod understood that his brother will become a higher titan like a god which is important for the government and the world. He calls it as a mission to bring back the god in the world and he holds the syringe again on Historia’s arm.

Historia recalls Ymir again that Historia should live a life that she is proud of. It cause Historia throws the syringe and it is destroyed on the floor. Rod is looking in shock to Historia and the syringe. He approaches Historia and she throws Rod over her shoulder and Rod lands on the floor with a crack. Historia calls Rod that he is manipulative and refuse to kill Eren.

Historia grabs Rod’s satchel bag and running to the stairs for Eren. Historia brings out the keys and she is now freeing Eren from chains. Eren urges Historia to eat him and save the humanity. But she is freeing the chains and tells Eren to shut up. Historia said that she is humanity’s enemy and the worst girl who ever lived. She wants Eren to escape from here and she will destroy everything. Below Rod Reiss is on the floor and he is seeing the liquid of the syringe spilled on the floor. He laps the injection fluid on the floor and it cause him to transform into a Titan.


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