Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 8 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 8 English Subbed

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The Scouts are at the gate where Anti Personnel Control Squad is ready for them. The Anti Personnel Squad is preparing for their last face off. They saw a bright light transforming in a titan from the cavern. It draws the attention of the Scouts and Control Squad.

Rod Reiss is transformed into a titan and it cause the cavern and chapel on collapse. The titan is very large that it the whole chapel room is not enough. Captain Levi orders Armin and Mobilt to take out the wounded Hange out from the chapel. In the cavern, Eren urges Historia to escape and let Historia’s father to eat him. Rod is the part of the royal family, the founding titan is going back at where it belongs. Historia don’t want to leave the Scouts and tells that she never accepts that someone is saying to her that he is not in trouble which is untrue. It doesn’t matter for her that who the person is, she will save him at any cost.

Historia manages to open the locks of Eren and both are blown back from the blast of the founding titan. Mikasa also manages to catch Historia before she fall. Rest of the Squad Levi arrives there and Levi, Jean and Conny takes Eren to safe area. Eren is anger protests that they have to leave him but Jean tells Eren to shut up. Squad Levi pull up Eren on the safe area and the whole area is destroyed where Eren was chained.

Kenny goes away from that titan and he realize that the underground cave is collapsing. Caven calls out for Kenny and he realize that the squad is in danger so he tells them to get out of the cave immediately.

Captain Levi finds the squad is at the last of the wall and they don’t have any way to move out from there. Eren is looking at the Titan who supposed to eat him but not doing anything like that. Eren is thinking that he should transform into the titan but he can’t take his squad out of this cave. Eren apologizes to everyone that he is useless and he don’t learn anything in the last years. Conny reminds Eren that they have been through worse than this.

Squad Levi plans to escape from the cave by using their ODM Gear and carrying Historia and Eren with them. Eren tells them it is impossible. Captain Levi urges Eren to make a definite choice like he made earlier in the Scouts. Eren is charged and he grabs the bottle from the ground and running towards the founding titan. He breaks the bottle from his teeth and he is hoping to believe in himself.

Eren is transformed into titan and the pillars of crystals are risen around him. It cause to reinforce the structure of the cave which was shattering before. Captain Levi orders the squad to hide underneath Eren. The Anti Personnel Control Squad was not so lucky as they all were struck under the chapel debris except Kenny. Rod’s Titan is on his feet and breaks the ceiling of the roof.

Outside Armin and Mobilt are carrying Hange and running away from the chapel because the ground is shattering. The Scouts led by Commander Erwin arrived on the near mountain and seeing the founding titan is crawling out on the ground and dragging itself. The other Scouts calculate that the titan is double the size of The Colossal Titan.

In the cave, Jean and Mikasa brings Eren out from his titan which is completely converted into crystal. Eren is looking at his titan in shock and Captain Levi calls that his titan is hardening. Even after Eren is out from his titan, the titan is still solid as crystal. Eren gives the credit to the bottle but Captain Levi tells that Eren’s titan was devised to save the whole squad. Captain Levi guess that all the walls can be made by the same process. Now we can also plug up the hole of Wall Maria by this process.

Conny and Sasha points towards a hole in the roof ceiling and Captain Levi orders to rescue everybody from that exit point. Armin and Mobilt are on the ground and helping everybody to came out from that hole. Eren is seeing the whole founding titan for the first time.

One of the Scouts informs Erwin that the titan is behaving like an Abnormal and they can’t get close to him due to his heat. The other Scouts announces that they saw Squad Levi was successful in rescuing Eren and Historia. Captain Levi informs Commander Erwin that Hange is the only casualty during the rescue mission. Hange is on a wagon and bleeding but still conscious. Levi informs Erwin that the titan in actual is Rod Reiss. Erwin gives the orders that they are heading for the Orvud District because that might be the destination for the founding titan.

Hange is listening the conversation of Eren and Historia about what was happened in the cave. They tells that there is some restrictions is the full use of the founding titan. Hange also wonders that if it was the First King’s idea for the peace. Eren tells that they still have the option let Rod Reiss eat him and that makes him return to the human. Captain Levi tells that then Rod will be arrested on the spot and it might have a chance to undo the brainwashing of the first king.

Historia tells them the other option and according to that the founding titan is taken away from the Reiss family and that have the chance to change the things for the humanity. She also believes that Eren’s father was in actual trying to save the humanity and they was taken away by this founding titan and murdered the Reiss family because his father don’t have any other choices. Eren also remembers that his father injected him and told thim that he have to learn about the controlling ability of the titan if he wants to save the humanity. Mikasa adds that there can be any other way to save the humanity because his father left the keys into the basement.

Hange also agreed with this plan and she asks Historia that it means that they have to kill her father. Historia apologizes to Eren that once she was thinking to transform into a titan and eats him, it was not to save the humanity but because she believes in her father. But now I think it is the right time to say him good bye.

In the night the Scouts arrived in Orvud. They are preparing for the meeting to make the strategy. Captain Levi tells Historia that according to Erwin’s orders she will become the new queen. The Coup d’état mission was successful and the public now will not follow the orders of the Military that’s why they need a true heir to gain the power. The whole squad is in shock and they protest that Historia don’t want to forced in another role because she is still broken by her father, but Historia agrees. She says that it is up to her to decide about her new role.

Historia came to attend the meeting with the full Scouts Regiment. Mikasa tells Historia that she can punch Captain Levi when she becomes queen. The Garrison soldiers confirms that the titan is coming towards them form the southwest direction. The founding titan will arrive here by dawn on the current speed. Carsten asks Commander Erwin about the plan. Commander announces that they are not evacuating the civilians and all of them should be stay where they are now. It makes the Garrison in shock.


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