Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 9 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 9 English Subbed

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The founding titan of Rod Reiss is dragging itself towards the Orvud District. The garrison in charge is in horror after hearing the orders of Commander Erwin Smith and he asks that why he should not evacuate Orvud’s citizens. Hange explains that the titan is abnormal and that’s why he is drawn to high concentrations of people. The titan will ignore a small village rather than a city with heavy population. If they will evacuate the citizens of Orvud then the titan may change its direction and follow them in the other walls. It will give the chance to the titan to kill more number of density of people in Mitras. It will be more harmful for the humanity.

Hange explains that Eren is trying to control the titan like he did before in the battle when the titan was heading to Orvud District but there was no reaction by the founding titan on Eren’s orders. Erwin justifies that they must use Orvud’s citizens as bait for the titans. Commander Erwin also orders that they should protect all the citizens for an emergency evacuation so every soldier will be ready for the orders. We don’t want any kind of casualty by the citizens. Finally all are agreed to Commander Erwin decision.

The Garrison squad are practicing about the evacuation of the people because the evacuation will be on a large scale and that’s why the drill should be needed for tomorrow’s actions. They are practicing the cannon fire on a dummy titan. The citizens are not accepting this and they are thinking that the military are throwing their decisions on the people. They are analyzing that the previous government was better not because she was doing nothing but at least they don’t make citizens as bait.

On the Wall Sina, Carsten orders the fire of the first round on artillery on the founding titan. The Titan didn’t stop from the firing and still moving towards the point. The Garrisons fires another round but the result remains same. On the top of Wall Sina, Commander Erwin Smith and Captain Levi are noticing that the cannons are powerful but not effective in front of the giant titan. The Garrison are from the northern region and that’s why they don’t have any frontline experience against the titans. Captain Levi tells Commander that his strategy can turned out to be a gamble for them.

Hange arrives and she have the barrels of gunpowder, ropes and giant net. Hange also have two carts which are fully loaded with gunpowder with the triggers of their ODM Gear. The triggers are tied with the hooks and they will acts same like the regular ODM Gear. Commander Erwin sends Captain Levi, Jean, Sasha and Conny to other end of the wall where the rest of the Squad Levi is helping Hange with all the barrels and the triggers. Eren spots that Historia is working with them and if she survive today she will become the Queen. It can be a problem for Historia to be today on the Walls. Historia tells Erwin that he really want to help the people.

She explains to Commander Erwin and Eren is watching them. He is recalling that how far Historia came from the training. Eren always thinks that Historia was weak but he was wrong, in actual he is the one who is weak. Eren always thinks that he is special and it is natural that all the soldiers were died for him. Eren don’t think that what it meant to him as a Titan, he hates the titans himself. Eren also wonders that how far he has come and he plugs the hole of Wall Maria will not be enough to save the humanity. He also feels sorry for the humans that they are relying on his titan as their trump card.

Eren looks into the city and a group of kids are watching the wall and that reminds Eren of himself and Armin, Mikasa on the day when Colossal Titan was appeared on the Wall. Armin agrees that the children are same like them but there’s a difference because today there are soldiers on the wall to fight against the titans and they are those soldiers. Eren turns and watching Mikasa is putting the barrels of gunpowder on Hange’s orders. He remembers five years ago that how him and Mikasa tried to save his mother from the rubble when the titan came.

Mikasa tells Eren to keep moving because they are running out of time. Eren realizes that his mental state is not good and he is punching himself to become active. Mikasa and Armin tries to stop him but Eren tells them that he is a useless brat. The Garrison army prepares another shot of artillery on the nape of the titan. The titan almost reach the wall that’s why they are attacking the titan’s nape. The Garrison soldiers fires and can’t see because there is fire and smoke everywhere near the titan and the wall.

The Titan’s hands are on the top of the wall and it pulls itself up in standing position. The face and his belly is scraped due to dragging on the ground. The entrails of the titan spills on the wall and that makes the soldiers panicking. The people are also panicking in the city and they are running for the safety.

Cartsen orders all the Garrison squad to retreat because they have tried their best to stop the titan. Captain Levi claps on the shoulder of Cartsen and tells him to stand away now, The Scouts are handling from now on. Jean, Sasha, Conny turned themselves wet from the water to stand against the heat. On the other side of the wall, Eren transforms into the Titan and Armin, Mikasa and some other soldiers are with him. They are throwing the buckets of water on them. Armin declares that they are ready to go.

Armin and Sasha roll out the carts which are fully loaded with the gunpowder. Commander Erwin fires the signal flare to announce that the attack is started. Armin and Sasha fires the hooks and it triggers the cart and the barrel of the gunpowder to the hands of the titan. The barrel are explode due to the heat of the body. The titans loses its grip on the wall and that’s why they are going ahead on the wall.

Commander Erwin calls for Eren’s titan to move ahead who is charging up and carrying the barrels of gunpowder with him. They have a preplan that Eren will charges on the Titan and attacks him when titan’s mouth will be in open mode. Due to titan’s heat the gunpowder don’t need a detonator and that’s why the top part of the Titan explodes including the nape of the titan.

Commander Erwin order the whole Scouts army to use their ODM Gear to go in the air because the founding titan’s flesh is hot and spreads in the air. Historia is also in the soldiers as she told Erwin that she understood her duty should have been fulfill. Erwin didn’t approve her duty but he admits in the last the he can’t stop her.

Historia mentally apologizes that she was selfish and she saw a falling flesh of the titan. This is the first time that she had a fight with her parents and she is thinking about it. She cuts the flesh of the titan in half and she cried for her father. Historia saw her father’s vision and she urges about her father and the Titan.

The nape explodes and Historia falls on a wagon. There is a crowd near Historia and they are wondering that she is alive or not. They are asking Historia that she makes the final blow. Historia rises and questions that this was it she really wants to do. She declares herself that she is the true ruler of the walls.

The sunset falls and near the underground chapel, Kenny Ackermann is wounded and he is walking away from the rubble of the chapel. Kenny remembers all the people he met in his life. He removes his Anti Personnel ODM Gear and stands beside a tree. Captain Levi is the only one who finds him and he informs that all of Kenny’s comrades are killed and crushed in the cave. Kenny is the only survivor from his squad. Captain Levi take the soldier away and he realize that Kenny’s injuries are fatal, but Kenny is smiling and he shows the syringe to Levi. Captain Levi goes in shock.


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