Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 English Subbed

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Year 854, The Marley is at war with the Allied Forces of the Middle East by almost four years and the result is that they have been forced to retrieve their mission for the Founding Titan from the Paradise Island. The Marley are fighting with the force which is mostly made by the Eldians and under the command of Marleyan Officers. If they have win the war, the Marley forces have to capture Fort Slava because it will give the advantage against the port where the Middle East Allied Force fleet is standing and they will destroy that easily if they will capture the fort.

A Young Soldier Falco is injured in the battle but carried to safety but his brother Colt. He is in the nearby camp and Falco’s comrades are giving him the first aid and Colt reports to his commander Magath. Colt reports that they digs another trench and it is impossible for them due to the heavy artillery fire, his superior don’t listens the negative report.

Falco is receiving the medical attention and his fellow soldier Gabi reminds him that their mission is to capture the Fort. Falco asks that they are still young but why they are fighting in the front lines and Gabi tells him that they tested to analyze that who will become the next Warrior. The battle is the way to see who will inherit Reiner’s Armored Titan. Gabi’s fellow candidates Udo and Zofia are talking that Gabi is the candidate chosen most likely because she got a high score than them. Gabi clears that her scores are not the reason to be chosen, she will be chosen because she is determined to exterminate the Eldian from the Paradise Island. She proves that the Eldians living in Marley are good and she desires that she will free from the Liberio Internment Zone.

Colt tells Magath that the soldiers don’t have the will power to destroy fort’s rail tracks, and if they still not move for the rail tracks then they will surely wiped out by the heavy artillery fire of the enemy. Magath asks Colt that he has any ideas and he suggests that they have to release Galliard and Pieck which are the Jaw Titan and Cart Titan. Magath is against it and says that they will not risk the lives of these two warriors. The two are discussing and Koslow informs them that the fort army is loading their new weapon in a train named as Anti Titan Artillery, which a 150mm Cannon that can kill any of the nine titans in a single shot.

Colt requests again that Galliard and Pieck’s titans are very fast to evade the shots of the new weapon but still Magath is not willing to take and risk to lose more titans after the loss of Female and The Colossal Titan. He orders the 800 Eldian army unit to prepare for the war. Colt protests but Magath stops him and reminds that he should change his attitude if he wants to inherit the Beast Titan. The Eldian unit are traumatized but still prepares for the enemy camps to blow up the armored titan.

The Armored Titan moves closer to the position but Gabi asks Magath to give her a chance to allow her to destroy the artillery. Magath denied but Gabi convinces him to give a try of her plan to destroy the artillery. Gabi tells her plan and she takes off her uniform and leaves the camp in normal clothes.

Gabi is approaching the Fort and two enemy soldiers spots her but they don’t notice the bomb she is tying with her ankle. Enemy soldiers are afraid that she might be an Eldian with the power of titans. Enemy soldiers are ready to shoot her and they aims. Gabi is collapsed on the ground as she is waiting for the Anti Titan artillery train near the rail roads. She came a littler closer and throws the bombs on the train and it cause derails it. One of the enemy soldiers starts firing on her and she is running for the camp and Magath gives Galliard for the order of transformation into titan.

Falco saw that firing is started on Gabi and she is in trouble so he leaves the camp and goes to save her. Falco reaches Gabi and they are hidden near a rock and they saw Gilliard appears as a titan in the battlefield. The Titan saves them from the firing. The titan charges and destroy the outposts of the enemy soldiers. They saw from air that the train is derailed so Zeke and Reiner ordered to begin their plan by the parachute over the fort.

Marley’s Eldian unit is going advance for the Fort and the enemy soldiers are retreating in terror because Gilliard is massacring the enemy soldiers. Middle East Soldiers starts firing on the coming Eldian Unit but killed by Pieck who have fitted machine guns on his body and four soldiers are riding her back to fire upon their enemies. Pieck and Galliard are fighting as titans and Falco drags a Middle East soldiers which is injured to their trench.

Gabi is thinking that Falco have to use the soldiers and should prove that he follows international law, to earn the Armored Titan but Falco denied. Falco asks Udo to translate what the injured soldier is saying and his superior is laughing when Udo translates that the enemy soldier is calling them “devils”. A flare is signaled and the Eldian soldiers are retreating from the battlefield because the airship is flying over Fort Slava now.

The Eldians from the airship are coming with the parachute and Zeke roars and it cause all the Eldians turn into Titans. The titans are coming down of Fort Slava and they are crushing all the enemy soldiers and buildings. Some titans are dies due to the impact of their fall on ground and the remaining are wiping the enemy soldiers. The Warrior candidates and superiors are watching for their titans.

Reiner is coming down by parachute and Reiner saw the remaining anti Titan artillery is near a wall in the fort. Reiner recalls the scenes of Paradise Island and adds that he is tired by the walls and transformed into Armored Titan, The Armored Titan destroys the buildings. He attacks the artillery near him and realize that his armor is vulnerable by the artillery.

Reiner’s elbow is broken from his left arm and he changes his targets and goes for the train and derails it. Reiner almost lost his full left arm. The anti titan artillery shots a fire at Reiner but Galliard came to rescue him and he destroys a cannon and becomes the target of the other shots. The enemy soldiers are now focusing on the Galliard, so Reiner derails the train and use the train as a shield and it stops the fires of the cannon by the artillery. The targets are fully destroyed and he signals Zeke which is still on airship.

Zeke saw Reiner’s signal and he parachutes in the fort and he noticed that the Warriors defeat on Paradis Island was the reason for the war of Marley and Middle East Allied Forces. Zeke transforms into the Beast Titan and he grabs the unused artillery shells and takes in its hand. He throws them in the sea where the fleet of the Middle East Forces are stopped. The fleet fires suddenly fires at the Beast Titan and he is shocked but Reiner’s Titan came to save the beast titan from fire. Beast Titan grabs some shells and throws on the remaining fleet.

The Middle East Army lost their fleet and soldiers and agreed for peace with Marley and it brings the four year war to an end. It was revealed the the Warrior’s Titan can be destroyed and Marley needs the power of the Founding Titan. In the city of Marley the people are celebrating the win of Marley over the Middle East Forces and a Mysterious Man is buying and reading the newspaper.

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