Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10 English Subbed

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Eren is looking in the mirror of the cell and saying himself to fight continuously. Hange asks Eren what he is with fighting. Hange changes the question by a compliment that his new hair style is looking good. Eren wants to know why Hange came here. Hange replies that she wants to talk because she never believes Eren will sacrifice for Historia.

Two Years Ago, Eren and the Scouts meet with Yelena and her volunteers on the port of Paradis Island to welcome their first ally. The ally is Kiyomi Azumabito from Hizuru, the only nation who is friendly with Paradis.

Kiyomi meets the Scouts for the first time, she shows a sign to Mikasa and asks her if she recognize it. Mikasa do and after Eren’s interference, she removes a bandage wrapped on her wrist and shows the tattoo of the same sign. Kiyomi tells that it should passed down to her mother and she will pass it to her child.

Kiyomi clasps Mikasa’s shoulders and calls that it is an admirable deed. She also explains that almost a century ago the shogun’s son came to Paradis because in the past they were friendly with Karl Fritz. After the Great Titan War, Hizuru was defeated and in confusion a child of the shogun was left on the island. Mikasa is the lost descendant of Hizuru’s leader family.

In the break of the meeting, the Military is having trouble to understand the concept of the meeting. Dot Pyxis understands that the world is coming to them but they are new in making the allies. He suggests them to keep quiet and listens what the guests have to say. The Military returns to their place and Historia is curious about Mikasa’s wrist sign. She is happy that she is not alone who born with heavy duty burden.

The meeting continues, Kiyomi discusses that how Zeke Jaeger made this meeting successful, Hizuru will continue to meet Mikasa. When Kiyomi met Zeke at an unknown location, Zeke gifts the ODM Gear to Hizuru and tells that the gear needs a special fuel which is available on the Paradis Island, Iceburst Stone. Zeke suggests Kiyomi that they should helps Paradis. Hizuru can make an industry and restore their glorious history. Zeke can’t tells that how much amount of Iceburst Stone is available in Paradis. Kiyomi says that Iceburst Stone is a kind of resource which is worthy like jewels.

Hearing about Iceburst Stone, Mikasa is wondering if she is used as pretext and Hange also remembers Yelena was telling her that the conversation is going good, may be they are greedy. Historia asks Kiyomi that what are their arrangements with Zeke.

Kiyomi points out Zeke’s three conditions to protect Paradis with them. First is a test run of the rumbling to show the world its actual power. Second is Hizuru’s cooperation to give the strengths to the military of Paradis. Third is, The Founding Titan and a Titan of Royal Blood must be passed down. Zeke will pass his Beast Titan to someone who is of royal blood because his 13 year term is ending after 3 years, so they can bear as many children as possible.

Hange is wondering that is it right to transfer the problems to the descendants to save the Paradis in present. Historia agrees that she will inherit the Beast Titan if it matters the survival. Eren stands up against the plan and tells that it is the idea of breeding the livestock. Eren asks that if this is the price of living then Zeke should shove it. The inherit is dangerous and they should try some other options.

In present, Hange felt that the same urgency is with Eren too, but still they can’t understand why Eren went for his own titan and put island in danger. Eren tells that he ate War Hammer Titan and it’s power should also work. There is no power in world who can hold him in the prison. Eren can leave when he wants and they can’t kill him since he have the Founding Titan. They also can’t kill Zeke similarly. Eren grabs Hange to the bars and demand to hear what they can do.

Hange is in fear. She manage to pull free and she calls Eren a perv and an idiot. Hange marching out from stairs. Hange is sitting on the ground, and thinking that Commander Erwin made only one mistake in his life and that was naming her for commander. In a farmhouse, a young man came to see Historia, who is sitting on the chair and pregnant. He tells her to come inside because she needs to take care of her body.

Some officers of the Military Police are having dinner. Roeg says that they should have fed Zeke to Historia when he arrived at the island. They also gossiping about Historia’s pregnancy by saying that she is playing around and only have Queen in her name. Nile Dawk tells Roeg to stop and reminds him that Queen is free to choose her partner. The Military Police said that her father was not working for someone as he and Historia grew up in the same place. Her father carry her from an orphanage in guilt and threw her on the rocks.

Roeg not cares about the relationship of Historia and her father but he considers Historia’s pregnancy should be a problem. May be Yelena told her that if she will pregnant she will not turned into a titan and that’s why Zeke lives for more. Roeg is afriad that it may ruin their country. He calls a Marleyan for more wine. Greiz heads down and met Nicolo who is holding a bottle and tells him to pick this bottle.

A Year ago, Jean and Conny are complaining about the work of rail road and blames Eren to put them for this task. They are also waiting for Hizuru, who is mediator between Paradis and the other countries. They are hoping that there should be a way to save Historia.

Hange and Captain Levi came there and they have the news of Hizuru’s reply and that is not good. Hange tells that they can’t count on Hizuru anymore because it seems that they wants Paradis Island’s resources and not help them to trade with the other nations. The other countries want Paradis to turn into evil. It will reunite the other countries and attack against Paradis.

Eren is angry that they have to sacrifice Historia and Armin is hurt because the world are judging them without knowing their intentions. Mikasa said that the people of Paradis are in fear because the outside world don’t know why they actually are. Hange agrees and says that they should meet more with the people of outside world.

The group is riding in a cart of the steam engine and discussing the plan how to infiltrate Marley. Eren wishes if they have more time for the planning because he got only five years left for his term. They haven’t decided yet who will inherit his titan. Mikasa volunteers, but Jean tells that she should not because they don’t know the real history of the Ackermann and it may ruin the relationship with Hizuru more. Jean wants to volunteer himself because he is smarter and more wiser than Eren. Conny says he don’t want to lose a person like Jean after thirteen years. Sasha interrupts that they can’t inherit the titan to an idiot like them and she offers to inherit the titan. Conny said that Sasha is a bigger idiot than her.

Eren concludes that he don’t want any of his friends to inherit him because they are very important to him than anyone else. He wants that his friends live long lives.

In the present, Eren’s friends are discussing Pyxis’s detainment of the Anti Marleyan Volunteers. The Scouts informed that they will work closely with them and Eren is boarding with Zeke’s plan. Conny says that Eren don’t seems to be the same and he might have Zeke side over them. They are preparing to cut down Eren from their squad. Mikasa says that she will not let them do this because Eren cares about them more than anyone.

Jean says to Mikasa that it is not true because Eren is keeping them off from the front lines. Mikasa suggests that it is why Eren trusts them. If they don’t go with Eren on the mission, the mission will not a successful one. Conny claims that if they have not gone, Sasha would have not died. Conny asks Mikasa that why Eren smiles when Sasha was dead, Mikasa can’t give any answer for this.

Armin says that he and Mikasa will talk with Eren in alone and find out what is going on his mind. Jean asks that what will happen then if they find out that Zeke and Eren’s goals are same. Armin tells that they have some other options because now they have the supplies of Titan Syringe. They can turn anybody into a titan whom they trusts to inherit the Founding Titan of Eren. In the forest of giant trees, Zeke is having drinks with some Scouts and Captain Levi is staring at him.

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