Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11 English Subbed Watch Online

(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11 English Subbed

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In the cell, Gabi screams due to illness and Falco calls the Garrison Guard to look at Gabi. The guard came and Gabi attacks him with a cloth wrapped brick on his head. The soldier died on the spot. Falco is expressing that how they will escape from the island. Gabi believes that staying in Paradis will increase the chance for them to get killed.

In Marley, Reiner woke up in a hospital and Pieck, Porco are sitting beside him. Reiner asks where Gabi and Falco are because he was having dreams of both. Gabi and Falco runs a whole night, and they takes a break near the river and drinking water. Falco suggests that Gabi should take off her armband to avoid any problems, she denied by saying that without the armband an ordinary person will not identify him. Falco is concerned about the soldiers and they don’t know how they will go back to their home. Gabi don’t care and she is planning to get the answers by Zeke that why he betrays them before she gets killed.

Gabi tells Falco that he should not follow her. Falco agrees and tears off Gabi’s armband, it cause Gabi knock him on the ground and asks him to give her armband back. Gabi feels that the armband gave the feeling that he is a good Eldian and without this she is same like the island devils. Gabi takes her armband band and asks Falco that why he came with her in the airship.

Before he give the answer they are interrupted by a girl near the river who asks them why them came so early in the morning. Gabi says they run away from home and she grabs a stone to throw on Kaya, but Kaya invites both of them to their home to eat something.

When they arrive at the house where Kaya lives and she tells both of them to wait outside. Gabi noticed the horses in the ground and she suggests that they will escape on one of the horses before the soldiers can catch them. She don’t want to eat with the devils but Kaya calls them to came in and take the food. Falco suggests Gabi that he will talk with him.

Falco introduces them to the Braus Family and siblings Ben and Mia offers them that they will work with the family to stay their with them for few days. Artus welcomes both of them and tells them there is no need for bow. They can stay with them as long as they want. They are having the breakfast.

They sit on the chair and Lisa pat Gabi on her head but Gabi push her arm away in horror. The other children on table are shocked and Lisa apologizes and says that she must have gone through a lot that’s why she is afraid. Falco apologizes and takes the breakfast. He says to Gabi to eat the food and she takes a bite.

On the port, Kiyomi Azumabito congratulates Zachary on the successful military raid over Liberio. She brought the world’s first flying boat powered by Iceburst Stone.

Outside the military headquarters, the public including Flegel Reeves asks Hange about the rumors that Eren and Anti Marleyan Volunteers have been in prison. They also demands to evacuate the Shiganshina District. Hange ignores the questions and defends the Military Police. Peaure insists that all Eldians should raise the voice against the imprisonment of Eren because he secured the victory for the Scouts. Roy also reminds Hange that they push everybody to involve in the coup d’état. He asks Hange if she has changed her views.

Hange is frustrated and tells that the situation is changed because the walls are now open for the others and Peaure makes their way. Flegel said that he can understand Hange’s situation but she have to look in his eyes and tell that he can trust her. Hange tells him that it is for the Eldian people, before came inside the wall.

Inside the building, Hange meets with the members of the Scouts who leaked the information that Eren is in prison. Floch says that they did it because Eren haven’t done anything wrong and he should be free now. They think that Eren is a savior for them but Hange didn’t believe because it will ignores the safety measures.

Floch still urges for Eren’s release from cell, he is saying that their victory will be good if they don’t waste time to free Eren. Hange considers that Floch is right but still the Scouts will not tolerate disobedience on plans of the Scouts. Floch and his fellow are leaking information and they will confined.

They leave and Hange reminds of Sannes’s role as the part of Secret Interior Police, and his warning that who can take his police. Inside the cell, Louise, which was the fellow of Floch is discussing with Mikasa that if she had ever spend a night in this cell. Mikasa replies negative and Louise is disappointed but she tells that she did not regret what she had done. The rules doesn’t matter in the last if they won this battle.

Mikasa is still outside the cell and Louise tells her that she is still the same when she saved her that day from the titan. Mikasa kills a titan and it made Louise realize that she can’t protect herself without training and power. She wants to get close to Mikasa from day one in the Scouts. She asks Mikasa that why she joined the Scouts, if she joined for Eren. Mikasa should be interested in freeing him from prison. Mikasa tells her to keep quiet and she will break her face. Mikasa is walking away and Louise salutes her. The sight bring headache and past memories to Mikasa when her and Eren was a child.

Dot Pyxis meets Yelena and he brings up the event held ten months ago where they celebrates for the opening of Trost Railway. At the time, the guarding watching her talking with Floch and he escorts her to her lodgings. Now Floch leaked the information about Eren and Eren starts the movements on his own.

In the stables, Gabi and Falco are cleaning the horses and Gabi is bitten by one of the horse on her head. Falco doubts that the horse is a devil from inside and she argues that this is not something she was trained for. Gabi don’t want to stay here because she don’t feel if she is learning anything here. Falco thinks it is safe here and better than roaming around. They have to wait for help until the others will attack on the island.

Kaya calls both of them for lunch and tells that they are quick learners. Falco asks that why so many workers are young. She tells that the orphans are young and they lost their parents four years ago. Gabi said that Kaya not accepted her guilt and asks her if she forgotten that the other people destroy their land.

Falco tries to stop Gabi and Kaya says that it is what they teach in Marley. Falco asks how she knows and Kaya reveals that they were yelling near the river. Gabi grabs a fork and wants to attack on Kaya but Falco stops her. The other noticed that they are fighting but Kaya tells by saying that Mia is just jealous because she thinks Kaya is stealing her brother.

Falco asks Kaya why she helped them. Kaya takes them to a village and tells that once she lived here. Four years ago, the villagers were killed by the titan and it leaves her mom who can’t run. She shows the place where her mom was eaten alive by the titan. Kaya tells that the outside world thinks that the people of island are “devils”. She can’t understand why they are hated so much in other countries. Kaya asks both of them that why her mom was killed because she haven’t done anything wrong.

Kaya is stressed because still Gabi can’t give the answer of her mother’s death. Falco says that her mother did not done anything wrong and apologizes to her. Kaya relaxed but Gabi tells Falco that he is leaking the secrets to the enemy. Kaya thanks Falco to share the information and asks him that if he apologize because he was born in Marley. Falco asks Kaya how she survived from the titan attack. Kaya explains that a girl saves her and attacks the titan, it allows her to escape.

Kaya tells them that her family are invited to a restaurant where a Marleyan cooks. If they came with them, then there is chance they might go to their home. Gabi asks why she is helping them and she says that she wants to be a girl who saved her from that titan.

In Marley, the military investigates and concludes that they have found only the partial parts of Zeke’s body just his arms and legs. Zeke just pretends to get killed, they are believing that Zeke is sided with Paradis Island and escaped on their airship.

Theo informs that the Warriors needs time of six months, the world is preparing to attack against the enemies globally. Colt asks that they have to wait for six months to rescue Gabi and Falco, he said that they both are the warrior candidates. Magath agrees with Colt, but tells that if they attack alone on Paradis then they may defeated again like the last one. Reiner points out that Zeke is expecting that they will wait until the global help arrives. In the time Zeke will prepare the plan to defeat them. Marley should go for a surprise attack on the enemies now.

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